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the healing sketch


Like Illustration Friday but everyday, check out the healing sketch! We could all use some drawing therapy. Created by the lovely Natascha S. Rosenberg. Dogs wearing scrubs… hilarious!  

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comic strip clothing!

DKNY Hoodie by Paul Pope
le petit prince of comics is trying his hand at clothes! check out the new DKNY men’s wear designed by paul pope. there’s comics all over these things!!

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Artists Assemble!

Art Buddy Logo

I can read your mind. You’re thinking “Making art is so great! But who cares? I want to make a difference in the world!” Well…

Art With Heart, an organization devoted to “healing youth through creativity,” is offering free training in their Art Buddy program on Saturday, March 29th, from 9:30am â?? 1pm. (RSVP is required and donations are welcome.)

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How to Host a Portrait Party

2 Minute Portraits by Christine Castro

I’ve been surprised to receive a lot of emails asking how to throw a portrait party. There is no wrong way to do it but, to get your party started, I wrote out some instructions.

Each of the portraits above was drawn by Christine Castro in just two minutes!

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Do you know what your friends are doing?

I’m grateful to live in an era when I can ask a friend “What have you been up to?” and he can answer “Making a movie. Wanna see the trailer?” The short film, a surreal love story called Now and Nowhere, was made with a live actors in a CGI world. The preview left me hungry to see the whole thing and curious to know what other art projects are taking shape in garages all over the world.

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Learn to Crawl

Sketch Crawl map by Enrico Casarosa

My friend, Connie, alerted me to a fantastic art project: the SketchCrawl. In short, it is a world-wide drawing marathon. Visit the website for details, tell your friends, and sharpen your pencils because the next crawl is scheduled for March 29th, one month from today!

The SketchCrawl map above was drawn by Enrico Casarosa, the fella who founded this foolishness.

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Jim Rugg Kicked my Butt.

The Bride by Jim Rugg

My friend, Miguel, collects drawings of The Bride (Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill). I added a page to the series a few years ago and I feel vaguely competitive now whenever he gets excited about a new piece. This weekend, he showed me this contribution by Jim Rugg. I was blown away. I promptly asked for another shot at Miguel’s Bride sketchbook AND I looked Jim up as soon as I got home. His blog is dynamite. No wonder I was blown away! (Hyuk hyuk!)

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Topic – “Blanket”, results – slippers


Last week’s IF topic was “Blanket”, and in response I got an email from Lisa Celotto who had contemplated the topic and came up with this unique interpretation: Slippers! She made slippers from an old blanket and the soles are made from a recycled acrylic painting. How cool is that?

Not exactly illustration, but I thought it was pretty darn inventive. :)

Awesome job, Lisa!

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Josh Keyes


Painter Josh Keyes recent series is almost painful to view at times, but it certainly communicates and makes you think about how dramatically human activity has impacted the planet and animal habitats. He makes you want to do better by our Earth. And that’s powerful, powerful stuff to carry with you as we head into a new year and start mulling over new year resolutions. Link via Dooce.

Posted by admin on 12/13/07 under artists,everyday art,the art of living
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Savio Alphonso Loves The Earth


Our own Penny Dullaghan recently posted about going green on her blog which prompted me to recall this fantastic series of symbols California artist Savio Alphonso created for his MFA thesis project, Sprout. Savio spent two years designing these bold graphics to promote environmental awareness. Not only are these symbols conceptually inspiring communicating a powerful message beyond the boundaries of language and culture, they really challenge you to think about how you can put your own creative skills to service for our precious planet.

Savio’s Sprout series can be viewed either on his site or at Design Boom where he captured first place in their “Love Your Earth” contest. Other finalists in the “Love Your Earth” contest can be viewed here .

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