Elegant and Stylish: 9 Blue Nails Ideas You Must Try Out

blue nails ideas

If you get your nails done often, you probably go for nude shades or a French manicure. After all, these choices fit with most outfits and always look classy. However, safe options are sometimes boring and predictable.

When that happens, adding some color to your nails can help bring out your playful personality and taste. If blue is your favorite color, read on. From subtle color combinations appropriate for work to radiant ombre designs, here are the best blue nails ideas you can consider for all occasions.

9 Best Blue Nails Looks

1. Cobalt Blue and Silver


Image source: Pinterest

This color scheme is equally elegant and chic. The matte blue finish ensures that your nails always look work-appropriate, while the silver glitter adds a touch of fun to the whole package. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even opt for two accent nails instead of one.

2. Paddington Blue


Image source: Pinterest

Simple yet sophisticated, this idea is perfect if you prefer to do your nails at home. You only need a bottle of Paddington blue nail polish, and you’re all set! This color is a good choice both for work and a fun night out, meaning that you won’t have to change anything at the last minute.

3. Blue Shimmer


Image source: Pinterest

Most people avoid painting their nails in bold colors because they can rarely match them to every outfit they own. Well, this nail polish lets you show off your love for blue without being too overbearing and bright. Fitting for all occasions, this shimmering look will make you feel like a real princess every day!

4. Blue Ombre


Image source: Pinterest

Ombre nails are a big hit this year, and for a good reason. They are innovative and stylish, and they are quite versatile when it comes to the color combinations that you can choose.

For this look, your nail artist should mix pale pinks and violets at the top of your nail and slowly transition into sky blue going downward. Keep in mind that your nails should be of a significant length to pull off the color gradient. But don’t worry, you can always go for extensions if your natural nails aren’t long enough!

5. Galaxy Blue


Image source: Pinterest

Do you love dark blue but think it’s a bit too gloomy on its own? Then, this design is perfect for you! It combines the inky shade with subtle silver glitter, creating a space-like theme. The glitter adds a much-needed touch of light to the look while still letting the blue keep its somber appeal.

6. Classy Marble


Image source: Pinterest

Royal blue is the base for this option, ensuring that your nails always look refined. But to keep things interesting, you should get a blue marble pattern on one accent nail (usually on your ring finger, but you can choose whichever you prefer). This design is a great way to guarantee that your nails are classy but never dull.

7. Color Gradient


Image source: Pinterest

For this look, you will need five different nail polish colors. You should start with white on your pinky and paint every subsequent nail in a shade that moves more and more toward sky blue, which goes on your thumbnail. Light and subtle, this pattern is a fantastic way to make your nails look artsy without overdoing it.

8. Blue & Nude


Image source: Pinterest

Accent nails are usually used to change things up with their brightness, but this look puts a twist on that practice. Namely, the accent nail of your choice should be painted in a nude shade, while matte dark blue goes on your other nails.

Though the image suggests drawing a tiny branch on the accent nail as well, you can omit it if you don’t like drawing. Either way, you’ll be left with elegant and subtle nails fitting for any occasion.

9. Pale Blue Glitter


Image source: Pinterest

This idea is perfect for anyone with short natural nails. If you just want to use your favorite color at home, all you need is a bottle of this baby blue glitter polish. It will look soft but playful, and it will go well with most of your casual outfits.

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