Best Low Intensity Sports

best low intensity sports

While many of us give up sports once we leave compulsory education, the benefits of continuing to exercise as much as you can during adult life have never been more apparent. New studies are released on an almost daily basis showing the positive effects that participating in sports can have on our bodies and, just as importantly, our minds. However, it can be difficult to take part in sports as an adult, not only because of time constraints but also because of the physical demands that many sports place on our bodies. When deciding to get into sports it can be difficult to get started, especially if your body isn’t used to high intensity. These people may prefer to try low-intensity sports, which are extremely popular in terms of participants as well as spectators. Here are some of the best examples:


Golf is possibly the world’s most popular low-intensity pastime with a much older average player age than many other sports. Whatever your age, it’s never too late to take up golf thanks to the low level of physicality involved. As long as you can walk, bend your knees, swing your arms and twist your hips and back, you’ll be able to play golf. The equipment can be expensive but many golf clubs have equipment available for hire, which means that most people can afford to have a go. Golf is also an extremely popular spectator sport, with coverage from numerous TV stations as well as sites like OddsChecker that provide free bets, previews and tips for major golf events such as The Masters, the US Open, The US PGA Championship and The Open.


Loved just as much for its social qualities as for its lack of physicality, pool is great for those who don’t fancy running around getting sweaty. It is one of the oldest games still being played today, with ancient art, literature and art suggesting that it was being played as early as the 17th century. Today pool is popular in pubs and bars, where people enjoy the game while having a drink with friends and family. The only movements required to play pool are walking, bending over and arm movement with the cue, making it suitable for most people.


Bowling is similarly popular for its social aspects as its format encourages players to play in teams and compete against others. While it is enjoyed by younger players too, bowling is most popular with older players who often choose bowling alleys as venues for birthdays and corporate social events. Additionally, many players bowl in their spare time with friends or clubs that compete in local amateur leagues. Bowling is not very physically challenging, with players only required to be able to walk, stand up, and throw (or roll) the fairly heavy ball down the lane. Those wishing to excel in the sport would also need good balance and finger strength.

best low intensity sports 2


Another activity extremely popular in bars and pubs, darts is enjoyed by players in all kinds of physical conditions thanks to its easy-to-understand rules and basic physical mechanisms. It is one of those sports that seems easy to play which is what encourages so many to have a go. Like many of the other sports on this list, only the ability to walk and use your arms, in this case to throw a light object, is required, making it another low-intensity activity perfect for the older population. Similarly to golf, the increase in the number of amateur players trying their hand at darts has led to increases in the sport’s viewership figures.


Similar to games like petanque in France or, petanca in Spain, there are a huge number of players enjoying bowls or one of its relatives all around Europe, with clubs hugely popular with older fans. While all of these “boules games” carry the same objective of getting your balls as close as possible to a jack or smaller ball, they differ in the methods they allow. Bowls for example, takes its name from the action that players must perform to get the ball moving towards the target. The Spanish and French versions aren’t usually played on flat surfaces meaning players must throw the ball instead of rolling it.


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