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mugs in blueberry


Skinny laMink creates lovely vintage mug tea towels! She also has some great concepts for ceramics, paper and vinyl. Great stuff.

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Speaking of Rip-Off Artists

Regionalâ??s Self-Portrait Project

a majority of contemporary paintings are created in dafen, china by talented but anonymous artists who use their skills to recreate famous works of art. an organization called Regional invited some of those craftsmen to paint themselves. “The final works show the technical, creative, and professional facets of the artists identities subsumed by the styles and relationships they maintain with specific famous artists.”

thanks to my brother and boing boing for the story!

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red and white by Elsa Mora

This 3-D looking paper doll by Elsa Mora is absolutely stunning! Check out more of her stuffs on her blog and flickr and even buy her jazz on etsy. ps. This necklace is also gorgeous :)

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Quentin Blake


excerpted from Quentin Blake’s Message to Illustrators:

“It is quite difficult to offer advice to an artist starting out in illustration without talking about individual portfolios of work. There are problems about who, artistically, you are; your relationship with your talent and what actually is. You may find something out by discussion with your companions or with more experienced artists; as well as that I think you have to remain on the alert for the things that you do that seem to work best, that seem most like you.

There is the other problem that there is no defined career structure â?? all I have been able to do is to record some of my own experiences in getting started in a book called Words and Pictures. Some of that may be out of date, as it took place a few years ago â?? but there may be some interest in a parallel, though different, development.

I think itâ??s important not to lose sight of the fact that illustration is not a diluted form of painting. In the world of book illustration, for instance, what corresponds to a painting is not one illustration but the whole sequence of illustrators, with implications of design, narrative, atmosphere, commentary. The constraints are not necessarily a denaturing of what you do; they may require that you do something that you would mot have discovered otherwise.

In the hope that it may be useful evidence we offer here some examples of the story of a book, and show roughs and preliminary drawings as well as the final versions.”

This site will rock your socks. I promise! (Be prepared to spend some serious time here!)

And don’t miss the video of Quentin in action.

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Write to Done. A guide to cleaning up.

I happened upon a great little site for those of us who spill our blogging guts through writing. I for one love to write, and though my version of the craft can be choppy and enormously random, I have a great interest in the “right” way to write. Granted, that is a VERY subjective subject, especially in fiction or creative writing, but having a knowledge of the rules can really help out. Having the power to say “I know this is grammatically incorrect, but I’m gonna do it anyway,” is truly a refreshing feeling.

The site is called Write to Done and it doesn’t hold back with the free advice. The best part is that many of its articles focus on blogging, which has a very seperate set of rules (heck no we don’t indent!). The balance between good blogging vs. good writing is extremely helpful. Check it out here.

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child with dove

child with dove            

Rama suggested awhile back that we feature a specific piece of art that we love or inspires us. For me it has always been this piece by Picasso. A big poster print of it hangs in my studio and I have been privileged to see it in person twice at the National Gallery in London. 

I love it because the child feels delicate and vulnerable, while the colourful beach ball suggests play. It reminds me to look at things with the openness of a child and keep that sense of play when I’m creating.

I’m not sure what the real meaning of the painting in, but that is what I see.

This weekend why not take 10 minutes, or 30 minutes or a even whole hour to create something just for the fun of it? Do it just for you :)

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. – Picasso   

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Check out Bob Staake’s new section on his site called PixFix. He’s uploaded videos to YouTube of how he creates his magnificent illustrations in Photoshop 3.0 … yeah that’s right. VERSION THREEEEEEeeee! Proving it’s not the computer. It’s not the version. It’s the talent that still makes a illustration in the year 2008.


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Miguel Porto of Madrid

Stumbled upon the work of Miguel Porto today. Neat comic stuff on his flickr. Great work!

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Gale Kaseguma is Kidmodern

Nighttime City by Gale Kaseguma

Gale Kaseguma is one of those artists whose website I’ve had in my bookmarks for ages, and I kinda forgot about, until today when I received an email from her mailing list announcing updates to her site, It’s clean and pretty, easy to navigate, and full of colorful happy art intended for children. Gale’s art could easily have jumped off the pages of a picture book, but her specialty is interior decoration. A lot falls under that pink umbrella: interiors for big wigs such as Spike Lee, Wesley Snipes, The American Crafts Museum and Universal Studios. Surface graphics on fabrics used for baby blankets. Greeting cards and gift bags. And this entire collection was born when Gale did a painting for her own newborn baby, 7 years ago.

Gumball Tree

About her technique:

“When beginning a piece, I don’t always have an end in mind. I let the materials lead the way.

Over time, I have developed a technique of collaging tissue paper with many layers of paint, translucent glazes, and wax. I build up areas of color, texture, and overlays of cut paper shapes. I look for a rhythm and a conversation between the colors and the patterns, the background and the foreground. At times, paintings are transformed from one idea into something very different. A painting is complete when I create an image that feels fresh and unique and it surprises me.”


Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


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Watercolor sketches in fifteen minutes. Plus some uber illustrative watercolorists.


Another watch-worthy artist demo–this time by Georgia watercolorist Jim Chapman (his color commentary, and the ambient sounds of crickets, locusts and crows ice the cake).

[Shortcut to the video itself].

After viewing his video, be sure to read his artist’s columns. Jim is a contributing editor to the Artist’s Magazine publications.

Speaking of which, there is an article in the August issue of Watercolor Magic. Here is an excerpt, but there are seven more pages of more interesting content in the magazine itself. Featured illustrators/watercolorists include Pat Porter, Nita Engle, Russell Walks (Star Wars trading cards) and Ted Burn. I love the crossover between fine art and illustration.

Illustration by Russell Walks.

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