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Draw your wish list!

Rama Hughes's Illustrated Wish List

If it’s not worth drawing, it’s probably not worth having after all.

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Rama Hughes’s Sketchbook

Sketchbook page by Rama Hughes

For those of you who enjoy sketchbooks as much as I do, HERE is a peek at one of mine. Like all my sketchbooks, it’s mostly filled with drawings of family, friends, favorite places, and things around my home. Since I received this particular book as a gift though, I’ve been sharing pages online and, since I seem to be on a roll, I thought you might enjoy the drawings too. I hope so.

Sketchbook drawing by Rama Hughes

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John Hendrix Draws in Church

Artist John Hendrix has a collection of sketchbooks he called “Drawings in Church”. In his words:

“Drawing in my sketchbook is the very best part of my work. I love it because it is linear improvisation. Much like jazz, it is unpredictable, exciting and unfiltered. Often with very good and very bad results. I attend church every Sunday, and I draw during the sermon. All of these pages were done in a pew (though I don’t bring my watercolors with me- that waits till I get home). Simultaneous drawing and listening transforms familiar language into something new- a feedback loop of symbols, theology and wonder.”

The results are super great:

Artist John Hendrix Draws in Church :: Illustration Friday

Artist John Hendrix Draws in Church :: Illustration Friday

Artist John Hendrix Draws in Church :: Illustration Friday

Artist John Hendrix Draws in Church :: Illustration Friday

Check out the rest of his church drawings here.

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Anne Smith’s Cups

Anne Smith’s work is really beautiful. She does a series of cups that has captured my attention since I was an art director! But I didn’t know she made pottery cups before her painting incarnations. Read her story in the latest issue of Everything in My House, an online magazine that has just published a lovely feature on her work. Read it here (flip to page 37!).

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Things to Draw

(Self-Portrait by IF Contributor Rama Hughes)

In September I turned 35. To celebrate I put together a quick list of “35 THINGS TO DRAW!” and shared in on the IF Facebook Group. I thought I’d share it here in case you missed it.

Add your ideas to the list in the comments!

1. your coffee cup
2. a child playing
3. your house or apartment (from the outside)
4. the dish soap
5. tree roots
6. your messy bed
7. your toothbrush and paste
8. your car
9. a funny squirrel
10. your sleeping cat
11. your bookshelf
12. a self-portrait (go nuts on your hair!)
13. stairs (fun angles)
14. a clock
15. your lunch (try to make it appetizing)
16. a lamp (include the glow)
17. a bike
18. a leaf (how detailed can you get?)
19. the window
20. a shadow
21. your toes
22. your jar of pens/pencils
23. a bird (in motion?)
24. a slug (with a sparkly trail!)
25. folded clothes
26. your significant other
27. your non-dominant hand
28. a half-eaten apple
29. a trail
30. a found pattern
31. your notebook
32. a backpack
33. a stranger
34. the sidewalk
35. a balcony or terrace

Post your additions in the comments!

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