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Aitch is a Romanian illustrator whose work often features botanicals and animals. She finds inspiration in travels, folklore and childhood memories. Her intricate patterns are mesmerizing and keep the viewer exploring. Her work has appeared as wallpaper, playing cards, packaging, ceramics and window decorations, adding her own playful and sophisticated voice to items we often overlook.

One of the other things that sets her work apart is that she uses patterns in unusual contexts, as evidenced in her figurative/portrait pieces, where patterns appear on the skin of her characters.Lo-Aitch-08

You can connect with Aitch via Behance or Facebook!

Written by Bryna Shields.

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Livy Long


Livy Long is an illustrator at Hallmark Cards. Her work fuses handmade elements with a refined & clean design approach. The subject matters of her work ranges from animals and characters to hand lettered quotes and botanical details. Her use of limited, but bright color palettes add to her unique style.
Connect with Livy on Instagram or Tumblr.

Post written by Bryna Shields.

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Enemies Yay


Enemies Yay is the collaborative work of Laura Blythman and Pete Cromer – both of whom also create incredible colorful work of their own.  Utilizing paper cuts adorned with neon color palettes and patterns, this collaborative collection packs a real punch. With equal parts playfulness and detail, it’s hard not to spend hours looking at each piece, there always seems to be more to discover in their work, which often features quirky characters and lush florals. Their work is a testament to the magic that can happen when you collaborate, and it’s exciting to see what will become of the duo next! Be sure to check out their instagram where they share news and sales of their prints!

EnemiesYay_Forest_Bear EnemiesYay_Happiness EnemiesYay_LetsInviteEveryone EnemiesYay_Lovers EnemiesYay_MAgic EnemiesYay_Poster EnemiesYay_StreetPeople fluer_cushionsPost written by Bryna Shields.


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Herbert Green


Herbert Green is an alias for the work of illustrator/designer/maker Rachael Cocker. Her colorful patterns often feature fruits and florals, and are created using handmade methods, including paper cutting and collage. According to an interview with Grafik, Cocker is inspired by the “wonderful in the ordinary”. A varied interest in creative pursuits such as knitting, printed fabric, drawing, collage and ceramics keeps Cocker’s creations fresh and exciting. It is clear she really enjoys the process of discovery as she applies her ideas to all these media.







tumblr_nia0kirYIC1r3k4qto1_500You can connect with Rachael on her tumblr page, or via twitter.

Written by Bryna Shields.


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Sarah Andreacchio



Sarah Andreacchio is an illustrator living in France. Her playful patterns are packed with florals and happy critters in cheerful colorways. In all of her pieces there is an energy and rhythm that keeps a captive audience while eliciting a happy mood. Her work has appeared on journals, cards, silk scarves and even dimensional object such as rings, little sculptures and









underwaterblogBe sure to follow along with Sarah’s creative adventures on her blog, or add some of her cheery prints to your art collection by visiting her shop.

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Rhianna Ellington


Rhianna Ellington’s patterns adorn products ranging from pouches, to scarves, to clothing and phone cases. Her use of color adds a playfulness and sense of whimsy to each piece she creates. Often featuring botanicals, her work evokes an eternal summery feeling that makes me want to throw on one of her scarves in the midst of this wintery cold weather.

RhiannaEllington2 RhiannaEllington3 RhiannaEllington4 RhiannaEllington5


RhiannaEllington7 RhiannaEllington8 RhiannaEllington9

Be sure to take a look at her instagram for more pattern playfulness, and her website here.

Post written by Bryna Shields.

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Whimsical Illustrator Nate Williams


Nate Williams’ website is abundant with whimsical illustrations full of playful characters, beautiful patterns, textures and unique color palettes. His work has appeared on a variety products ranging from coffee packaging, pillow cases, tote bags and children’s books. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pattern Designer Laura Slater


Laura Slater is a pattern and textile designer based in West Yorkshire, where she runs her own studio. Her work is largely inspired by Danish design and is a superb combination of shape and texture which unite to create intriguing abstract interpretations of nature.

Read the rest of this entry »

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a print designer named Aless Baylis

Post by Alice Palace

Aless has just set up her own studio label called ‘This is gold’. Based in London, she is available for freelance surface pattern, illustration and childrenswear graphics. I love her characters…


See her New Website

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Dinara Mirtalipova


The first time I came across Dinara Mirtalipova’s work, I spent a few days pouring over her website. Her command of patterns, her linework, the worlds she created in her paintings were so captivating, and I was instantly hooked. Her compositions are lush and whimsical. There is a beautiful tension in her pieces that is all at once energetic and quietly meditative.

In addition to children’s magazines such as Storytime and Girls’ World, Dinara’s work has appeared on sleeping bags and rugs for Land of Nod, her own line of dishtowels entitled Mirdinara Kitchen and a fabric collection for Windham Fabrics. She has also hand-painted beads, nesting dolls and clay eggs. Her work is inspired by folklore, fairytales, textiles, and songs her mother used to sing to her.

mirdinara_towel6 mirdinara5

mirdinara story magazine1 mirdinara story magazine2







Be sure to follow Dinara on Instagram where she shares process shots, projects and other little glimpses into her world. You can see the rest of her work on her website, too!

Written by Bryna Shields

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