Alice and Martin Provensen

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Alice and Martin Provensen illustrated more than 40 children’s books together starting from the mid 1940s. They have been listed on the New York Times Best illustrated books of the year nine times. Some of these books include; A visit to William Blake’s Inn by Nancy Willard, The Year at Maple Hill Farm which they also wrote and The Glorious Flight. Martin unfortunately died of a heart attack in 1987 but Alice went on to write and illustrate other books for example The Master Swordsman & The Magic Doorway. Their style of illustration is so whimsical and fun! They are such an enjoyment to look at for both adults and children.

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Thomas James

Thomas James

Thomas James is an Illustrator who has worked with The New York Times, WIRED, Pentagram, Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and many others. You can see his portfolio at
Thomas James

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