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Carl Has the Funk!

The fun blog of student Freya Hartas houses a collection of her doodles and collages.


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Vin Vogel

Vin Vogel, illustrator of over 35 books,  shares his work in progress at his blog, but don’t miss his professional portfolio.

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Inbox (12)

Announcing the launch of Inbox (12), a new publication where you receive 12 postcards drawn and written by 12 illustrators about their favourite city spots.

Inbox (12) is a sample of the work of amazing illustrators from major cities all around the world as well as a guide to the special spots that a friend who knows the place would recommend to you… and they’re not always in the usual travel guides!.

Inbox (12) is a fanzine for those who enjoy having a beautiful object in their hands.

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Weekly Dr.’s Column

For the past 2+ years I’ve been illustrating a weekly Dr.’s column for the most popular Argentine newspaper’s Sunday magazine, Clarin.

Readers send their concerns- which all too often seem to be way too similar- and Dr. Abdala offers his medical advice.

I truly love doing this column every single week. It challenges me to find all kinds of different ways to illustrate depression, anxiety, aging, phobias and complexes, over and over again. Needless to say, no reader ever sends a concern about how to stop being so incredibly happy.

Moreover, because they know my work quite well by now, and I assume they like it enough to keep me this long, I have the unusual freedom to experiment and try out new approaches to my work. So I often adapt my style to the concept, instead of always adapting the concept to my style for the sake of style consistency, which is what often happens with illustrators but not so much with graphic designers.

So, my friends, here is a selection of my 10 favorite illos from this column that keeps me busy- and on antidepressants (FYI, yeah, that IS a joke)- every Monday of my sweet existence.

Hope you enjoy them… and that, whenever and wherever it is you get to see them, it’s a sunny day outside.
{¡Gracias Jorge, Gustavo, Diego & Marina!}

- Fernanda

“Suicidal Thoughts”

“Panic Attacks”

“The Narcissist”

“Upbringing Gets and Stays in the Way”




“Post-Abortion Depression”

“Depression” (again)

“Vicious Eating Cycles”

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poketo wallets for spring

Poketo, a designer of limited edition art products, accessories, apparel, and decor has super cool spring wallets available on their site. The two shown above are from Eleanor Grosch and Jennifer Sanchez.

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Every Day in May

A 24hr. head start! Élena Nazarro writes: “I’m starting up “Every Day In May” again, where I (and others who join in) are committing to paint/sew/write/create for 31 straight days. We’d love to have you join, especially if you think you need a kickstart. Goodness knows I do!”


More info at her blog, French Toast Girl, and a Flickr group too!

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bookmarks by lucia

Bookmarks II by Lucia...

I was doing some research for a commission this afternoon and discovered these lovely bookmarks by Lucia on flickr!

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The Daily Scrapbook

The photo above is from today's entry showcasing pages from Ellen Donovan's scrapbook (Liberty, MO)

A page from Ellen Donovan's scrapbook, with calling cards

From BoingBoing I discovered a sweet link to The Daily Scrapbook “a book and website by Jessica Helfland of Winterhouse Studio“. The book in question is called Scrapbooks: An American History and the posts on the Daily Scrapbook blog give us an amazing glimpse into this 425 page volume (as well as the collected ephemera of American lives over two hundred years).

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touch map

Keri Smith asks what if your hand could tell stories?

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mugs in blueberry


Skinny laMink creates lovely vintage mug tea towels! She also has some great concepts for ceramics, paper and vinyl. Great stuff.

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