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Artist: Julene Harrison

Post by Jeanine Henderson

Artist :: Julene Harrison << Illustration Friday

Artist :: Julene Harrison << Illustration Friday  Artist :: Julene Harrison << Illustration Friday


Julene Harrison’s elegant paper-cut illustrations are as inspiring as they are gorgeous. Originally a fashion and constructed textile designer, Julene turned to paper-cutting a few years ago, immediately catching the eye of big clients from publishers to advertising, including WIRED, Random House, Nieman Marcus and many more. Her work is primarily text based, but portraits and a broad variety of illustrations are well suited to the detail and intricacy of her lovely medium. A UK native, Julene currently is based in Chicago.

View more of Julene’s amazing work: Portfolio | Blog

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Artist:: Beatrice Coron

Post by Wendy

beatrice coron


Beatrice Coron is a storyteller. Her work is about letting the viewer construct their own interpretation of her scenes. After a series of odd jobs and an art degree from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Lyon, she moved to New York in 1985. Her body of work ranges from intricate cutouts to public works and screen prints. Currently her cutouts are a part of “The Art of Storytelling” exhibition at the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. I’d highly recommend checking it out in person!


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Art as Mobiles

I don’t know about you, but I have a thing for mobiles. I have always had a mobile of some sort suspended in my studio. I find them calming, and I think that relaxed feeling helps me come up with ideas for illustrations more easily. Maybe it’s just me? :)

In my search for something new, I ran across these that sparked my fancy.

1) Calder inspired by Julie Frith | 2) Origami cranes by MadebyJo | 3) Origami stars by theStarcraft | 4) Matisse inspired by Puka Puka


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Artist :: Malin Koort

Malin Koort was born in 1984 in Uppsala, but is currently living and working in Stockholm. She is an illustrator, designer and artist creating book covers, editorial illlustration and furniture patterns. But her tiny paper people are especially fun!

See more: Website | Blog | Paper People

(From our “Curate for Illustration Friday” Pinterest board. Pinned by Camilla. If you’d like to curate for IF, send me – Penelope – an email with your Pinterest name. I’ll send you an invite!)

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Eva Jospin

Eva Jospin has been dedicating herself for several years to the study of the landscape and its representation. More recently through a unique medium –cardboard. She sculpts large forest scenes. Eva was born in 1975, and lives and works in Paris. Check out more cardboard forests here.

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simone lourenco

Simone Lourenco is originally from Brazil and now lives and works in New York. Working primarily with paper, Simone interprets nature (her favorite subject) from memory, often drawing elements with an x-acto knife. First, comes choosing color and next, she carves into the wild, with each cut informing the next move. Simone also enjoys making collages, working with markers, colored pencils and sewing on paper.

Check out her paper cut work here. But be sure to look at the rest of her beautiful work also.

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Jeff Nishinaka – Paper Artist

LA native Jeff Nishinaka does wonders with paper. Prepare to be blown away.

Posted by admin on 01/16/12 under papercuts/silhouettes

People too



Check out these wild  paper illustrations by ‘people too’ on Veer ideas!

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Elsa Mora and Paper Cutting


Elsa More PaperCut

Elsa Mora PaperCut

 Lately (and by lately I mean for the last three years or so… things are slow in my world) I’ve been noticing all sorts of super wonderous papercut work, or work that looks like paper cuts. It’s a major art form people, and the more you look for it, the more you find it. Trust me, I know! I’ve been collecting links to post here for awhile and my bookmark folder is fair burgeoning! (um, not sure what that phrase is supposed to mean exactly, but it sounds like fancy pirate talk so I left it in there)

To get us started on the whole multi-post papercut/silhouette thang, I can think of no better place to begin than Elsa Mora (see Elsa’s blog here and Elsa’s fab Flickr gallery here . A fabulous multi media artist in her own right, Elsa’s papercuts are exquisite and whimsical. But that’s not all… Elsa has a blog dedicated entirely to the art of papercuts (here! Click Here!). She provides links to tons of fabulous papercut artist in the right hand column there and I encourage you to rifle thru them… the scope of some of these works is simply mind-boggling.

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Posted by admin on 12/09/08 under artists,papercuts/silhouettes

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