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Shawn Roche


Yes, Shawn Roche is a photographer (and this is Illustration Friday). But this blog is about what/who inspires us, so I’m blogging about him. I met Shawn, oh, six years ago or so (?). I was an art director at the time and he was this photographer in town who rode around in a beat-up brown truck, and I kept bumping into him at various places. He showed me his book on the sidewalk one day (a hand-bound black book) and I nearly fell over dead it wow-ed me so much. (Of course, I tried to act all cool, but when he left I ran it up to my fellow art directors to show it off.) Later that year I even had the good fortune to work with Shawn on a project, which, thanks to him, turned out great. (Am I doting here?)

Anyway, the way he looks at things amazes me. And the way he’s able to capture things and people amazes me even more. It’s pure, raw, undefined talent. It’s like he made a deal with the devil and can now use light like magic.

He’s worked for some great clients (like W) and just started a new blog in Sept.

(Shawn is also one of the people who encouraged me and advised me to go freelance, which I publicly thank him for now.) :)

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Just Jinky


Our focus here on IF Blog is of course, illustration. And I would have it no other way. But one of my primary sources of inspiration is photography and there is no photographer I find more inspirational, more “jinky” (whatever that means… must be an Aussie thing) than Barb “Jinky” Uil. Her photographs of children and families burst with life and juicy color. This is a woman who truly understands the magic of childhood and captures it joyfully, beautifully in the bubble of her lens.


But her photos display a thorough understanding of some of the finer elements we employ in illustration and design too. She knows how to limit her palette so that the colors all sing together, how to crop for dynamic affect, how to eliminate everything that doesn’t contribute to the subject at hand and finally, how to tell a story with a single image. Oh, the stories she tells! The children, the families, the chickens (!) in her photos are not just generic smiling faces… they shimmer with individual personality and gleam with originality. And they never fail to make me smile. Visit Barb’s official portfolio site here or her beautiful blog here and then try and tell me she doesn’t immeditately have you grinning from ear to ear too. I won’t believe you.

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food for thought

travellerâ??s lunchbox

You know, kids, there’s a lot to be said about making a living from art… and even more to be said about the art of living. I try my best to do both, with fluctuating success. Too often the making a living from art part supersedes the artful living part and everything comes unhinged and unbalanced. But there’s one particular blog out there that is not art related (well, not in the traditional sense although in my mind, pretty much everything is art if you look at it the right way … generally, with the head tipped to the left side, eyes squinched just so, thru a veil of dog hair) that constantly inspires me to really master that artful living thing… to make everything I do meaningful and true. It’s The Traveller’s Lunchbox.

It’s total food porn over there. Everything is completely sumptuous, incredibly photographed and wonderfully conceived. I confess that I have never tried my hand at any of the recipes so generously provided there. In truth, I’m a fair-to-middling cook and ’round here, the husband tends to do most of the daily meal preparation whilst (whilst!) I scowl into my computer monitor. But I intend too. I aspire to. I really, really want to. And I want to do it just like Melissa Kronethal, with beauty and intention and a real explorer’s spirit and only the finest ingredients.

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Too sad to tell you

Iâ??m Too Sad To Tell You by Jessica Williams

jessica williams, a fantastic artist and a friend, caught herself crying on camera and turned the sad, sad photograph into a group art project, I’m Too Sad To Tell You. you can see the gallery of cry babies online and contribute your own self-portrait before the photos are collected into a book sometime in september.

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