IF Kids Project :: Scribble Drawings

Materials needed:
Watercolors or crayons or colored pencils or oil pastels

Start your Scribble Drawing!:

1. Put your pencil down on your paper and scribble in slow circular motions around your paper.

(Tip: Use your whole arm for nice loopy loops.)

2. Try and make it one continuous line.

3. Stop drawing after a few minutes and pick up your paper and take a look inside your scribbles!

4. Don’t see anything? Turn your paper another way and again — you have four views per paper…

5. Still don’t see anything? Get a buddy to take a look!

6. When you find your special something inside your drawing, outline it with the pencil.

7. Cut it out! Add color and put glue it onto another background.

8. Find more scribble drawings inside your loops and add them to your picture!

* * * * *

This fun project comes from my book Art Lab for Kids and has been done by hundreds of people with new results each time! Try it for yourself!

If you would like to post your photos of your scribbles, we would love to see them! Head over to our new IF Kids Facebook page or the Art Labs Kids Facebook page to share them!


This post is brought you by Illustration Friday Contributor Susan Schwake. Susan is co-owner and curator of Artstream LLC and though the gallery runs an independent art school serving people of all ages and abilities. She is also the author of Art Lab for Kids: 52 projects in drawing, painting, printmaking, paper and mixed media by Quarry Books.


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Thomas James

Thomas James

Thomas James is an Illustrator who has worked with The New York Times, WIRED, Pentagram, Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and many others. You can see his portfolio at thomasjamesillustration.com.
Thomas James

Posted by Thomas James on 08/27/12 under children's art,IF Kids


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