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Cartoon Brew TV

The fine folks over at Cartoon Brew have just launched a new and exciting service called Cartoon Brew TV. Read the details and watch the first installment now!

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Cory Godbey’s TICKET : HOW & WHY

light night rains: TICKET : HOW & WHY

Purchase TICKET at Cory’s shop.

Cory Godbey has just released a 28-page paperback picture book called “Ticket“. From the teaser:

Ticket is a story in pictures and a collection of all things Cory loves to draw. From windmills flying above grassy hills to massive birds landing in Grecian vineyards, Ticket follows the story of a girl, her hat, and the curious events which transpire.

Cory posted the epic illustration mentioned in the teaser as his entry for Illustration Friday’s “Enough” theme. I’ve been grooving on Cory’s whole exploration and documentation of Ticket on his blog, it’s absolutely captivating. I can’t wait to read it!

View the short commercial for TICKET that takes you through the book page by page. Music by Matt Silver

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Steve Brodner

I am a huge fan of what  political illustrator Steve Brodner has done with his cartoons on the New Yorker website. This technique is a perfect marriage of classic political cartooning paring up with todays video on demand. To have him explain his political thoughts while watching a masterpiece emerge and transform is thrilling. It is such a great use of the internet as a medium and it advances what age old political spoofing can be. Check out The Naked Campaign page for the videos.

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Maira Kalman is Simple-Minded

Maira & Pete by Maira Kalman

need a little birdie in your artistic ear? check out this video (via TED) of maira kalman.

thanks to christine for the pick-me-up!

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“It’s this new thing in California!”

Photo of Mark Todd & Esther Pearl Watson by Jeff Soto

Click HERE to see and listen to an interview that Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson did for KCET’s LA STRIPS. They talk about their collaborative process, teaching art, and finding publishers. They talk about their comics, Unlovable and Bad-Ass. They talk about their book, Whatcha Mean What’s A ‘Zine. And there’s more! Check the top of the page for interviews with Johnny Ryan, Jamie Hernandez, and Carol Lay also!

Photo by Jeff Soto.

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Astro Boy by Imagi

Astro Boy, the robotic kid, is coming to theatres next year! This is one cartoon that is perfect for CGI.

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Do you know what your friends are doing?

I’m grateful to live in an era when I can ask a friend “What have you been up to?” and he can answer “Making a movie. Wanna see the trailer?” The short film, a surreal love story called Now and Nowhere, was made with a live actors in a CGI world. The preview left me hungry to see the whole thing and curious to know what other art projects are taking shape in garages all over the world.

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The Clone Wars

George Lucas said that Revenge of the Sith would be the final Star Wars movie. Well, George Lucas is a liar. But he’s the good kind of liar! Because on August 15th, Star Wars will return to movie theaters in all new animated feature film, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

I’ve already heard some complaints about the animation style. It is a far cry from Genndy Tartakovsky’s masterpiece but I, for one, love it. This still of Anakin Skywalker and his padawan, for example, reminds me of some of my favorite artists and illustrators.


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Omar’s Mother


This very cool puppet story by Puppet Heap has some great illustrative animation going on in the background. This is a beautiful story to watch.

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