Stippling with a Pencil Eraser


IF Kids stippling with an eraser

Everyone knows that you can use a pencil to draw a picture, but did you know that you can use your eraser for more than erasing?  Eraser tips make great rubber stamps.  Their small round circles are perfect for stippling.  Stippling is a pattern of dots which are concentrated to varying degrees in order to create value or a sense of light and dark.

You will need:
a pencil with an unused eraser tip
rubber stamp ink pad
drawing paper

Let’s create!

1.  Practice.   Draw 4 squares on your paper.  Make the first square look dark by stamping lots of dots.  In the next square, don’t add as many dots.  Spread them out a bit.  Your experiment should look lighter than the previous square.  Repeat this procedure in the last two squares, making each square lighter than the previous one.


**** Hint:  You will get a nice circular stamp by pressing straight up and down.  If you go too fast, you are likely to stamp from an angle with the result of an oval or half moon shape.****

2.  Create an image.  Draw your image lightly with your pencil.  Now add a sense of volume to your drawing by using your eraser stamp to stipple.

Let us see the art you’ve made using this technique! Post your photos on the IF Kids Facebook page .

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Thomas James

Thomas James

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Thomas James

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