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Sue Coe at SI 4/14/10!

I’ll be moderating Sue Coe’s lecture at the SI this Wednesday. As I’m sure EVERYONE knows here, she’s a brilliant mind in our field and I can’t wait to meet her in person and hear what she has to say.
Hope you can make it!


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ICON6 – Early Bird Registration Open

Hi all!

I got an email today announcing that the ICON6 Illustration Conference is open for registration. There is an early bird special of $425 through the month of April. So don’t miss that and pay more! To make it even more affordable to go, it might be a good idea to find another illustrator or two who are going and split hotel and traveling costs with them. Plus, going with friends would be more fun anyway.

Find out more about all the goodies on the agenda for the conference here.

p.s. One of our new IF Bloggers: Fernanda Cohen is the Vice-President/Events Chair of ICON6! Super cool.

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The Buzellis at the SI last night

I produced a lecture with SooJin and Chris Buzelli last night at the Society of Illustrators of NY (SI). They’re close friends of mine, we often go out to dinner, movies, house parties and such, and we inevitably talk about work every single time. Chris puts up with my jokes about his taking baths every day, wearing way too much brown and being all sweaty because of social heat, and I always hope he knows I only joke about it because I like him so much (AND he’s such a big sport about it!). SooJin also definitely feeds my jokes with insider’s stories, which obviously helps keep them coming.

Yet, last night, I learned more about Chris and his work than I’d heard in dozens of dinners we’ve spent together talking about it. He was insightful, generous, informative, humble, charming and 100% down to earth, as opposed to being a me-me-me kind of talk. These are all the qualities I always hope my speakers understand, so I was beyond thrilled afterwards.

SooJin, one of the most active- if not the most- art directors when it comes to hiring illustrators, did her part as well. I’ve worked with her quite a few times, so I knew a lot of what she shared with the audience almost by heart. She opened her vault so much- including how much her publications pay, deadlines, spelled-out job requests, sketches and such- I was shocked, in a pleasant way, of course. My only fear was that illustrator wannabes would ‘attack’ her after the lecture. But they didn’t, fortunately.

The combination of the two was a great balance of role models for both art directors and illustrators. Talent is great to have, but passion and the right attitude really do the trick.

The lecture was filmed and will be posted at within the next month. I hope you can check it out- Fernanda

Chris Buzelli, Fernanda Cohen, Anelle Miller, SooJin Buzelli

Chris Buzelli, Fernanda Cohen, Anelle Miller & SooJin Buzelli

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20/10 Vision at Gallery Hanahou

From the inbox:

20/10 Vision
Everyone knows that 20/20 vision is good, but 20/10 is even better. in January 2010, gallery hanahou is ringing in the new decade with a group show that doesn’t need to squint to see a better future. Participating artists include popular local artists like Mike Perry, Yunmee Kyong, and the Barnstormers collective, and artists from afar whose work is rarely seen in New York, such as Tanja Misery and Marcus Oakley. Plus many more!

“20/10 Vision” will comprise new, original artwork from more than 40 artists – friends of gallery hanahou and artists local to NYC – with the theme of positive visions for the new decade. The works in the show will be reasonably priced so that visitors can afford to start their new year with new art.

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Dan Witz “Dark Doings” Opening November 5 at Carmichael Gallery

From the inbox:

Opening Reception: Thursday November 5 2009 / 7.00pm – 10.00pm
Exhibition Dates: November 5 – December 3

Address: Carmichael Gallery / 1257 N. La Brea Ave / West Hollywood CA 90038

In Dark Doings, Witz will showcase a selection of pieces from his expansive summer street project of the same name. Created both for the street and gallery, the subtle, haunting images of human and animal faces trapped behind dirty glass windows are inspired by a recent visit earlier in the year to the red light district of Amsterdam.

In speaking about the philosophy behind this body of work, Dan explains, “I’m trying to exploit our collective tendency towards sleepwalking by inserting outrageous things right out there in plain view that are also practically invisible. My goal is to make obvious in your face art that ninety-nine percent of the people who walk by won’t notice. Eventually when they stumble upon one or find out about it I’m hoping they’ll start wondering what else they’ve been missing.”
Artwork at the show will comprise of mixed media on digital prints on plastic, presented either framed or mounted to wood doors, the latter serving as both canvas and contextual framework through which the work can be viewed. A selection of photographs depicting the Dark Doings series in situ will also be exhibited at the show. They will be displayed alongside the piece with which they correspond.

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The talented Fernanda Cohen is producing a children’s book workshop led by Selina Alko & Sean Qualls at the Society of Illustrators of NY on Wednesday, October 28th. Alko and Quall’s clients include Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Henry Holt, Scholastic, Lee & Low Books and Knopf.

This event is perfect for illustrators who want to break into the picture book industry and need that extra push and solid pointers.

Click here to find out more and view flyer!

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Artstream Studios – and two IF bloggers

The Cowboy by Amanda Woodward

Submerge by Melanie Ford Wilson

Two of our very own IF bloggers are showing together at Artstream Studios in Rochester, New Hampshire… the show opens Oct 11 from 5-7pm. Melanie Ford Wilson and Amanda Woodward are joined by artist Mike Lewis.

More about the artists: Amanda Woodward, a native of Edmonton, Alberta Canada and award winning illustrator will be flying in for the exhibition opening on Saturday October 11 from 5-7 p.m.  Along with Amanda is her fellow Canadian, Melanie Ford Wilson of Toronto. Melanie’s paintings along with her illustrative work has been included with such clients as Target, Loreal, Olay, Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno, the Four Seasons Restaurant, The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology and the New York Restoration Project.  Mike Lewis, a painter and illustrator from Portland, Oregon, now from Ashland, New Hampshire will round out the main gallery’s group show with his whimsical paintings of birds, their environments and their love of headphones. His take on painting leans towards the whimsical illustrative with a great nod towards cartooning. Mike has been shown across the nation with his works in sell out shows at Blue Bottle in Seattle and Hive gallery in L.A.

So if you’re in the area, stop by! And if you’re not, stop by the Artstream website to check it all out.

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Sterling Hundley, like you’ve never seen him before



You are all probably already aware of Sterling Hundley and his wonderful work. He’s one of the best with his interesting perspectives and beautiful painterly style. But what you probably don’t know about is his upcoming solo gallery show opening September 4th at Ghosprint Gallery (220 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220), where he is debuting a whole new style of art.

Hundley’s new body of work, entitled Emergent, evolves from his noted career in illustration.  His title derives from the scientific term emergent, referring to the process of complex systems that are composed of lesser parts.

Hundley’s creative process begins with a  3″ x 3″ monotype, which he then develops into a sequence of progressively larger and more complex works based on a grid of square panels.  The new works use radically different techniques while further revealing Hundley’s intense skill as a conceptual image-maker.  The images are suffused with his signature wit and layered meanings.

Pretty cool, huh? Check out his blog to learn more.

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Carmichael Gallery – Know Hope & International Group Show

Two upcoming events by the Carmichael Gallery. Click here to visit their website and see a calendar. :)


“the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)”

An Installation and Other Moments by Know Hope

30,000 paper raindrops. 40,000 feet of fishing twine. 2,500 fishing weights.
Hundreds of sheets of cardboard fashioned into miniature works of art and a
crowd of life-size cut-out characters. Incorporating all of the above
ingredients and more for his debut Los Angeles solo show at Carmichael
Gallery of Contemporary Art on June 4th, 2009, Israeli artist Know Hope
invites you to literally step inside one of his artworks for a visual
experience unlike any you have ever encountered and one you will never

“This exhibition holds nothing but a reflection of where we are now, and
offers us nothing but the suggestion of adaptation and (re)adjustment to the
current tides.  This is a binding burden, and we’re all in this together.” -
Know Hope

* * * * * * *


“Mood Swings”
Featuring: Asbestos, Bumblebee, Cena7, Fefe Talavera, Imminent Disaster, Labrona,

On June 4th, 2009, hop on the international rollercoaster Mood Swings at
Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art along with seven of the urban world’s
best emerging and recognized artists – Asbestos (Dublin, Ireland), Bumblebee
(Downey, USA), Cena7 (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Fefe Talavera (Sao Paulo, Brazil),
Imminent Disaster (New York City, USA), Labrona (Montreal, Canada), and
Oddzoo (Los Angeles, USA).  Seven very different voices scream the language
of city streets near and far with a range of artwork as varied as the
emotions behind them.

Know Hope, Bumblebee, and Oddzoo will be in attendance at the opening
reception of “the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)” and
“Mood Swings” on Thursday, June 4th, 2009 from 7.00pm – 10.00pm. The
exhibitions will be open for viewing through Thursday, July 2nd 2009 from
1.00pm -7.00pm. Please contact to preview
available work.

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Doctors & Derrieres 2009

Doctors & Derrieres by you.

Once I year I get the opportunity to draw some nude figures for the Doctors & Derrieres show. It is always a humbling reminder of how working on the human form is something that I will constantly have to work at.  If you live in my neck of the woods, I’d like to invite you to the opening on Friday!

Doctors and Derrieres is a fundraising event in its 4th year where a group of 16 medical students pose nude for 24 talented local artists. Art pieces in diverse mediums celebrating the human body are then donated by each artist to be auctioned off at the main event. Money raised from this event goes towards an Emergency Social Health Fund, a community-led grassroots initiative in rural El Salvador that provides health care in underserved areas. 

This year’s event will take place on May 8, 2009 from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Enterprise Square Gallery (10230 Jasper Ave) in Edmonton, Alberta. Here is a couple more samples from the work:

Doctors & Derrieres 4 - Laura by crystal driedger.

Crystal Driedger


Gerry Rassmussen

Thank you Roger  for once again organizing everything!

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