9 Best 21st Birthday Ideas for a Memorable Night

21st birthday ideas

Your birthday is almost here, and you’re finally turning 21! But now the pressure’s on, and you have to decide how to make this night special. If you’re unsure what to do, why not try out some of these amazing 21st birthday ideas?

9 Funtastic 21st Birthday Ideas

  • Decorations

Everyone knows that decorations are an essential part of every birthday. That’s why it’s only natural to want to go all out for such an important celebration. You can choose to stick with only one of these suggestions, but you won’t go wrong if you decide to try them all out!

1. Balloons


When it comes to balloons, you have a world of possibilities at your disposal! For example, you can opt to blow up 21 balloons or 100 balloons of different sizes and colors. Also, you should consider adding a few “special” balloons to the mix. For example, you can order some gorgeous champagne-shaped ones online or get these special balloons shaped in the number 21.An alternative to balloon decorations for your 21st birthday, you can choose custom-shaped inflatables that can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small hand-held ones to large, floor-standing ones. And because they’re custom-made, you can have them made in any shape or design you want – from your name or initials to a heart or star. Plus, they can be made in any color or combination of colors you like. So if you’re looking for something a bit different for your 21st birthday, custom-shaped inflatables are definitely worth considering.

2. Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers

Image source: Pinterest

What kind of a 21st birthday celebration would it be without a cake topper? You obviously need one for the millions of pictures you’re bound to take. Here are some amazing cake toppers you can purchase online.

3. Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glasses

It’s a celebration, which means champagne glasses are a must-have! But, if you’re afraid your guests will break them, here are some stunning plastic champagne flutes to check out.

  • Food and Drinks

Everyone knows that some of the best 21st birthday ideas involve food and drinks. After all, everyone needs to eat something, and drinks are an important part of turning 21. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

4. Mini-Bar


Image source: Pinterest

Since you can now legally drink, it’s time to break out the alcohol! You can even make your very own DIY mini-bar and dazzle your guests. All you need is a small cart, a few choice drinks, and some cherries, olives, and umbrellas for decoration.

Also, don’t forget to add some non-alcoholic options for guests who don’t drink.

5. Finger Food

Finger Food

Image source: Pinterest

To be honest, not all of your guests will actually sit down and eat for your 21st birthday. However, you still need to make sure to provide some food, especially for those people who are planning on drinking.

Ultimately, your best option is to set out some finger food alongside your regular dishes. That way, even those who aren’t planning on eating a lot can grab a quick bite.

6. Cupcakes


Even though you have a beautiful birthday cake, you should still consider adding at least one more sweet option for your guests. Cupcakes, for example, are the perfect treat as they’re not only small, but you can decorate them to match the theme of your party!

  • Miscellaneous

If you want your party to stand out, here are a few more things you may like.

7. Gift Bags

Gift Bags

Image source: Pinterest

Everyone enjoys receiving a gift bag, and they’re really easy to make. You can add some treats, tiny liquor bottles (for your guests who are 21+), and basically anything you think your guests will enjoy. This could include gag gifts, balloons, streamers, etc.

8. Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Image source: Pinterest

If your friends love to take pictures, consider adding a photo booth. You don’t have to rent an actual booth, but instead, you can decorate a corner and add a few props for them to use. Another great idea is to provide some disposable cameras!

9. Games to Play


Image source: Pinterest

Before everyone arrives, make a list of some games your guests like to play. It is a party, after all! These could include:

• Board games (if you’re throwing a small party)
• Trivia games
• Charades
• Beer pong
• Never Have I Ever
• Spin the bottle

You could also add some fun prizes for the winners, but even if you don’t, your guests are bound to have a blast!

What Makes a 21st Birthday Special?


Everyone knows that their 21st birthday is supposed to be special. But why is it so important?

One of the biggest reasons why this age is so significant is that once you turn 21, you can legally drink, smoke, and gamble. Even for those people who don’t wish to do any of those things, just the idea of being able to go into a bar, casino, or club is reason enough to celebrate.

Essentially, turning 21 means you are now legally an adult, and you can finally do adult things. Furthermore, most people consider moving out of their parent’s homes at this age (if they haven’t done so before turning 21) and becoming financially independent.

But what you may not have known is that the origin of the 21st birthday dates back to medieval times! Boys were groomed for a knighthood during the course of 21 years:

• At 7, a boy would become a Page (a Knight’s attendant) and learn everything he needed to know in order to become a Knight.
• When he turned 14, he would be promoted to a Squire. A Squire’s duties consisted of carrying the Knight’s armor, shield, and weapons. At this age, the Squire could go into battle alongside the Knight.
• At 21, he would be officially dubbed a Knight if he successfully carried out his duties at the previous two posts.

While turning 21 in medieval times was far different than turning 21 nowadays, the celebration part remains the same.

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