IF Participant Mini Interview :: 5 Things About Sabine Remy

Illustration Friday ARTISTS is a series highlighting YOU — the IF Participants! We are randomly emailing out mini-interview questions. You could be next — watch your inbox! Welcome to your art community! :)

Name: Sabine Remy
Website: www.miriskum.de
Location: Germany

Fave IF Topic you’ve illustrated:
I  really like my latest collage, which is taken from the series “Helen and Bob in Absurdistan.”

On a trip through magazines of the 1950s I met two nameless characters. A Mona-Lisa like smiling SHE, who looked stupidly indifferent into the camera. And HIM who had discovered something up in the sky that made him open his umbrella. This must be Helen and Bob – I had no doubt.

Soon it became clear to me: They should go on a journey where they experience unsettling, bizarre and unorthodox situations: a journey through Absurdistan. This was the starting point for my collage series from which I posted a piece for this week’s Illustration Friday theme “Water.”

5 Questions:

1. What is something you would like to learn to do?
Screen printing! Without spilling!
Improve my English (because I needed friends to translate)
Design patterns and sew clothes

2. What’s your most-used art tool?

3. Three things that inspire you (yes, only 3):
My curiousity
Pictures and themes
(I admit, that’s four)

4. What are you looking forward to?
I’m planning a bigger project with family slides from the 1950s and 1960s.

5. Tell us something random about yourself.
– I like writing very much and I often find it hard to shorten things up.
– For years now I eat muesli in the morning  with lots of fruits and delight.
– I can not sleep without my earplugs and my pretty eye mask.
– Although I love order I find it sometimes hard to keep my things tidy. But that does not really matter.
– I only wear dresses, never pants. Moreover I am a shoe-addict. But that is nothing special I guess – every second woman loves shoes.
– Humor is key for me because I love to laugh!


*Thanks Sabine!


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