Pencil keepers – for kids and adults

This week I am traveling to the woods of New Hampshire with my family for Squam Art Workshops, and that means I’m transporting art supplies. Some for my kiddo and some for myself. Instead of throwing them in a boring baggie, I thought I could do better and inspire some art-making in the process. These pencil cases for kiddos made me want to make some marks.

1) tenia marie creations | 2) Oyatsu | 3) Minne Bites | 4) Rabbit and the Duck | 5) Blueberry Bay Designs

But for my own art supplies, a pencil pouch won’t cut it. I prefer to take my brushes, colored pencils, charcoals and sharpies in a roll. It’s more organized for a quick doodle, and the tips of pencils stay sharp (bonus!). I have a simple bamboo roll, but think I’ll be upgrading to one of the beauties soon…

1) Oliday | 2) Blue Jacaranda | 3) Elbware | 4) meyburg | 5) Bundle and Stow

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Thomas James

Thomas James

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Thomas James

Posted by Thomas James on 09/11/12 under art supplies,IF Kids


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