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Tugboat Printshop

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The Tugboat Printshop is made up of Paul Roden & Valerie Lueth. They have been working together since 2006, hand-crafting & publishing their original woodcut prints from a studio in Pittsburgh, PA. Roden and Lueth make traditionally crafted woodcut prints by carving original drawings in low relief on blocks of 3/4″ birch plywood. Once carved, these blocks are rolled up with ink and printed onto archival paper to create the finished artworks.  According to the artists themselves if these prints are cared for properly, they will last many lifetimes!

Isn’t the detail breathtaking? I sure hope to own an original Tugboat Printshop print one day…I can imagine it would be a real conversation starter and you would be constantly finding new quirks and hidden details every time you looked at it. The process shots on The Tugboat Printshop’s website are fascinating also.

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Artist: Neil Brigham

Neil Brigham began drawing at a very young age, spurred on by his kindergarten classmates. Some years later, he put aside the finger paint and crayons while he completed a Masters of Art in illustration from Syracuse University. It was there that he really learned to scribble under the guidance of David Passalacqua and Murray Tinkleman. In addition to his illustration projects, Neil spends time making prints as a member of the Zea Mays Printmaking Studio in Florence, Massachusetts. His work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and Society of Illustrators Los Angeles.

View more of his work.

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