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(above – The PBS Mystery intro, by Edward Gorey)

Edward Gorey (Wikipedia) is still inspiring wonderful, creepy creations, six years after his death. I think there are few pleasures in life equal to curling up by a window with a big anthology of Gorey stories and a cup of Earl Grey, and usually this leads to a long night of drawing frantic wallpaper patterns with Pigma pens in a fit of emulation.

Here’s a roundup of my favourite student films inspired by Gorey’s faux-Edwardian devilish penwork.

The Exuberant Funeration – by maltlick at YouTube

Gorey Dracula – fun stop motion by meijinproductions at YouTube

The Tuning Fork – by sakka0 at YouTube

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My brother On The Lot

Jules Still by Henry Hughes

The first two episodes of Steven Spielberg’s reality show On The Lot will introduce us to fifty aspiring film makers including Abigiail Steinberg whose qualifying trailer, Jules, was animated entirely by my brother, Henry Hughes!

The episodes will air tomorrow night, May 22nd and, Thursday night, May 24th on Fox but you can see much more of Henry’s work online!

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Persepolis at the cineplex

Still from Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Big thanks to Drawn! for alerting me to the upcoming Persepolis movie.

It is with a mixture of hope and fear that I anticipate any film adaptation of a favorite book but this one is directed by the author and artist herself, Marjane Satrapi, which bodes very well! Check out the trailer on YouTube.

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Ten Minute Drawing Techniques


When I was a kid before the internet was a household reality I would try to get my hot little hands on any drawing instructional book I could find at a library, bookstore or flea market. Knowledge was limited to what I could find and what my budget could afford. These days I marvel at how much information is out there for young aspiring illustrators on the interweb. One such find is Ten Minute Drawing Techniques blog hosted by Mark Chong. A super resource of how-to videos for the aspiring and professional. The internet is an awesome thing.

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DIY Asteroids

Sketchfighter 4000 Alpha

my wife and i fantasize frequently about a streetfighter-style video game based on ourselves and our friends. for years now, we walk around our neighborhood acting out the super moves that we will someday have: skechers kick! cinnaburst! the chigger! i don’t think she realizes that our mortal kombat is just around the corner. the future promises do-it-yourself video games.

and the future is here! SketchFighter 4000 Alpha is a notebook of middle school doodles brought to life. the sound effects even include the scritch-scratch of a furious pencil. and, when your scribbled-scrabble space ship has beaten all the bosses, you can design new levels to play!

thanks to brett lider for the link!

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Creative creature feature

Concept art from Panâ??s Labyrinth

it’s not too late to see Pan’s Labyrinth, the very best movie of 2006,* as it was meant to be seen. ON THE BIG SCREEN! much of the movie sprang directly from the director’s sketchbooks which can be read on the movie’s website!

* oh, yes, it was!

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Indulge your inner thirteen-your-old boy.

Scenes and Panels from 300 the movie and the comic by Frank Miller

it’s a blood fest. it’s tramples on history. it’s super, super kewl!!! but still, you’ve gotta see 300 while it’s in theatres. the movie, inspired by frank miller’s graphic novel, won’t be the best film you’ve seen. as an artist though, you will be inspired by how fanatically it brings the comic to the screen.

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In honor of the brand new work week…

Gorillaz by Jamie Hewlett

is there ANYTHING more punk rock than playing minesweeper on the boss’s dime?

if you were about to say “no,” will blow your brains. the band deserves our respect for shattering the glass ceiling that cartoons have struggled against since the days of steamboat mickey. (who said an animated-american would never succeed on Mtv?) the website deserves our attention for being ambitiously designed and joyfully labyrinthine. click ENTER KONG to tour the band’s estate and play games until retirement.

Posted by rama on 03/18/07 under cartoon,video
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Ice Cream Twist

I linked to Duane Keiser already this week, but he just posted a fabulous time-lapse video of his latest daily painting. I’ve been following his time-lapse painting videos for almost a year now, because it’s such a satisfying way of answering the question “How does he do that?”.

Posted by Thomas James on 03/15/07 under artists,video
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cbf.jpg is here! is here! Oh boy! Iâ??ve been waiting for this url to go live ever since I caught glimpse of it in the Cartoon Modern book by Amid Amidi. Cartoon Brew Films is a collection of hand-picked world-class animated shorts new and vintage. They can be bought and downloaded for very reasonable price. My Paypal account is going to get a workout!

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