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Comics Illustrator of the Week :: Francesco Francavilla


















Francesco Francavilla is an Italian comic-book artist who’s fame has skyrocketed the last 5 years. He’d been working in the independent comics scene since the mid-2000’s on projects like The Black Coat, and Sorrow. Francavilla’s first high-profile project came in 2008 when he collaborated with Matt Wagner on a new Zorro series for Dynamite Entertainment. From there he got to infuse his classic pulp style art on Marvel’s Black Panther, and Scott Snyder’s first Batman story arc in Detective Comics.

In 2012 Francavilla introduced his own noir vigilante, The Black Beetle, to the world in the pages of Dark Horse Presents. Since then, 2 volumes of the critically acclaimed series have been published(No Way Out, 2013 & Necrologue, 2014).

Most of Francesco Francavilla’s recent work has been focused on the mega-hit Afterlife with Archie, which gives readers a more mature, horror take on those classic Riverdale characters. He also continues to work on various personal, and professional illustration projects, including some exclusive movie posters for Mondo.

Francavilla is frequently updating his blog with new art, so if you like what you see click here for more!

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TOY by Sophie Crichton


Submitted by Sophie Crichton for the Illustration Friday topic of TOY.

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TOY by Matthew Cleveland


Submitted by Matthew Cleveland for the Illustration Friday topic of TOY.

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TOY by Jeremy Edelblut


Submitted by Jeremy Edelblut for the Illustration Friday topic of TOY.

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Comics Illustrator of the Week :: David Petersen

Mouse Guard Black Axe 001 Covermarvel cantina cover














David Petersen Mouse Guard Players Handbooktumblr_nak5httO5Z1t0tuxjo8_1280




When David Petersen’s Mouse Guard hit comic store shelves in 2006, I remember thinking, in my very jaded, pessimistic way,“oh, there’s another furry animal gimmick book that probably won’t last more than a couple issues..”. So, now 8+ years later, and multiple volumes of Mouse Guard stories later, I realize how terribly wrong I was. David Petersen has proven that his little creator-owned book had the perseverance to make it against all odds, just like his little furry protagonists! Petersen accomplishes bringing a classic illustrated storybook aesthetic to his comics. His background in printmaking has helped him develop this style.

In addition to Mouse Guard, Petersen has done numerous cover illustrations, and poster art for big name clients like Marvel Comics, IDW, and Mondo posters.

David Petersen earned his degree in Fine Arts from Eastern Michigan University, after a short stint in community college.

You can see up to date news, and the latest artwork on David Petersen’s blog here.

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Pick of the Week for NEFARIOUS and This Week’s Topic


Happy Friday!

We’re excited to announce this week’s topic, but first please enjoy the illustration above by Adam Munoa, our Pick of the Week for last week’s topic of ‘NEFARIOUS’. Thanks to everyone else for participating. We hope it was inspiring!

You can also see a gallery of all the other entries here.

And of course, you can now participate in this week’s topic:


Here’s how:

Step 1: Illustrate your interpretation of the current week’s topic (always viewable on the homepage).

Step 2: Post your image onto your blog / flickr / facebook, etc.

Step 3: Come back to Illustration Friday and submit your illustration (see big “Submit your illustration” button on the homepage).

Step 4: Your illustration will then be added to the participant gallery where it will be viewable along with everyone else’s from the IF community!

Also be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our weekly email newsletter to keep up with our exciting community updates!


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Using Illustration Friday in the Classroom

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.28.41 AM

Attention teachers!

Illustration Friday was recently featured on The Art of Ed, a super useful and inspiring blog for art teachers all over the world! We’re very excited about this because we hear from educators all the time that they regularly use IFriday as a teaching tool in their classrooms.

The best part of The Art of Ed’s post is that they offer a variety of ideas on just how you too can use Illustration Friday’s weekly topic challenge as a creative prompt for your students, no matter the age or skill level.

We’re all about inspiring people to create, so please do check out their post if you’re a teacher looking for some creative ideas on bringing Illustration Friday to your classroom as well!

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NEFARIOUS by Jon Stuart


Submitted by Jon Stuart for the Illustration Friday Topic of NEFARIOUS.

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More Ways to Promote Your Work on Illustration Friday


Here at Illustration Friday, we have 3 main missions:

1) Encourage you to keep creating with our weekly illustration topic.

2) Inspire you by sharing as much amazing work as we can.

3) Promote your work to the world.

You may or may not have noticed that in the past week we’ve been experimenting with a new way to achieve these goals, ESPECIALLY number 3. It’s important to us to do whatever we can to help you succeed, and also to reward you for your commitment to our weekly topic.

The Pick of the Week is great because it gives us a chance to highlight one lucky artist on our front page for a whole week. But starting last week we found a new way to feature even more of our valued participants through regular blog posts like this one. The basic idea is this: throughout the week we’ll select some of our favorite submissions to feature on the blog. That way we can not only shed a little more light on a particular artist, but also share a little inspiration to the rest of the community. We’re very excited about this new idea, and we hope you are too.

So keep submitting those illustrations and there is now an even better chance that you’ll have your work put front and center for your fellow artists all over the world to see!

Happy illustrating!

– Illustration Friday Editor Thomas James


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NEFARIOUS by Matthew Daley


Submitted by Matthew Daley for the Illustration Friday topic of NEFARIOUS.

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