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Cool Stuff :: Hand Made Font





socks-font-letter-P is a side project of the Estonian designers Vladimir Loginov and Maksim Loginov. It was founded in 2008 and has some pretty amazing photohraphed typefaces, all made out of found objects and food!

See more on their website

Posted by Wendy Schiller on 04/15/14 under creativity,design,letterpress,photography,Wendy
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Monstrous Photography: Juan Bakea

by Wendy

Up in Boston the weather is still nowhere near spring-like, and I’m growing impatient. Juan Bakea’s work made me feel much more cheerful, even though I’m still trapped in my winter coat. It’s so playful! And Monsters! I’m a huge fan of mixing media, and he does it so seamlessly; I’m in awe. None of his sites post any sort of background….but they do have a lot of work so you should go and take a look!


bakea1 bakea2 bakea3

Behance | Tumblr | Facebook

Posted by Wendy Schiller on 04/08/13 under artists,digital,photography,Wendy
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Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso’s high-speed photographs of ink mixing with water are beautiful and have inspired several other variations. Visit his site for more.

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Made in Polaroid

Polaroid is honoring its founder Dr. Edwin Land’s passion for the arts with the launch of the Made in Polaroid exhibit. An art show featuring more than 50 pieces created by a mix of artists, designers, photographers, actors and musicians who are united in their passion for creativity, all pieces will be auctioned with proceeds benefitting Free Arts NYC, a non-profit that provides arts and mentoring programs to under-served children.


Sleep Deprivation
3” x 4” ZINK Paper, mounted on paper 24” x 19.5”

The exhibit explores the infinite number of ways technology can enable creative expression. Featuring pieces that range from single mounted images to multi-print mosaics, each artist taps a different approach to tell a story with photos. All works were created exclusively using the Polaroid GL10 Instant Mobile Printer, the first product from Lady Gaga’s Grey Label line.

3” x 4” ZINK Paper, digital, oil paint 24” x 13”

The exhibit opens to the public on September 7th at Phillips de Pury & Company’s gallery at 450 West 15th Street in New York City. All pieces from the exhibit will be auctioned on September 14 at Phillips de Pury & Company’s gallery at 450 Park Avenue in New York City. For more information and to view works from the Made In Polaroid exhibit, visit and at .


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International Group Exhibition for Forest Preservation

On May 13th the international group exhibition ‘The Enchanted Forest’, which is dedicated to the forests and their inhabitants all over the world, will open at Strychnin Gallery Berlin. The show should remind people of the drastic damage that is constantly done to our forests as well as their beauty, uniqueness and importance. Many lovingly and elaborately crafted sculptures as well as paintings and photographs by over 30 international artists will display both the desolation of deforestation and the forest‘s magic and liveliness that we have to save.
10 percent of the price of every sold artwork will be donated to a project of the WWF.

Posted by admin on 05/04/11 under artists,events and openings,photography,sculpture
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Childhood Photos

wonderland photos by yeondoo jung

hey mister! have you ever seen the fantastic photos of yeondoo jung? in my favorite series, wonderland, the photographer uses film, fashion, and some clever set design to recreate children’s drawings. holy smokes!

thanks to typefiend for the heads up!

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Artists Within (Their Studios)

The Artist Within by Greg Preston
I’ve been eyeballing this book, The Artist Within, for several months. It is a collection of photographs of animators and comic book artists in their studios. I didn’t know if it would be ho-hum or super-awesome but I found a copy at the library yesterday. It is dynamite. Short biographies proceed each photograph and the pictures are so huge that you can explore the nooks and crannies of everyone’s workspace. Some of the studios are so big and beautiful that they made me sad. “Someday… someday…” I promised myself.

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dreaming of spring time

Lisa Solomon’s colour palettes help me dream for spring time! Her polaroids are great, too.

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Polaroid is History.

Polaroid by Brooke Mackay

Polaroid instant film will be history by next year according to this article from the Washington Post.

Photograph by Brooke Mackay.

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While perusing magazines in the bookstore, I stumbled upon Selvedge — and instantly fell in love. I know nothing of fabric or textile design. But the patterns and photos and textures are sublime. I ordered a subscription and every time it comes in the mail, I get my notebook out while I read it because the ideas just flow. Inspiration galore.

(They have a free trial digital issue on their site, if you want to see what I’m talking about!)

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Posted by admin on 11/26/07 under everyday art,photography
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