5 Signs You Need to Have Your Sports Car Serviced

5 Signs You Need to Have Your Sports Car Serviced-

When you own a car, irrespective of whether it is a standard car or a sports car, you should aim to book it for a service at least once a year or, on average, every 12,000 miles. Sometimes, there may not be money or other facilities available, and visiting a garage for regular checking may slip through the net.

Even if you have recently had your car serviced, there are inbuilt signs to look out for that you may need to have your car taken in for another look over. It’s important as a motorist that you recognize them and take the appropriate action as soon as possible. Especially if the car is exceedingly pricey and repairs costs could quickly spiral.

With that in mind, what are 5 of the key signs that it is time to have your sports car serviced?

Warning Lights

The dashboard of any modern car will have warning lights, and some will even have the word service next to a spanner that will begin flashing if the car is overdue for a look-over by a skilled team.

Some cars even have this reminder light appearing for routine check-ups, but they can also signify that there is an underlying issue with the car itself. If you are looking for a garage that can offer to service a sports car, learn more here.

Odd Noises

If you hear squeaking under the bonnet, clicks, or hisses, this is a sign that there is an underlying issue. If it is becoming more intense or there seem to be secondary issues that occurred when the noises began, you should aim to pull over your car as soon as you can and call a mechanic.

If you can give it a description of when these noises occurred, what they sound like, and where you recognize them as coming from, the mechanic will be able to diagnose them quickly and fix them.

Signs You Need to Have Your Sports Car Serviced


Nothing is more worrying than pulling out of your driveway and seeing a puddle underneath where your car was parked. It can be condensation due to the air con in the summer or the exhaust in the winter. However, if your car is leaking a colored liquid, you may have a more serious issue on your hands, such as brake fluid or transmission fluid.

Stalling and Loss of Power

Having a car stall is not a fun experience, and if it continues to stall when you are out and about, this could be a sign of a clogged catalytic converter, which will need identifying and replacing. If your car is not as powerful as it was a few months ago, or it’s finding it harder to rev up, it may be an issue with the spark plugs. Having them replaced is an inexpensive job, but for your safety, leave this to a professional.

Brakes Acting Oddly

If you find that your brakes are slow to respond, this is a big issue, as these are the most important safety feature of the entire car. There are a few reasons why the brake pedal may need to be pressed harder. For example, the brake could be worn, or there could be a leak in the brake fluid. You should aim to have this identified and resolved as soon as possible.

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