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Opening up imaginations :: Miranda Skoczek

Post by Alice Palace

This is some VERY lovely work  loaded with positivity by Miranda Skoczek – there’s beautiful painting, pouring, spraying, throwing, rubbing, stencilling, gathered imagery, experimenting, silhouettes, and big colour!

Miranda Skoczek << illustration friday 1

Miranda Skoczek << illustration friday 2

Miranda Skoczek << illustration friday 3

See more of her work

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Claire Desjardins :: BIG colour!

Post by Alice Palace

Claire Desjardins has a love of painting!  Her personal mantra is that each of us is the maker of our own destiny, and her bold, colourful work exudes this energy…

Clair Desjardines << Illustration Friday


Clair Desjardines << Illustration Friday

See her website

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Sketchbook :: Nicholas Stevenson

by Wendy

Nicholas_Stevenson_Fairy_Tale Higher Res Play Chase 700 portrait and mirror 700


To me, sketchbooks are the most interesting part of an artist’s body of work. They show thoughts and observations before they become hidden in a more complex piece.  I love the finished quality to Nicholas Stevenson’s sketchbooks so much, I just had to share!  I have such a weakness for saturated color palettes and hectic compositions. Nicholas Stevenson is an illustrator based out of London who works mostly in Gouache. When he’s not painting, he plays a lot of music. I highly recommend checking out his portfolio, and all of his other internet hangouts: Portfolio Twitter | Tumblr | Behance | Music

Posted by Wendy Schiller on 05/22/13 under artists,painterly,pen/brush and ink,Wendy
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Artist :: Daniel Ursache

Posted by Angie

Daniel Ursache << Illustration Friday

Daniel Ursache << Illustration Friday

Daniel Ursache << Illustration Friday

Daniel Ursache << Illustration Friday

Daniel Ursache was born in Romania and grew up on the coast of the Black Sea. He studied art in Timisoara, Romania, before moving to Montreal, Canada to complete his post-graduate studies. A regular participant in Illustration Friday challenges, Daniel also creates fine art and graphic design, and has illustrated for books and magazines.

Daniel’s work is characterized by energetic linework, bold mark-making,  the exploration of various media, occasionally appearing to mix traditional techniques with digital manipulations. His style tends toward surreal imagery and slightly dark, melancholy subject matter.

See more of Daniel’s work: website | blog | other blog

Posted by Angie Brown on 05/16/13 under Angie,artists,IF Participants,painterly
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Artist :: Alessandra Cimatoribus

Posted by Angie

Alessandra Cimatoribus << Illustration Friday

Alessandra Cimatoribus << Illustration Friday

Alessandra Cimatoribus << Illustration Friday


Alessandra Cimatoribus was born in Spilimbergo (Friuli, Italy), where she continues to live and work. She has illustrated children’s books, games, packaging, advertising, and provided designs for theatre costumes.

Check out more of her work on her website.

Posted by Angie Brown on 05/02/13 under Angie,artists,children's art,painterly
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Street Artists :: Herakut

Posted by Angie

Herakut << Illustration Friday



Herakut is a symbiosis of the aliases of two graffiti artists from Germany, Hera and Akut. They began collaborating in 2004 and approach art from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Akut is self-taught, spraypainting in a photorealistic style and immersed in hip-hop graffiti culture since the age of fourteen. His preparation is a lengthy process, painstakingly mapped out beforehand, and he approaches the wall or canvas knowing precisely what he will paint and in which colors.

Hera, on the otherhand, received years of strict formal art education as a child, and now rebels against it demanding as much freedom as possible for intuition and spontaneity. She refuses to be limited by sketches and plans, and instead paints in the moment, reacting to the surface and medium as it develops.

They have painted large-scale murals together all over the world. Their figures, almost always slightly melancholy children and/or animals, have large liquid eyes, languid limbs, and live in a world of expressive brushstrokes and paint drips. Herakut masterfully blends the delicate sensitivity of lines and chaotic layering of color with realistically blended shadows, sometimes commenting on social issues, and other times creating worlds for sheer joy of it.

See more of their work on their website or Facebook.

Posted by Angie Brown on 04/19/13 under Angie,artists,painterly,public art
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Children’s Illustrator: Erin Bennett Banks

Posted by Angie Brown

Children's Illustrator :: Erin Banks << Illustration Friday



Erin Bennett Banks has a passion for rich narratives and culturally distinct visual storytelling. She has illustrated three nationally published children’s books, and has won several awards for her work. She has also created illustrations for clients such as Highlights for Children Magazine, McGraw-Hill, The Weekly Reader and Harvard Business Review, and her paintings have been licensed artwork for JCPenney and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Erin lives in Charleston, SC with her husband, two cherub babies, and a couple of pugs.

She paints in oils, and I love the vibrant red outlines that electrify her compositions, and the angular planes of her “primitive” style, and the expressiveness of her characters.

View more of her work on her website.

Posted by Angie Brown on 04/11/13 under Angie,artists,books,children's art,painterly
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Artist :: Michael Wandelmaier

Post by Sarah

Artist -- Michael Wandelmaier01<< Illustration Friday

Artist -- Michael Wandelmaier02<< Illustration Friday.jpg

Artist -- Michael Wandelmaier03<< Illustration Friday.jpg

Artist -- Michael Wandelmaier04<< Illustration Friday.jpg

As some of you may have noticed I am a fan of line based illustration in particular. Another big plus for me is when illustrators add something fresh to traditional techniques. Michael Wandelmaier from Toronto, Canada checks both those boxes: His penciled and inked lines are paired with a modern touch by color choice, settings and themes. I particularly love the warmth and depth that the coloring and its texture add to his works.

His website seems somewhat new and there is not a lot of info on the blog yet (there is a mention of an “illustration hiatus”), but I highly recommend keeping an eye on his work: Portfolio

Posted by Sarah Palisi on 04/06/13 under artists,painterly,pen/brush and ink,Sarah
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Artist: Pascal Campion

Posted by Angie BrownArtist :: Pascal Campion >> Illustration Friday



Pascal Campion is a French-American illustrator and animator. He has worked in a wide variety of media, illustrating games, music videos, feature films, and books for such clients as Dreamworks Animation, Disney TV, MTV, Nickelodeon, Bent Image Labs, Cartoon Network, Hulu, They Might Be Giants, and PBS. Pascal has been working professionally for about ten years and currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter. He finds inspiration in the everyday people and objects around him and believes that color is as essential to the piece as the composition itself.

He’s got an amazing sense of light and emotion, and his scenes glow with feeling. A lot of his work involves couples in love, young families, crowded and lonely cities, and sometimes cats.

View more of Pascal’s work: Portfolio | Blog

Posted by Angie Brown on 04/04/13 under Angie,animation,artists,digital,painterly
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Artist (and Experimenter) :: Anne-Marie Jones

Post by Penelope

Artist (and Experimenter) :: Anne-Marie Jones << Illustration Friday

Artist (and Experimenter) :: Anne-Marie Jones << Illustration Friday

Artist (and Experimenter) :: Anne-Marie Jones << Illustration Friday

Artist (and Experimenter) :: Anne-Marie Jones << Illustration Friday

Artist (and Experimenter) :: Anne-Marie Jones << Illustration Friday

I wrote about Anne-Marie Jones’s work last year, but I keep going back to check out her work and I love it more and more. She experiments a lot, it seems, and I like that in particular. I’ve found that playing with mediums and trying techniques teaches me more than anything else – it’s better than any book I’ve read or class I’ve taken so far. So I like that a lot of what Jones posts on her blog are little trials. Her work comes across as playful to me. She’s even got some simple, fun animations on her portfolio site.

Check out more of her painterly work: Portfolio | Blog

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Posted by penelope on 04/01/13 under animation,artists,painterly
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