10 Ways to Choose a Great Essay Topic in 2023 

10 Ways to Choose a Great Essay Topic in 2023

An essay is an integral part of the education system. Students complete application essays to gain admission into schools and write papers throughout their learning process. As a result, writing skills are a must-have in high school and college. All essay types have one thing in common – they all start with a subject. Picking a topic is a complicated task. Educators ease the stress by providing a prompt or essay question, but this does not apply to all situations.

Hence, students often request college essays online for formatting requirements and structure inspiration. If you want to stand out from the crowd and draft a strong article, blow the examiner away with your choice of subject. Our article will discuss how to choose the best informative essay topics and mistakes to avoid. 

10 Tips for Selecting an Essay Topic 

  1.     Pay attention to the instructions 
  2.     Consult peers and tutors, or buy college essay
  3.     Identify your interest 
  4.     Brainstorm and explore different perspectives
  5.     Research extensively 
  6.     Narrow your options 
  7.     Consider the audience 
  8.     Define the paper’s purpose 
  9.     Analyze relevance and significance 
  10. Remember the don’ts 

The Main and Most Important Things to Pay Attention to When Picking a Topic 

There are many ways to choose essay topics and good essay title for college. Note the following points when selecting a theme: 

Pay Attention to the Instruction 

The assignment prompt details the requirement, scope, and other specific guidelines by the instructor. Don’t start looking for topics to write about until you get a solid idea of what the task entails. Most importantly, ask your professor for clarifications, even if it appears embarrassing. This can save you stress and ensure you draft a paper that meets the content requirement. 

Consult Peers, Tutors, or Buy College Essay 

When it comes to assignments, there is nothing wrong with seeking assistance. In fact, you should ask for help with your college paper if you have difficulty juggling homework, socials, and extracurriculars. Consult libraries, friends, and examples of essay title to shed light on the prompt. Alternatively, you can order essay online and let expert writers from PapersOwl.com draft your writing homework, so you will have more free time to focus on other equally important tasks if you buy essays online for college. In addition, undergraduates enjoy 100% confidentiality, high-quality paper, and timely delivery. 


Request guidance from your instructor and discuss ideas with classmates to increase the chances of scoring the highest mark. They will offer insights, suggest alternative approaches, and assist in refining the theme. 

Identify Your Interest 

One way to get the most out of your paper is to write about something you are passionate about. Consider your passions, interests, and expertise. A topic you find intriguing engages you and makes the writing process more enjoyable. Hence, pick subjects you enjoy studying. 

10 Ways to Choose a Great Essay Topic

Brainstorm and Explore Different Perspectives

Brainstorming is another way to come up with personal essay ideas. Ideas are everywhere if you know how to recognize them. For example, you can make an interesting show you watched about the study subject. Other angles to explore are: 

  • Current events and controversial issues. 
  • Historical events and personal experiences. 
  • Past figures and social issues. 
  • Scientific advancements. 
  • Cultural analysis and future trends. 
  • Compare and contrast arguments. 

Once you identify a few potential topics in mind, undertake preliminary research to gather more information. Investigate credible sources like books, websites, and scholarly journals. Examine the topics in-depth to determine if enough information supports your article. Abandon shallow themes and repeat the process until you figure out a suitable angle. 

Narrow Your Options 

One mistake undergraduates make is attempting to incorporate all the information gathered into a conclusion. A broad subject is non-specific and difficult to manage. Instead, narrow it down or look for a specific perspective. “Online courses” is a broad topic. In contrast, “The effectiveness of online courses” is narrow and easier to write about. But be careful and ensure the topic is not too narrow. Oversimplifying the theme means you won’t have enough to discuss. As a result, you may encounter problems finding research resources. 

Consider the Audience 

Another point to bear in mind when selecting the theme is the people that will read your article. Audiences are not equally knowledgeable. Furthermore, readers have different interests and expectations. Hence, tailor the topic to suit the reader while retaining the argument’s subject. 

Remember the Don’ts 

College students with pure intentions sometimes fall victim to certain pitfalls. Bear the following in mind while crafting the theme: 

  • Don’t attempt to look smart by choosing a rare topic. You would almost certainly exhaust available materials and things to write without doing justice to the theme. 
  • Don’t be too lazy to narrow down the subject. 
  • Don’t copy passages from old essays to prevent plagiarism. 
  • Don’t attempt to do everything alone. 

5 Interesting Essay Topic Ideas for Students 

  • Education should be free: pros and cons. 
  • Internet access should be limited for students.
  • College and spare time: How to achieve balance? 
  • Technology’s impact on modern students. 
  • Social networking and a collegiate environment.


Essays are fun, but not knowing where to begin can put a dent in your enthusiasm. A fascinating topic gets you off to a great start and determines the article’s direction and success. Start by reading and understanding the assignment, then brainstorm potential topics that come to mind. Describe a problem, propose a solution, or a failure and how it affected you. Alternatively, explore themes around a movie, historical fact, or future trend. Regardless, ensure it aligns with your passion and expertise. Research the subject and streamline it to focus on an angle. Consider the audience, and don’t be shy about asking your instructor or peers for help. 

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