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Street Artists :: Herakut

Posted by Angie

Herakut << Illustration Friday



Herakut is a symbiosis of the aliases of two graffiti artists from Germany, Hera and Akut. They began collaborating in 2004 and approach art from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Akut is self-taught, spraypainting in a photorealistic style and immersed in hip-hop graffiti culture since the age of fourteen. His preparation is a lengthy process, painstakingly mapped out beforehand, and he approaches the wall or canvas knowing precisely what he will paint and in which colors.

Hera, on the otherhand, received years of strict formal art education as a child, and now rebels against it demanding as much freedom as possible for intuition and spontaneity. She refuses to be limited by sketches and plans, and instead paints in the moment, reacting to the surface and medium as it develops.

They have painted large-scale murals together all over the world. Their figures, almost always slightly melancholy children and/or animals, have large liquid eyes, languid limbs, and live in a world of expressive brushstrokes and paint drips. Herakut masterfully blends the delicate sensitivity of lines and chaotic layering of color with realistically blended shadows, sometimes commenting on social issues, and other times creating worlds for sheer joy of it.

See more of their work on their website or Facebook.

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Artist :: Ursula Barton

Post by: KristenFREMONT_web


Muralist Ursula Barton strives to use art as a language. Her fluid illustrations of Portland, OR, bridges capture the movement of the city and the Willamette River that flows under each bridge. Her love of the city is evident in her contributions for the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences in Ashland and P:EAR, a local program committed to creatively mentoring homeless youth, which are among a long list of clients for her artwork.

Ursula graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She launched a series of greeting cards with her ink artwork called Rainy City Scapes, and her murals can be found at The Rose Lounge (below) and The Daily Café in the Pearl. View her full portfolio at


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Artist :: Rudy Gutierrez

Artist :: Rudy Gutierrez << Illustration Friday Artist :: Rudy Gutierrez << Illustration Friday

Rudy Gutierrez’s art has been described as Wall Medicine – ancient yet contemporary – urban in a sense, and musical in feel. His distinctive spirit driven paintings are recognizable for their energy and passion. Born in the Bronx, New York City and later raised in Teaneck N.J. Gutierrez attended and graduated from Pratt Institute and lived and worked in NYC for over twenty years before recently relocating to NJ.

He believes that the highest honor and fulfillment is to inspire and uplift, and he is passionate about breaking down labels, categories and borders with the notion that art should also live outside of the Gallery.

You can see how his art is made – Rudy shares his process on his website.

Check out more: Website | Rep’s Site

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The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project, in case you haven’t heard of this ingenious and inspiring undertaking, is a collection of creative works in the form of art contributed by people from around the world. (Kind of like Illustration Friday, come to think of it…) In this case, the art is in the form of sketchbooks – more than 22,000 of them and counting – created by some 70,000 artists in more than 130 countries. Wow! The really cool thing is that since its inception 6 years ago, the project has shared the wealth by sending the art around (more than 40,000 miles so far), spreading inspiration and creative collaboration all over. And, just this month, they launched a brand new, reinvented Sketchbook Project, with the goal of making participation easier and more engaging.

Co-Founder Steven Peterman summed it up thusly: “We knew it was time to evolve. The idea of a yearly, traveling project was just not sustainable. We wanted something that would be more accessible to our participants and easier for us to visit more cities and reach more people.

With that in mind, The Sketchbook Project staff created The Mobile Library — a custom-built 16-foot trailer that will travel the country, year-round, reaching as many as 45 cities a year. (It already has a schedule of 20 cities for 2013.) Here’s how they describe the new process: creative-minded people can head over to the website and order an official Sketchbook Project sketchbook. Once you get your sketchbook, you can register your book for one of six tours.

We wanted to allow our participants more options and a chance to ‘curate’ their own tour in some way,” said Peterman.

With each tour, you not only get to select a theme for your book, but you get to select the 3 to 4 city tour your book will go on. Pick a city near you, or pick a whole different part of the country! It’s all up to you. Once your book goes on it’s tour, it will be come part of the permanent collection at The Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, NY. There, visitors can search and look through all 22,000 books in the collection. Want your book to be seen even more? Select the digitizing option when getting your book. The Sketchbook Project digital library has had over 1.3 million books viewed and more than half the books have had over 100 different views.

As Peterman explains, “By selecting the digitizing option, you will open your book to a whole new audience. The digital library receives over 1,700 views a day from people all over the world. It will also allow us to select your book for curated and alternative exhibitions.

Not only will The Mobile Library take the sketchbooks on tour, contributed art will also be used for curated exhibitions using the Project’s past sketchbooks. Just this past month, The Mobile Library brought 1,100 books from the collection to Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor and Cleveland on its inaugural 3-city tour curated by Christopher Jobson from

Final words from the founders: “It’s never been easier to join The Sketchbook Project, and we want the Illustration Friday community to get involved! Collaboration, participation and creativity are what The Sketchbook Project and Illustration Friday are all about. Put it down in drawing, painting or any medium. Fill a sketchbook and send it out on the road.


For more information, or to participate in The Sketchbook Project, go to
Follow us on Twitter @arthouse
Like us on Facebook

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Google’s Art Project

Wow, I wish I had Google to help with *my* art projects. They’re really good! Check out how they not only let you virtually stroll the halls of some of the world’s greatest museums, you can even linger in your favorite room as long as you like. I just got finished revisiting the Art of Japan section of the Freer Gallery at the Smithsonian, which Penny and I actually saw in person (and loved) when we visited Washington DC a few years ago.

Being Google, they even give you data down to the last microscopic detail and let you zoom in close on the artworks – close enough to get you in trouble with museum security in the real world. Did you know there were visible brushstrokes in Starry Night? I guess I could’ve guessed, but now I know for sure. I mean, that thing’s practically 3-D! You can almost see the texture of the canvas where ol’ Vincent dabbed his brush.

I’m sure there’s lots more to discover too. What are your favorite museums to now visit any time you like?

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adidas campaign: illustrations of famous global football stars

This one comes from Art Director, Nadja Lossgott from TBWA Hunt Lascaris, Johannesburg.

On the streets of Africa, from Cape Town to Kinshasa, from Lagos to Mombasa, the true measure of fame is having a haircut named after you on a barbershop sign.  The streets are full of ‘The Obama’, ‘The Oprah’ and ‘The Denzel.’

This ubiquitous barbershop signage is an African art form or African graphic art with its naïve renderings and pragmatic use of wood, metal and any material that is close at hand.

To celebrate the Confederation’s Cup being played for the first time on African soil, adidas commissioned a series of ‘barbershop’ artworks that honour their galaxy of stars like Gerrard, Messi, Kaka and Pienaar.

A ‘cut’ was created for each player according to their skill. So, ‘The Kaka’ is all about dribbling skills while ‘The Gerrard’ is about powerful strikes.

The word Kopanya is a South African word for ‘together’, which effectively makes this artwork an African interpretation of adidas’ global advertising position of “together I am strong.” Kopanya is also the name of the official adidas ball, that will be used at the Confed Cup.

Check them out:

adidasmessi2 adidasmorris2

adidaspienaar2 adidaskaka2

adidasgerrard2 adimorrispienaarfant2f0012

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Every Day in May

A 24hr. head start! Élena Nazarro writes: “I’m starting up “Every Day In May” again, where I (and others who join in) are committing to paint/sew/write/create for 31 straight days. We’d love to have you join, especially if you think you need a kickstart. Goodness knows I do!”


More info at her blog, French Toast Girl, and a Flickr group too!

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Add-Art, and art ads on IF

Are you tired of ads on websites blinking and flashing their consumerist message into your brain as you just try to find the actual information on the page? Add-Art is an awesome project from the folks at Eyebeam that might just be the best answer to online advertising that I’ve seen yet*.

Add-Art is a free FireFox add-on which replaces advertising on websites with curated art images. The art shows are updated every two weeks and feature contemporary artists and curators.”

I love the idea of curated art shows replacing advertisements and applaud the efforts of Eyebeam! They have an intro video that shows how to install the add-on.

*Yep, IF runs ads. Wait, is this that irony I’ve been hearing so much about? Actually, we’ve got a good thing going with FM – they don’t make us run ads for products we don’t believe in, and they support some of our crazier ideas, like opening up our remnant ad space to all you folks a la Gawker Artists. If you want an extra place to share your work here at Illustration Friday, send a 160x600px banner with a link to your portfolio to – we’ll accept 10 artists per month for display.

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Another Side of Orphan Works, please

Ellen Million breaks down U.S. Copyright Law and traces the history of the Orphan Works bill (with handy link citations) to help clear up some misperceptions on existing copyright law and the new proposal.

Found via this BoingBoing entry about an article by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (who support the Orphan Works legislation) in a comment by Nelson Pavlosky. How’s that for a citation?

EMG-Zine: May 2008 – Orphan Works

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Public in Portsmouth

Susan Schwake is another veteran IF’er in the news of late: The City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Cultural Commission‘s very-cool Overnight Art program chose her as one of the artists for this summer’s public installations. Susan’s Dialog is a BIG window banner that makes finding a spot in the Portsmouth parking garage a little more fun:

Susan’s official unveiling for Dialog is at the Hanover Street Parking Garage in Portsmouth, Wednesday, May 21 at 10:00 AM EST. New England IF’ers could stop in for the event, then do a tour of the other 5 Overnight Art displays; the installations dot Portsmouth, Stratham, Rye, and Rochester, NH (PDF).

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