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dear dan may

dan may sample

dear dan,

Your work is so lovely and interesting and swell! I’m glad I continue to find talents such as yourself on flickr. It just keeps happening again and again.

best wishes,
- amanda

ps. Your website is also swell.

Posted by Thomas James on 04/23/07 under artists,technique
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Will Maybonne be there?

Writing the Unthinkable by Lynda Barry

who said nothing cool ever happens in wisconsion? (it wasn’t me!)

lynda barry ~ so awesome ~ is teaching a writing workshop there on june 16 and june 17th. in the words of kelly hogan, the class is a way to “blow your mind… with your own mind!” read more and book your reservation on ebay.

Posted by rama on 04/12/07 under artists,contests/projects,everyday art,technique,the art of living
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risk redone – Raymond Biesinger

raymond's board game design

I’m not a fan of the board game, ‘Risk’. I think it might be a boy thing? I’ve seen that twinkle in my husband’s eye when he calls his pals together to play. He very excited to ’1919′, a risk board redone by Raymond Biesinger. (larger version here)

Raymond’s work always has a strong concept, often with a political slant. He uses a variety of tools and supplies to create his illustrations (including Letraset!)

To top it off, he organizes local illustrator ‘gatherings’ (a.k.a drink beer, talk about art) so we can all network and exchange ideas. I’m lucky to have a vibrant community of illustration in my city, and I plan to feature more local talents on this here blog.

ps. I’ll be posting a late Easter surprise next week!

Posted by Thomas James on 04/06/07 under artists,design,technique
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Her middle name is Willis.

a stack of â??paperâ? by Frances Trombly

kate o’connor‘s handkerchiefs reminded me of my friend, frances trombly, who weaves all of her artwork. this stack of papers for example, even the writing, is woven. some of her most fantastic stuff is hand-woven party remnants: deflated (hand-woven!) balloons, hand woven party banners, hand-woven confetti and crumpled paper. it’s very different from kate’s stuff obviously but the nature of both of their work demonstrates a lot of time and love.

Posted by rama on 04/02/07 under artists,technique
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Kate O’Connor: No questions asked.

Kate O'Connor sample

Meet Kate O’Connor. Designer, illustrator and crafter of delicately embroidered hankerchiefs. She has more on her flickr site.

On a related note, Flickr has decided to (finally) be officially friendly with illustrators and artists. They’ve introduced flickr filtering.

Posted by Thomas James on 04/01/07 under artists,technique
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Painting Penguins en Plein Air

#2 on my list of things to do before I die.

Here are three weeks of blog entries on the Artists Magazine web site by artist David McEown, who did such a thing this past winter.

David McEown painting penguins en plein air.

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gracia louise
Bursting with a seemingly inexhaustible creativity, the collaborations of Australian artists Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison never fail to intrigue me. Collaged postcards strewn with wildlife and glittering gems, hand colored, limited edition artist’s books, watercolor polar bears, a parliment of stuffed owls, pencil cases and zines… these women tackle it all with zest. Both women maintain their own whimsical blogs plus a collaborative website, a store called Hammer & Daisy, and Flickr site, providing endless scope for the imagination.

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When I was instantly besotted with the collaged illustration from the moment I first spotted illustrator Poul Hans Lange’s series on Aesop’s Fables in Communication Arts years ago. His illustrations reveal a designer’s love of simplicity and style coupled with an illustrator’s love of tone and texture. I never tire of looking at his wonderfully spare, elegant works.

Posted by admin on 03/15/07 under artists,technique
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marian bantjes

marian sample 1

marian sample 2

I have to say… it is difficult for me to choose a word to describe Marian’s work. Stunning? She certainly carves her own niche. Her work is a beautiful blend of strong typography and ornate illustration. You can visit her ‘student questions’ page for more info on her process and inspirations.

And 150 custom valentines for all of her close friends? I reckon that may be taking personal artistic development to a new level.

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Posted by Thomas James on 03/09/07 under artists,technique
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