5 Ways to Deal With Trauma

5 Ways to Deal With Trauma

When someone has a traumatic incident, it may be extremely stressful and drastically change their life. After the event’s initial emotional turmoil, many other long-lasting effects can start manifesting. These include feeling more moody and irritable than usual. You may also have intense and unpredictable feelings, like anxiety and nervousness.

You may begin to experience changes in behaviors, thought patterns, and vivid memories of the traumatic event. These memories may instigate physical reactions like excessive sweating and increased heartbeat. However, you can take some steps to deal with these changes and restore your life by becoming stronger.

Find a Support System

Finding friends and relatives willing to support you in a distressing situation is essential. While you might not appreciate relying on others, humans are naturally social beings. The presence of your family and friends plays a crucial role in aiding your recovery and helping you find stability once again. Their unwavering support offers a valuable lifeline, granting you access to a secure and accepting environment where you can freely acknowledge and communicate your emotions and experiences. If there are no close relatives or friends, you might find support groups or look out for crisis hotlines that offer specialized support online.

Diet and Exercise

You provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients to improve your mind’s resilience to stressful situations and anxiety attacks by eating a healthy, balanced diet. Nutrient-rich foods will also assist your body in better hormone regulation. Exercise will improve your physical body and mental strength. It helps release endorphins and other feel-good hormones to counteract anxious and nervous episodes.

Find a Professional

Finding a specialist who can guide you through the terrible situation is crucial. One of the leading causes of trauma that lasts long after the events happen is that your mind has not yet sorted out what happened. Facing and confronting these memories is essential to healing and recovery, which is where EMDR therapy comes in. EMDR, or eye movement, desensitizing, and reprocessing, is the most effective therapy in helping people deal with trauma. It involves the patient following the doctor’s finger movements while focusing on and remembering the traumatic event. The result is the traumatic event fading into the past, and the episodes of intense emotions often tied to it stop.

Ways to Deal With Trauma

Nature Walks

Nature walks also significantly impact mental health, and you can tap into the benefits of this to deal with trauma. Specifically, walking in forests close to waterfalls and mountains can boost mental health. This is because these environments are highly concentrated with negative ions. This stimulates several changes in the mind. One is the release of serotonin and other feel-good hormones that help elevate mood. Additionally, they raise cognitive ability and reduce cortisol levels, which are linked to stress.

Stay Away From Alcohol and Drugs

Self-medication, which people frequently utilize as a coping mechanism for the psychological anguish brought on by traumatic experiences, is a significant element that contributes to drug misuse problems. Many individuals struggling with addiction have also endured traumatic events at least once in their lives. However, the use of alcohol and drugs poses a significant problem, as reliance on these substances to regulate emotions can swiftly lead to addiction.


Navigating through trauma is undoubtedly challenging, but you can overcome it with the right approach and determination to reclaim your life. The initial crucial step involves establishing a reliable support system to assist you in navigating episodes. Additionally, prioritize self-care, eat a balanced diet, and get frequent exercise. Spend some time in nature and contact a specialist who can assist you in overcoming the traumatic occurrence. You will quickly heal and get stronger if you follow these instructions and refrain from using drugs and alcohol.

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