5 Accessories to Dress Up Your Holiday Outfit

5 Accessories to Dress Up Your Holiday Outfit

There is no denying that the holiday season is everyone’s favorite time of the year. Not only do we get a long holiday weekend, but it’s also the best time to spend with family and some good food.

The holiday season also brings many parties that one needs to attend – and when thinking of parties dressing up automatically comes into the equation. While the holiday season is a reason to dress up, the parties give you all more reasons to go extra. However, many parties would also mean spending money on many different outfits, which can be heavy on the pocket.

We might have a solution for you if you plan on dressing up this holiday season but are on a budget. What is it? Instead of splurging on clothes, it might be time to spend some dollars on accessories to give your old outfits a new style. Want to know which accessories can elevate your outfit look? Hop on below to find out.

What Accessories to Wear while Dressing up for the Holidays?

Accessories elevate your outfit and make you stand out in the crowd. However, while they can make your look, these same accessories can also break it. Hence, choosing the perfect accessories to style up during the holidays is essential. So, whether you are a man or a woman wanting to know which accessory pieces you should be donning this season, you have landed on the right page. We have concluded some of the best accessories to wear this holiday season.

  • Minimalistic or Playful Earrings

It’s not surprising that earrings made it to the list of accessories one should surely wear during the holiday season. These gorgeous accessories have always been a part of a women’s closet for ages, and in the modern world, men aren’t shy to don a few statements in this aspect too.

So, an earring would work perfectly well for you whether you are a man or a woman searching for a gorgeous statement piece to elevate your outfit. There is a wide variety of chunky hoops to shiny waterfall pieces for you to choose from. However, if you are someone who feels they want their outfit to do the talking, then donning minimalistic pieces would work well for you.

However, if you ask us, don’t shy away from wearing some playful Christmas-y pieces because when else would you get a chance to wear those?

  • Chains, Charms, and Pendants

Feel like your neckline looks empty and your outfit could use a bit of spice? Adding in a chain or pendant would do the job perfectly well.

Pendants, chains, and charms aren’t only visible on the neckline, but a cute statement piece has the power to attract the eyes of others. You can wear a minimalistic piece or don a heavier charm or pendant on your neckline. This honestly would depend on what you are comfortable wearing; hence, whatever suits you best, go with that.

However, if you ask us, gold pendants are pretty these days, especially for men, and they look classy when worn on formal tuxedos or suits. Hence, if you have a man attending a formal holiday party with you, don’t shy away from choosing gold pendants for men and gifting them to him. He would love the gift and look regal wearing it too.

  • Statement Headbands

Headbands have a habit of stealing away the show, and if your outfit is repetitive or doesn’t add up to the Christmas charms, then add in a statement headband, and you’d be good to go.

These headbands come in either elastic wear or pull-through, but both hold a variety that would make heads turn. Moreover, adding ribbons instead of the usual headbands on your head is an excellent idea because why should only the gifts get all the styling on Christmas?

If you feel like your outfit is spiced up enough, cut a small piece of ribbon left from the gift packaging, wrap it on the top of your head like a headband, and finish it by tying a bow. Trust us; this minimalistic accessory would elevate your look tenfold and give you a cute yet holiday-ish look.

  • Velvet Clutches or Leather Crossbody Bags

Bags, no matter which kind, are always a practical and fashionable choice when wanting to elevate your outfit. While there is a wide variety when it comes to the options in bags, the two we’d like to jot down to make a must for this holiday season are velvet clutches and leather crossbody.

Both velvet and leather scream winter, and what better choice to pick than these two types during the holiday season, right?

Stylish and appealing leather crossbody bags can take your outfit from drab to fab, and if you feel like your outfit is downsizing a bit in terms of the occasion, then this bag would work well for you. In case these crossbody leathers have a chain attached for you to hang, that is even better.

The velvet clutches, on the other hand, can be held in your hand along with a spectacular outfit and would give your outlook a regal feel. So, don’t forget to pair a beautiful clutch or bag with whatever you are wearing during the holiday season. Not only will it look cute, but you won’t have to carry your phone in your hand all night.

Accessories to Dress Up Your Holiday Outfit

  • Star Barrettes or Fancy Hairpins

Straightening and curling are great ways to style your hair and have been in practice for a few years now. However, while these two aspects give the hair a nice overall texture and look, there is no denying that it has become a little mainstream now. 

Considering it is the holiday season and people plan on going all out, we understand that one would want to try something different that works well but doesn’t take much effort. So, what can you add to your hair without taking too much time to style?

Fancy hairpins and star barrettes, of course! Fancy hair pins come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find them quickly at many stores in whichever style, color, or design you like. Star barrettes, on the other hand, are star-shaped hair hoops or pins that can be attached to the side of the head near the ear when parted sideways.

Both these accessories are shiny, visible, and attractive and can make any person pay attention to you and your outfit in any given setting. So, if there is an accessory piece that you want to wear that not only can make your outfit spice up but doesn’t take much effort to style, then the star barrettes or fancy hairpins are precisely what you should pick.


Holidays come once a year; for many people, it is a big thing. Hence, dressing nicely and making the most out of it is essential. If you are someone who was looking for ways to dress up nicely without spending much during this holiday season, then we hope this article was of help.

Not only can you get these accessories at budget-friendly prices, but you can also style them for the rest of the year.


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