Pattern Designer Laura Slater


Laura Slater is a pattern and textile designer based in West Yorkshire, where she runs her own studio. Her work is largely inspired by Danish design and is a superb combination of shape and texture which unite to create intriguing abstract interpretations of nature.

Laura hand prints each piece in her collection onto lampshades, pillow covers, dish towels, aprons and paper products. Laura’s work is a true testament to the idea that simple shapes, textures and a limited color palette can make some truly impactful imagery.

You can check out Laura’s work on her website, or follow along with her process and inspiration on twitter. She recently posted this video about her process; it’s a really interesting peek into her world and inspiration!










Lampshade_Group_Shot_copy Laura_Slater_Cushions_Big_cartel

Written by Bryna Shields.

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Thomas James

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