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Axel Scheffler’s Life

A cute little Flash slide show Day in the Life of Axel Scheffler a children’s storybook illustrator.

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work / life book

“Work/Life is a book celebrating Canadian illustration and photography. Unlike magazine awards annuals or traditional illustration directories that are little more than picture books, our publication delves into what fuels a creative life. 

Participants were interviewed about their creative focus and artistic technique as well as their inspirations and aspirations. Sketchbook pages, studio shots, inspirational objects and personal photography allow us to peek into their work and their lives.”

I’m so excited to be a part of the Work / Life book published by Uppercase Gallery along with illustrators Lori Joy Smith, Rick Sealock, Jody Hewgill, and Doug Fraser (just to name a few!). 

Full list of participants can be found here and preview some pages here. Pre-order the book at the Uppercase online store OR if you live in/near Calgary check out the art show that should be opening later this week! Whew, think I’ve provided enough options for you? :)

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Seamus Heffernan

Danny Gregory’s new book An Illustrated Life features pages from artist’s journals and sketchbooks, a secret glimpse into their thoughts and inspirations. He posted a preview gallery a few months ago and you can imagine my joy when I discovered three of our bloggers, Penelope, Rama and Melanie listed among the distinguished participants, as well as another dear and familiar name to me, Seamus Heffernan.

Seamus grew up in New England and now lives in Portland, Oregon. He recently graduated with a BFA in painting from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, after a year abroad with the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Greece. He is a freelance illustrator/ painter/ comics artist and is working on a graphic novel about the Revolutionary War. See excerpts from the novel and his journals at

Seamus and I both studied in Pistoia, Italy and Paros, Greece with the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in 2005-2006. The first time I met Seamus, in the garden of the Villa Rospigliosi, I was tongue-tied and intimidated – I was an older student with no prior art study, feeling incredibly out of my depth amid this garden of rosy young talent. I asked him about his summer travels and he handed me his journal with ink-stained fingers.

Let me tell you, a few scans in a book or on a website can’t do Seamus’ work justice. The first time I opened his journal I knew I was experiencing something vital and rare – as close to a real glimpse inside someone’s thoughts as you’re ever going to get.

I had travelled to the Aegean Center with six cameras, determined to document every new place and sensation, trying to feel “artistically prepared”, if such a thing is possible (it isn’t). After the first week, when we went on to Venice, I started looking to Seamus to make sure these incredible moments were being truly captured. My cameras did not fail me, oh no, but after each new day I’d ask Seamus to show me his journal and only then was I satisfied that my own memories were in place.

He draws every day. He carries a very nice ink pen with him, as well as a tube of white gouache for highlights. Sometimes he sits so still when he’s drawing that you think he’s missing the action, only to discover later that while you were fretting, he was noting the details you’d missed.

Danny interviewed Seamus last week for his podcast – you can listen to it here and discover more about Seamus’ life and work.

I’ll be writing more about Danny’s new book in the coming weeks, and more about the Aegean Center and its unique and magical classical approach to art studies. Congratulations, Seamus - SUGCARHTHRIA!

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Invite to First Editions Show at the Poketo Studio

Poketo will celebrate the launch of its new space with â??First Editions,â? a show featuring limited edition letterpress and giclee prints by 25 international artists. Attendance is open to the public but they ask that you please r.s.v.p.

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how to be an illustrator by Nate Williams

nate williams

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet – How to be an illustrator by Nate Williams. Some really great tips for budding illustrators! His process and SEO (search engine optimization) info is great read.

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islands fold celebrates 1 year

island fold

Islands Fold, is having their 1 year anniversary! (wicked poster!)

A bit of background on these unique folks:

Islands Foldâ?¢ is an independant publisher and artist residency created by Angela Conley and Luke Ramsey. It’s about inviting artists into our home, supporting creative identity, collaborating, promoting health and well being and producing unique art. Established on Pender Island B.C, Canada, the residency is offered at no charge to the artists. It is sustained through public support by purchasing the books and zines made by Islands Fold.

Also, check out this Catalogue of Hand Type, over at the Islands Fold blog.

Lots of neat stuff happening on the islands of British Columbia! I’d like creative sabbatical. Anyone with me on that?

Happy weekend, IF readers!

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