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Moo My My!

So the story goes that one day, Moo asked themselves, “What would the most beautiful business card in the world look like?” A few months, and some truly innovative new technology later, they created the answer – Luxe Business Cards.

And I would say that they are right. These really are the most beautiful business cards.

My cards arrived in a very understated, white box. A simple tear-drop logo on the outside.

And then the lid lifts open and there they were… My bright (almost glowing!) cards. I had uploaded 25 of my original illustrations to the Moo site using their Printfinity program. It was so easy I thought I was doing it wrong. But nope, it’s just that easy. I had my name and website printed on the back. I went with subtle design because that’s just me. Plus, the cards kind of speak for themselves. They are more like artists trading cards than business cards, they are so pretty.

And they are thick. SUPER thick. Three times as thick as normal business cards, giving them a strong, sturdy feel. Almost letterpress-like. I tried to capture that in the photo below… You can see that in the middle of each side of the card is a rich seam of color. (The seam on my cards is navy to match the information side.)

I was also blown away by the print quality. The image sharpness is gorgeous and none of the details are lost. And the colors are spot-on… something I didn’t mess with at all. Moo just got it right.

I think the only downside to these cards is that they are too pretty to give away. Like mini art pieces. I’d never drop one in a “win a free lunch” fish bowl. Although, at the great price of $34.99 for 50, I think I’ll just order another set.

Get the details about Moo Luxe Business Cards here. And check out more of Moo here.

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Your art for sale at MOO

Did you know you can sell ready made designs of your work through MOO? Here’s what they tell us about how to get started:

“Right now at MOO, we’re starting to get ready for the Holidays, so we’re on the lookout for new MOO Designers who have beautiful designs and illustrations for the season.  We’re looking for artwork that would look great on MOO Greeting Cards and would make fantastic Christmas, Chanukah, Winter, New Years and Season’s Greeting cards.

We are looking at all types of content;
- traditional illustration and design
- modern/quirky illustration and design
- humourous
- text based
- photography

We don’t need exclusive rights to the work, so you can continue to use these images anywhere else you like, and of course you’ll get a percentage of every pack of cards that we sell, that feature your designs.  (This is usually the biggest time of sales, which makes it a great time for you to start selling your designs with us!)

If you are interested in becoming a MOO Designer and have work that you think MOO customers would like to buy, please submit a link to your work to us!”

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MOO Business Cards!

How cool is this? MOO is now offering business cards, and in grand MOO style! Everything that makes MOO mini-cards awesome (and stickers, and postcards, and…) is now available in full sized business cards. As Penny says – oh my MOO-ness!

Each one can uniquely showcase a different illustration, comes with a very snazzy case, and you don’t have to order hundreds at a time – MOO gives you the option to order as few as 50 business cards at once.

MOO Business Cards are anything but ordinary combining high-quality design and one-of-a kind printing options, meaning that every one of your business cards can be unique. Choose your best photos/design to create truly unique Business Cards that will not only serve as a networking tool but also as a mini-portfolio of your work.”

So, individually designed cards, an ecological paper option (love it!), spiff card case – can it get any better? Of course! MOO is offering 10 free packs to IF artists, and a 15% discount on 50 more packs – so click here fast to grab ‘em before they’re gone!

Just ask our previous MOO giveaway winners – MOO cards are somethin’ special. And if you’re one of the lucky ones who get a free or discounted pack, send us some pics at and we’ll showcase them here!

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Donna Barger – February MOO winner

Donna from Devilishly Good Stuff wrote in to share her MOO goodies with us. They look super great! She got postcards, stickers, and minicards. Fancy! Congrats again Donna!
(We’ll be having another MOO giveaway sometime in July. Stay tuned!)

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Moo Cards

Moo Cards

Originally uploaded by Blake C. Himsl Hunter

Blake won our MOO Giveaway in February and contacted us with an update – a pic of his groovy MOO Pack!

Congrats again, Blake, and thanks for the update!

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And MOO Egg Name winner is…


Stefanie! Of “A Polka Dotted Octopus“! Congrats Stef!

You’ll get some free stuff from MOO! Stef was chosen randomly and her Egg name was “Teeei”. So I think she should also win the prize for most vowels in one name. hee!

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MOO Giveaway!


Ok, It’s Friday! (We love Fridays around here.) And it’s also another MOO give-away day! So this time the give away is tied into the MOO Egg Hunt we mentioned yesterday. Here’s the scoop:

* * * * * * Find that little egg and then give it a name! * * * * * *

Write your brilliant names here in the comments and we’ll select one of the comments randomly and give away a free pack of MOO stuff!

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MOO Egg Hunt!


So, our lovely friends at MOO are hosting a way cool Egg Hunt! They are giving away loads of good stuff like:

- Flickr pro accounts
- Etsy discounts or gift baskets
- Blurb discounts and freebies
- Timbuk2 discounts

etc… (click here for whole list of goodies you can win). There is also an “Ultimate Egg Basket” you can win that includes a digital SLR (no kidding!). And chocolate. — We can’t forget about the chocolate.

So… we have hidden one of those funny eggs somewhere on the Illustration Friday site… Can you find it? If so, click on that puppy and it’ll take you to a log in page at MOO where you can fill in the blanks and be registered for all those goodies.

(Dang. I wish I could play…) hee

Happy Hunting!

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MOO Haiku Winner!


Ok friends and neighbors, we’ve closed comments on the MOO Haiku Giveaway and chosen this week’s random winner!

Congratulations to Radha who says:

Thinking and scribbling,
trying to write haiku.
Iâ??d sure like some MOO.

There was some pretty beautiful poetry blossoming in that thread. Nice work, artists!

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MOO Haiku!


This week for MOO cards,
leave a poetic comment
in haiku form

Three lines, and no more
than seventeen syllables
or something like that.

(we’re not picky with words here at IF)

It’s that time again! This week’s MOO giveaway for IF artists has a poetic twist – we’re giving away a free (FREE!) promotional pack of MOO cards, stickers and postcards with your illustrations, and all you gotta do is leave a comment in haiku form.

(For sake of the game, a haiku is a short poem of seventeen syllables or less, three lines total. That’s as strict as we’ll get about form – have fun with it!)

So leave a comment on this here blog entry (make sure you fill out the email box). Then we’ll pick we’ll pick one person at random to receive the MOO love…


MOO is looking for artists for their line of designer products. Each artist gets 10% of the sales of products with their work on ‘em – a great way to get your name out there. You can find out more at MOO.

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