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Check out Bob Staake’s new section on his site called PixFix. He’s uploaded videos to YouTube of how he creates his magnificent illustrations in Photoshop 3.0 … yeah that’s right. VERSION THREEEEEEeeee! Proving it’s not the computer. It’s not the version. It’s the talent that still makes a illustration in the year 2008.


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silk screen tutorial

See the rest of the steps here at EZ Screen Print. (This guy makes it look easy. Maybe it is. You never know till you try I guess!)

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The Principles of Maira Kalman

Blog Illustration by Maira Kalman

The New York Times offers this video of Maira Kalman discussing her column turned book turned opera.

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Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Saul Bass’s opening title sequence from It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. Simply charming.


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Words that start with B are funny.


Here is fun old interview with Charles Schultz and his daughter. Lots of interesting nuggets of information here. Such as: Words that start with B become automatically funny and the future of computer animation as seen through a 1985 crystal ball. What a lovable and charming man Sparky was!


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Helvetica – a documentary film by Gary Hustwit




Last night I went out to see “Helvetica“, a film about the font we all know so well. One of the art directors who spoke said Helvetica was like off-white paint… it’s just there. It’s permeated our entire culture and life. It’s like air or breathing. You can’t get away from it. Helvetica. And I thought that was so true.

I found the film really inspiring. The film maker did a great job interviewing different designers on both sides of the Helvetica fence: those who loved it (the only font they used) and those who refused to use it because it wasn’t expressive enough for them. And it showed a ton of examples of the font in action, which I guess I’ve never really thought about before. But the font can do so much. It’s a hard-working little font. :)

The history behind Helvetica as a font was fascinating too. It’s celebrating it’s 50th birthday, which is why the film was created. But it was born in Switzerland, and the name Helvetica actually means: Swiss font. Brought about because designers wanted something universal and clean and upstanding and socially responsible after all the wiggly, hand-written design of the 50′s. Helvetica was positive and no-nonsense. A refreshing look at things.

I’m sure I’m not doing the film justice, so if you have a chance, see it for yourself. You just might be inspired to ditch all your other fonts and have a wonderful, long-lasting monogamous relationship with Helvetica. (or not).

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Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire is an autistic savant artist who can draw entire cities from memory, down the the windows and doors. I saw a video of him drawing Rome from memory on YouTube, then found his web site which has a multitude of videos in various languages.  

In his panoramic projects, Stephen is flown over a city via helicopter where he makes his observations without taking a single note or sketch. Then he is given a specified time and space to recreate what he saw from memory. The results are astounding.

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Comic-Con Scavenger Hunt, part II

Keanoshow by Dave McKean
Dave McKean, the illustrator of Mr. Punch and the director of Mirrormask, has collected 17 of his short films onto a dvd called KEANOSHOW. You can see a few of them on YouTube now: Reason, Me & My Big Ideas, and Sonnet 138. Look for the entire collection and the artist himself at the San Diego Comic-Con this year.

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Watercolor sketches in fifteen minutes. Plus some uber illustrative watercolorists.


Another watch-worthy artist demo–this time by Georgia watercolorist Jim Chapman (his color commentary, and the ambient sounds of crickets, locusts and crows ice the cake).

[Shortcut to the video itself].

After viewing his video, be sure to read his artist’s columns. Jim is a contributing editor to the Artist’s Magazine publications.

Speaking of which, there is an article in the August issue of Watercolor Magic. Here is an excerpt, but there are seven more pages of more interesting content in the magazine itself. Featured illustrators/watercolorists include Pat Porter, Nita Engle, Russell Walks (Star Wars trading cards) and Ted Burn. I love the crossover between fine art and illustration.

Illustration by Russell Walks.

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This American Slide Show

A Frame from Lost Buildings DVD by Chris Ware

Thanks to a plea from Ira Glass to support This American Life‘s free podcasts, I discovered Lost Buildings. The slide show, narrated by Ira and illustrated by Chris Ware, tells the sad story of a boy who loves old buildings.

You can view a preview of the slide show here. If it convinces you to support This American Life, you can purchase the dvd and a gorgeous companion book, also designed by Mr. Ware.

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