10 Best Places to Live in Florida If You Like the Sunny Weather

best places to live in florida

When you think of warm, sunny locales, Florida is at the top of the list. The Sunshine State has always been a top choice, not only for vacations but also as a place to retire. A state with no state income taxes, Florida offers plenty of attractions, including the world-renowned Universal Studios, the Kennedy Space Centre, and the Everglades National Park.

If you’re thinking of moving to this state, here is a curated list of the best places to live in Florida to help get you started.

10 Best Places to Live in Florida

#1. Jacksonville


Jacksonville, also called the River City by the Sea, is a city immersed in nature. If you want to enjoy outdoor destinations and eco-adventures all year round, this is the place you want to look into.

Located in Northeast Florida, Jacksonville is home to 22 miles of beaches, world-class fishing destinations, unique park systems, and historic neighborhoods. From vibrant street art to gastronomic craft beer and coastal cuisines, you name it and Jacksonville has it.

Offering the ideal mix of affordability and luxury, Jacksonville is one of the most populous cities in Florida.

#2. Port St. Lucie


Laidback and friendly, Port St. Lucie is a great place to settle in for a family. Situated in the state’s Treasure Coast, half an hour north of Palm Beach, this improving urban neighborhood retains an old-school Florida vibe. Residents and tourists can enjoy the perfect weather throughout the year while enjoying the beach, lush rivers, and other environmental reserves.

What sets Port St. Lucie apart is the safety it offers. Its criminal rates are lower than most other parts of Florida and the nightlife, while present, is kept at a minimum.

#3. Orlando


Home of Walt Disney World and a city that heavily relies on tourism, Orlando is not just home to Cinderella’s castle but also for residents who like some steady entertainment in their lives.

Orlando is often at the top of the vacationing lists for families, foodies, adventurous individuals, baby boomers, and luxury shoppers. While for Orlando locals, it is where they can enjoy their art and play golf.

The city is known not just for the theme parks but also for the outstanding hospitality. Dubbed as the “City Beautiful,” it’s the perfect place if you’re looking for a nice mix of suburban and urban living.

#4. Tampa


Another top vacation destination in the US, Tampa also offers one of the most comfortable living setups in Florida.

As one of the 20 safest cities in Florida, Tampa’s residents definitely enjoy this security advantage as much as basking in perfect weather all year, living a laidback lifestyle, and enjoying local activities.

One of the most remarkable advantages of living in Tampa is its relatively low housing cost, extremely low crime rate, and welcoming community. And being the sixth most attractive region in the US for land development and job growth, Tampa can open a lot of doors of opportunities for you and your family.

#5. Fort Lauderdale


Famous for its arts, beaches, culture, and events, you have everything you want and need in Fort Lauderdale.

According to the residents of this city, once you call Fort Lauderdale your home, you will never want to leave. Not only does the city offer world-famous beaches and impressive cultural offerings but also diverse educational and entertainment opportunities.

Occupying 165-miles of land, Fort Lauderdale lives up to its name as the “Venice of America.” It continuously builds itself as an international business center providing consistent opportunities and growth.

#6. Tallahassee


Tallahassee is the capital of Florida, and yet can be regarded as the least “Floridian” city. Tallahassee experiences four seasons thanks to its distinct positioning in the Florida panhandle.

Providing you with a dose of southern heaven, Tallahassee is rich in natural beauty and has a lively college town vibe to it.

Tally, the nickname the locals bestowed upon the capital, is also an ideal place to raise a family. The area has achieved that perfect balance of having a natural backdrop of rolling hills and natural springs while at the same time offering its residents a brighter future with four prestigious universities and thriving commerce.

With plenty of things to do and get involved in Tallahassee, setting down your roots in this beautiful town can be your wisest decision.

#7. Hialeah


Image source: Pinterest

The City of Progress, Hialeah is the place for you if you’re looking for a close-knit neighborhood and a touch of Spanish culture. Expect to see Spanish street signs without the usual English translation.

Hialeah is an entirely immersive town. Being the fifth most populated city in Florida, the residents here have a strong sense of community. The energetic vibe of this city plus its excellent location makes it the ideal place to settle in when you find yourself in Miami-Dade County.

And the meals here are what make this neighborhood special. With streets lined up with bodegas serving croquettes and cafecito, prepare to indulge in hearty Latin cuisine at surprisingly low prices.

If you want to be a part of a community that has a strong sense of belongingness, Hialeah is the place to be!

#8. Miami


Miami is a vibrant city where there’s plenty to do for everyone. Be it outdoor fun, water adventures, restaurants to explore, or places to visit, every member of your family, young and old, will indeed have something to participate in.

The culture here is something you want to experience. The diversity of the residents and heritage is exciting and enriching. And understandably, when you think of Miami, the first thing to come to mind would often be South Beach — trendsetters, beaches, and roaring clubs.

But, Miami is more than a vacation place. Although housing costs may be higher in this area, especially if you choose to be near the water, it is still an ideal place to raise a family. You will have no problems with the weather, and the coastal beauty is a priceless experience you would not want to miss out on.

#9. St. Petersburg


The state’s Sunshine City, St. Petersburg is one of the best places to live in Florida. With a population of roughly 250,000, the city attracts a lot of individuals as well as families because of its economically reasonable cost of living and quality healthcare — two elements that appeal to families and retirees.

However, it is not a sleepy neighborhood. The city is booming with art, festivals, and cultural activities and has taken a youthful transition in recent years with a thriving nightlife.

#10. Pembroke Pines


Tagged as one of the best cities to live in the US, Pembroke Pines has a friendly and laid-back small-town vibe. While it is a quiet place, the city still offers competitive amenities including various entertainment parks, restaurants, golf courses, and commercial destinations.

Home to about 170,000 residents, Pembroke Pines boasts a South Florida charm where everyone knows everyone and nobody is left out in the community.

Incorporated in 1960, Pembroke Pines is a haven for families, seniors, and young professionals. The community is highly engaged in promoting arts and culture while keeping up with the rapidly evolving world.

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