A Peek at the Relaunch of The New York Times Magazine

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 9.43.30 AMPhoto by David La Spina

The talented team behind The New York Times Magazine has been hard at work for four months overhauling and redesigning the publication, and if you’re like me you love any chance to peel back the curtain on a project like that. Thankfully, there’s a great in-depth look at the relaunch, including information about new columns, typefaces, page designs in print and online, and a whole lot more.

We have used the hammer and the tongs but perhaps not the blowtorch; we sought to manufacture a magazine that would be unusual, surprising and original but not wholly unfamiliar. It would be a clear descendant of its line. This magazine is 119 years old; nearly four million people read it in print every weekend. It did not need to be dismantled, sawed into pieces or drilled full of holes. Instead, we have set out to honor the shape of the magazine as it has been, while creating something that will, we hope, strike you as a version you have never read before.

Click here to learn more about the relaunch.

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Creative Pep Talk Episode 025 – Nothing Can Stop You!

Creative Pep Talk

A podcast of quick casual thoughts on finding your thing in the design and illustration world by illustrator and designer Andy J. Miller.

Focusing on what you have no power to change is a recipe for depression!

In this episode we talk about 8 things you can do that will push your art career forward, that no one can stop you from doing!


Listen to more episodes:


Andy J. Miller’s Website


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Illustrations by Nicolas Dehghani

tumblr_nh1jxqDbdt1ti4a0mo1_1280 tumblr_na1o281CTI1ti4a0mo1_r23_1280

For more of Nicolas and his great work go HERE>>

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Byron Eggenschwiler Illustration for The Walrus


For more great work by Byron go HERE>>

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Astropad Turns Your iPad Into a Drawing Tablet


In the This Should Have Been a Thing All Along category, two ex-Apple engineers have joined forces to develop Astropad, an app that allows you to connect your iPad to drawing and painting programs like Photoshop.

It launches today, and it seems to have the potential to shake up a graphics tablet industry that is dominated by the expensive alternative Wacom. Although a company called Yiynova makes a high-quality and reliable 19 inch tablet monitor to rival Wacom’s Cintiq, the ability to use your iPad as a professional tablet seems like a no-brainer and I for one am glad that somebody is finally making that happen.

Head on over to Astropad to find out more details and even take it for a test drive, assuming you have Mac OS X 10.9+ and an iPad running on iOS 8.

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SLEEP by Mark Boardman


Submitted by Mark Boardman for the Illustration Friday topic of SLEEP.

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Louise Wright Design

Post by Alice Palace

Louise Wright’s work starts with a pencil and sketchbook, here ideas get doodled down and placement is played around with. Then she uses lovely pens to create a line drawing before scanning and adding colour digitally (sometimes her work is created completely by hand using inks, pencils and acrylic paints). Below are my three favourite cards – the rather plump birthday badger is most wonderful!




See more of her portfolio

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Editorial Submission :: Francesca Sanna

Post by Natalie

Francesca Sanna is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer based in Switzerland. After finishing her studies in Cagliari, on the island of Sardinia, she said goodbye to her family and cat, Berta, and moved away to follow her dream of working as an illustrator. Her work is characterized by a constant state of nostalgia for the sea.

See more of Francesca’s work on her website.

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Gemma Latimer

Gemma Latimer

Gemma Latimer

Gemma Latimer

Gemma Latimer

Gemma Latimer

Gemma Latimer is a freelance illustrator and lecturer working in London. She creates all her work by hand, using a computer only for the final stages. Gemma’s main tools are found imagery, illustration, photography and drawing. She is inspired by Circuses, Victoriana and surrealism. Her clients include Radio Times, Marie Claire and Ted Baker to name a few.

To see more of this great illustrators work visit her website

Posted by Jess Holden

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Rhianna Ellington


Rhianna Ellington’s patterns adorn products ranging from pouches, to scarves, to clothing and phone cases. Her use of color adds a playfulness and sense of whimsy to each piece she creates. Often featuring botanicals, her work evokes an eternal summery feeling that makes me want to throw on one of her scarves in the midst of this wintery cold weather.

RhiannaEllington2 RhiannaEllington3 RhiannaEllington4 RhiannaEllington5


RhiannaEllington7 RhiannaEllington8 RhiannaEllington9

Be sure to take a look at her instagram for more pattern playfulness, and her website here.

Post written by Bryna Shields.

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