12 Unique Balcony Privacy Ideas You Should Consider

balcony privacy ideas

Living in a residential apartment block comes with its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. One of its main disadvantages is limited privacy. Most residential apartments have open balconies that leave nothing to the imagination. If you want to add an element of privacy to your balcony, this article offers you 12 unique balcony privacy ideas.

Why Do You Need Privacy on Your Balcony?


Having your own balcony is important because you won’t have to deal with malicious and inconsiderate neighbors who want to occupy every inch of your space. Balconies also become extremely useful in outdoor seasons when it’s safe to bask in the sun.

But you should ensure that your balcony allows you to enjoy the morning and evening sun without exposing yourself to the open view of neighbors and passers-by. This is where balcony privacy comes in handy. Looking for some innovative balcony privacy ideas? Consider a large garden shed that can serve as a multi-functional privacy solution, providing both seclusion and storage space for your balcony oasis.

Apart from keeping you and your family away from the full view of neighbors and passers-by, balcony privacy also shields you from harsh external elements like strong wind, dust, rain among others.

Also, since condos and apartments have limited outdoor space, the only personal outdoor space you have is your balcony. Therefore, you should find ways to make your balcony only accessible to you if your tenancy agreement allows.

What Does the Law Say About Balcony Enclosures?


Please note that different cities, states, and countries have varied laws on balcony enclosures. Therefore, you have to check if there are regulations in your area preventing you from closing your balcony. One of the popular laws regulating how tenants living in condos and apartments should design their balconies is the Horizontal Property Law.

Also referred to as the façade law, this regulation defines who should close their balcony and how they should do it. But even with this law, you should also consider your area’s municipal ordinance and statutes. Many municipal regulations consider any alteration of the façade of a residential house as an alteration of a common element, especially because it interferes with community aesthetics.

In this case, you can’t close your balcony without the approval of your neighbors and the owner of the building. If you don’t seek this approval, your neighbors will have a legal ground to request you to remove your balcony enclosure.

Some city councils have strict rules that govern what balcony enclosures should look like. They even prohibit balcony enclosures in special circumstances, especially when a historic building is involved.

In most cases, community statutes are the ones that regulate the construction of balcony enclosures. These statues are usually created by neighbors who come together to agree on when and how balcony enclosures should be erected.

In most countries, the installation of glass curtains on your balcony is seen as a solar protection system, not as construction work. Therefore, you don’t have to seek permission or approval from the relevant authorities.

However, it’s important to notify the building owner and your neighbors of your plan to close your balcony with a glass curtain, especially if your community statutes require you to do so. This is important to avoid problems with covering your balcony.

12 Balcony Privacy Ideas

If you live in a condo or apartment and you want to enjoy the warm months to the fullest, then you have to add privacy to your balcony. Here are some incredible ideas to help you add privacy to your balcony.

1. Mildew-Proof Outdoor Curtains


Image source: Pinterest

Outdoor curtains are a great option for your balcony, especially if you want something that will give you the amount of privacy you need without distorting the overall aesthetics of your house. These curtains are commonly used to create all-inclusive resort patios. Therefore, they’ll help you to turn your balcony into a tropical resort.

Most outdoor curtains are resistant to mildew and fading, making them the ideal choice for your balcony privacy. Simply drape your outdoor curtains around the railing of your balcony.

2. Adaptable Solar-Powered Umbrellas


Image source: Pinterest

These adjustable solar-powered umbrellas are a simple and effective way to shield your apartment away from neighbors and passers-by because you can adjust their angles and shape to match your balcony privacy needs. They’ll also guard you against the harmful rays of the sun, especially when you’ve had enough exposure. These umbrellas also feature 18 solar-powered LED lights.

Since these lights get charged during the day, you will have enough solar power to light up your balcony all night long. Therefore, you won’t have to rely on street lights or other outdoor lights to illuminate your balcony at night.

3. High Faux Ivy Screen and Trellis


Image source: Pinterest

Since ivy can thrive anywhere and on anything, it’s a good choice when you want to cover your balcony on a small budget. But if your community statues don’t allow you to grow plants in your house, you can go for a tall artificial ivy shade. There are so many stores that sell this type of ivy screen.

Most faux ivy screens measure 158 x 39 inches, giving you enough material to close your balcony. You can either cover your balcony railing with this ivy screen or use it to create a complete outdoor curtain for the entire balcony. It’s also good to combine your ivy screen with a trellis to create a balcony cover that runs from the ceiling to the floor.

4. Encircling Hanging Chair


Image source: Pinterest

If your community statutes don’t allow you to cover your balcony completely, then you should set up an encompassing hanging balcony chair. This chair will give you privacy when relaxing on your balcony and keep you comfortable. Just place the chair in your preferred position and ensure that its back faces whatever or whoever makes you feel uncomfortable when you are sitting on your balcony.

For instance, if your neighbor’s window is facing your balcony, you should set up your encompassing hanging chair with its back facing your neighbor’s window. Since this chair is handwoven with a wrought iron mesh, it’s strong and allows free flow of air while hiding you from peeping eyes.

5. Modifiable Balcony Shades


Image source: Pinterest

With these modifiable balcony shades, you’ll enjoy maximum privacy on your balcony without exposing yourself to direct rays of the sun. These shades also add an element of tropical climate to your balcony to make you feel like you are relaxing on the balcony of a popular beach resort.

6. Trellis Bench


Image source: Pinterest

If you want more than just privacy on your balcony, use a trellis bench. This is an arbor bench used for hanging out, growing plants in tiny spaces, creating privacy, and drying laundry. A standard trellis bench measures 47 x 18 x 70 inches. You can even line it with a few cushions to make it more comfortable.

7. Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen

Image source: Pinterest

This balcony railing privacy screen is designed to bring a tropical beach vibe to your balcony. It’s a mesh screen made with high-density polyethylene to hide you from prying eyes, harsh sun rays, and strong wind. It comes with a rope to help you attach it to your balcony railing. It’s also available in different colors to help you meet your aesthetic needs.

8. Versatile Free-standing Bamboo Screen

Bamboo Screen

Image source: Pinterest

This free-standing bamboo screen is perfect for both outdoor and indoor privacy. You can place it on your balcony as a divider to hide you from your neighbors and the sun. the good thing about this screen is that you can fold it flat for easy storage when it’s not in use.

9. Floor-Mounted Folding Privacy Screen


Image source: Pinterest

This retractable balcony privacy screen is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It features a folding awning wall and two steel poles. You just need to attach the steel poles to the ground with screws and pull out the awning wall. Another benefit of using this screen is that the awning wall is completely waterproof.

10. Privacy Railing


Image source: Pinterest

This is a railing screen fence made of tough, UV-stabilized polyethylene that’s completely resistant to wind and the sun. Another benefit of using this railing is that its installation process is quite flexible, especially since you can attach it to the wooden structure using zip ties, ropes, or even bungee cords.

11. Panel Storage Bench

Storage Bench

Image source: Pinterest

A panel storage bench will give you both privacy and extra storage space. It comes with hooks that you can use to hang different items like tools, flower pots, etc. for storage‌. Some benches also come with shelves to create more storage space.

12. Tall Potted Plants

Tall Potted Plants

Image source: Pinterest

If your community statutes allow you to have potted plants in your house, you can place a few tall potted plants on your balcony to block your neighbor’s view. Thankfully, you can buy already fully grown plants to get the kind of privacy you need immediately.

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