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“I clearly miscalculated how popular it would be to show Calvin urinating on a Ford logo.”

Wattersonâ??s Process by Bill Watterson

I spent the winter holiday at my parents’ house. While there, I rediscovered my collection of beat-up Calvin & Hobbes comics. Man! They are even better than I remembered them! It left me wondering what Bill Watterson is doing now. What does his fine art work look like? Is he drawing comics still… for himself or friends maybe? It’s a mystery that compelled me enough to scour the internet. While I didn’t figure anything out, I did find a lot of great stuff including this collection of rare artwork and relatively recent interview. Not to mention the Calvin & Hobbes collections that I picked up from the library.

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Islands Fold has a new t-shirt design that gave me a good reminder for the start of my week:  island fold

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Party with Stan Lee!

A Tribute to Stan Lee

This Tuesday, January 8th, Stan Lee will attend the opening of â??Under the Influence: A Tribute to Stan Lee.â? The art exhibition, presented by Gallery 1988 and Golden Apple Comics, collects the work of 100 “Juxtapoz-style” artists who were invited to interpret Stan’s famous comic book characters. (Consider Mark Bodnar‘s Spider-Man below.) Attendees can also be drawn by comics professionals who will donate the proceeds of their night’s work to the Hero Initiative. CLICK HERE for all the information.

Spider-Man by Mark Brodnar

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Josh Keyes


Painter Josh Keyes recent series is almost painful to view at times, but it certainly communicates and makes you think about how dramatically human activity has impacted the planet and animal habitats. He makes you want to do better by our Earth. And that’s powerful, powerful stuff to carry with you as we head into a new year and start mulling over new year resolutions. Link via Dooce.

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a good start to the week

keri message

Something we all need to hear once and awhile, from Keri Smith to you.

Have a postive week, everyone.

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Children’s Books Online

Well, I don’t know about everyone else, but this holiday season has entirely snuck up on me. I barely saw it coming!

To celebrate, here’s a few places where you can read gorgeously illustrated children’s books online, for free. I foresee an afternoon in my future of cuddling up with pumpkin pie, some tea, and these links:


Super Index of Children’s Books Online: the Rosetta Project

This index has been in my arsenal of inspirational sites for a few years – and it just keeps getting better. The image takes you to the book “The Ladder of Rickety Rungs” which is just lavishly illustrated with moody and mysterious watercolors.


The Digital Library Center: EBIND Digital Collections features another amazing collection of children’s books, though some of the books I reviewed are scanned at too low of a resolution to read comfortably. However, that still leaves the illustrations to view, and there’s a wealth of holiday themed books of all varieties.


Nineteenth Century American Children and What They Read provides a humourous background to an index of early American children’s literature. After digging a little further, I discovered that they have a wonderful collection of ephemera created by children – exercise books, scrapbooks, even magazines.

Lastly, to celebrate abundance and youth and imagination, here’s a fun Little Audrey short from


“Little Audrey makes a gingerbread man, then takes a nap and dreams that the Gingerbread Man goes to cakeland where he tries to marry his sweetheart, Angel Cake. But Devil Food Cake interferes and carries off the bride. Cop Cakes and Animal Crackers come to the rescue.”

Animation by G. Germanetti. Story by Bill Turner and Larry Riley. Scenics by Robert Little. Music by Winston Sharples. Produced in 1950.

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The Unauthorized X-Men

Coober Skeeber cover by Seth

Mark Todd’s New Works at Luz de Jesus will probably go down in history as one of my favorite shows of all time. As always, his work is full of surprises, wonderfully fun, and attentive to detail. But seeing a favorite artist’s interpretation of a favorite subject matter is a rare dream come true. While I attempted to put my appreciation into words, Coober Skeber came up.

Coober Skeber was a indie comics anthology published by Highwater Books. Marvel comics declared bankruptcy in the nineties. In response, the second issue of Coober Skeber was jokingly titled, “The Marvel Benefit Issue.” It gave all of its artists a stab at their favorite Marvel superheroes. Obscure characters were preferred. (Moon-Boy got a job and Man-Thing battled Galactus.) But Seth tackled the X-Men on the cover. Ron Rege drew Peter Parker‘s first encounter with the Fantastic Four. James Kochalka’s story about the Hulk fighting the rain still makes me laugh out loud (and was later included, surprisingly, in an official Marvel comic). Of course, Coober Skeber was a blatant copyright infringement. Marvel issued a cease and desist order… which turned the anthology into a legendary collector’s item.

Thanks to the internet, it is not out of reach. Wired wrote an article about it. Hand-Drawn Corpses attempted to collect the work online. Word is that Marvel may even take a hint and publish its own collection of superhero comics by indie artists.

In YOUR dream come true, which Marvel superheroes would you like to see drawn by which artists?

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Hurry Hurry

Unlovable by Esther Pearl Watson
Don’t miss the great interview that Comixology scored with Esther Pearl Watson.

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Trick or Treat!


In honor of the spooky festivities this week, I searched for really good examples of early Halloween illustrations and ended up stumbling upon some gems. The image above is from Morticia’s Morgue, a gallery of antique Halloween postcards from the author’s personal collection. Another site by Richard Anderson offers e-cards of a whole different collection of vintage Halloween ephemerata.

From Project Gutenberg, three books about Halloween festivities from the 1800s –

Games for Hallow-e’en by Mary E. Blain

“Hallow-e’en or Hallow-Even is the last night of October, being the eve
or vigil of All-Hallow’s or All Saint’s Day, and no holiday in all the
year is so informal or so marked by fun both for grown-ups as well as
children as this one. On this night there should be nothing but
laughter, fun and mystery. It is the night when Fairies dance, Ghosts,
Witches, Devils and mischief-making Elves wander around. It is the
night when all sorts of charms and spells are invoked for prying into
the future by all young folks and sometimes by folks who are not

The Book of Hallowe’en by Ruth Edna Kelley

“This book is intended to give the reader an account of the origin and history of Hallowe’en, how it absorbed some customs belonging to other days in the year,â??such as May Day, Midsummer, and Christmas. The context is illustrated by selections from ancient and modern poetry and prose, related to Hallowe’en ideas.”


Hallowe’en at Merryvale by Alice Hale Burnett

“What’s Hallowe’en mean, Father?” asked Thomas Brown as the family was seated at breakfast one morning late in October.

“It means the evening before All Saints Day,” answered Father Brown.

“Do you remember what fun we had last year, Chuck?” remarked Toad, for Thomas was called “Toad” by his friends, and Charley was known as “Chuck.”

“I should say I do,” he answered.


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