Foamy prints!

Want to have some printmaking fun? These are stamps that even the youngest child can “carve” details into.  Let’s go!


– ball point pen
– sticky backed craft foam
– foam core or wood scraps
– ink pads
– scissors

1. First draw your idea on the back side of the foam – where the paper is that covers the sticky part.

2. Cut out around the  contour (the outline of the subject).

3. Cut a piece of foam core or wood scrap to fit your foam as a handle or backing for your foamy stamp. Stick your foam onto the backing.

4. Using the ball point pen and pressing hard, detail your stamp with lines, dots, and designs.

Now it’s time to stamp!

Put a few sheets of newspaper under the paper you wish to print on. This gives a little padding to insure good contact between the paper and your stamp. Print away!

Our example shows printed fish on a paper which was prepared with a water colored background. Try making a special background for your stamps too!

* * * This post is brought you by Illustration Friday Contributor Susan Schwake. Susan is co-owner and curator of Artstream LLC and though the gallery runs an independent art school serving people of all ages and abilities. She is also the author of Art Lab for Kids: 52 projects in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper and Mixed Media by Quarry Books.

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Thomas James

Thomas James

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Thomas James

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