Eight Books Like the Selection to Read After the Series

books like the selection

The Selection has often been regarded as one of the most lighthearted and feel-good reads ever. From the dystopian settings to attractive dresses and the game show, this series will without doubt make you feel good and happy.

But what other books can you read to get the same feeling as when you read The Selection series? This article lists the top eight books like The Selection to read after the series.

Introduction to The Selection Series


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First published in April 2012, The Selection is a novel series by Kiera Cass. The series comprises five books including The Selection, The Elite, The Heir, The One, and The Crown. The last two books are based on events that happen 20 years after the events in the first three books.

Four sequel short stories have already been released, with the first two, The Prince and The Guard, being told from the perspective of two supporting characters. The other two novellas, The Queen and The Favorite focus on two other supporting characters in the main series. The four short stories were later collected into a single volume called Happily Ever After, plus additional content and speeches.

According to Kiera Cass, the book series was inspired by Esther and Cinderella stories because she always thought about the difference between the two stories and wondered if the two characters were content with how their stories ended.

The series is based on a futuristic world where people are divided into several castes. The Ones comprise the most successful members of the society like royals and elites, while the Eights consist of the homeless, orphans, unemployable, drug addicts, and disabled people.

The Fives is made up of singers, artists, actors, actresses, dancers, etc. One of the main characters named America belongs to the Fives because she is a singer. When the time comes for the prince of Illea, Maxon Schreaves, to marry, he holds a competition called The Selection, in which young girls compete for the prince’s hand in marriage.

America, who already has a secret boyfriend, Aspen, ends up in the competition after her boyfriend broke up with him. She does well in the initial competition, earning herself a place in the palace where she has to compete against 34 other girls. While at the palace, America quickly makes both friends and enemies. But it’s her distinctive personality that grabs the attention of the people at the palace and the country at large.

America doesn’t want to marry the prince because she is still in love with Aspen, but she becomes friends with the prince after their first encounter in the garden. After a while, she develops feelings for the prince and starts to entertain the idea of marrying him. Later, Aspen goes to the palace as a member of the king’s guard. This leaves America confused even more, especially after Aspen sneaks into her room to see her.

Competitors are barred from having a romantic relationship with anyone else apart from the prince during the competition. Such a relationship is considered treason and its punishment can be as serious as death. As more competitors leave the palace, America ends up in the last group of six competitors called the Elite.

At this point, she realizes she has strong feelings for the prince. So, she ends her romantic relationship with Aspen. Instead of giving up, Aspen vows to fight even harder for America’s love. But America is already determined to marry the price.

Other main characters include Marlee Tames (member of the Elite), Celeste Newsome (member of the Elite), Kriss Ambers (member of the Elite), Elise Whisks (member of the Elite), Natalie Luca (member of the Elite), Clarkson Schreave (the king of Illea), Amberly Schreave (the queen of Illea), and America’s siblings (Kenna, Kota, May, and Gerad).

Who Should Read the Selection Books?


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The Selection series is meant to sweep every reader into the world of jaw-dropping fairy-tale romance and fierce intrigue. It’s also a mixture of forbidden romance, danger, and drama. The book series is a fun and thought-provoking dystopian series for kids and teenagers.

Concerning dystopian stories, The Selection series is quite friendly. As a parent, you need to understand that the romance scenes included in the book only lead to flirting and kissing. Furthermore, America is a good role model for your kids because she is a respectful daughter and a sensible heroine.

In the book series, America and other competitors severally make their self-esteem issues known. The books don’t have any major violent scenes, and the ones included are brief and less frightening. Also, the attempted rape of a female servant by an intruder is only discussed, not shown.

Eight Books Like The Selection

Although there are differing opinions on the genre of The Selection, the book series has had a huge impact on many readers and continues to inspire popular culture, leaving readers with an undying desire to read more similar books. Here is a list of the X books that are almost similar to The Selection.

1. Delirium


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Authored by Lauren Oliver and published in 2011 (a year before The Selection was released), Delirium asks one of the most intriguing questions that even philosophers have deliberated on for centuries: Is love a disease?

It narrates how a totalitarian government in the futuristic United States declares love to be a disease, commonly referred to as “Amor Deliria Nervosa” or “the derilia.” Therefore, the government finds a cure, which is enforced upon citizens when they turn 18 years.

2. Wither


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Wither, a young-adult dystopian book was written by Lauren Destefano in 2011. It was published in 2011 by Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing. The book is set in a futuristic world where scientists create a generation of humans who are free of disease and other health complications.

Unfortunately, the same scientists accidentally develop a virus that affects that generation’s offspring, killing women at the age of 20 and men at the age of 25.

3. Red Queen

Red Queen

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Authored by Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen is a young-adult fantasy novel that was published in 2015. It won the Goodreads Choice Award for Debut Goodreads Author in 2015 and was nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Young-Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction in the same year.

The book talks about a futuristic world where society is divided along bloodlines. The silver-blooded population comprises the ruling class while the red-blooded people are the commoners.

A woman named Mare Barrow, a Red, enters the palace as a servant and is forced to marry the king’s second son Maven when she’s discovered to possess supernatural powers that are only found in the silver blooded population. The king orders her to marry his son as a cover-up.

4. Numbers Game

Numbers Game

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Written by Rebecca Rode, Numbers Game is a dystopian romance thriller, which was published in 2015. It tells the story of Treena who is anxious about Rating Day because one number single can make her a valuable citizen or a miserable waste of time and space.

But her number one boyfriend believes their scores will match, enabling them to attend the academy together. But on Rating Day, her real number is shocking.

5. The UnTied Kingdom

UnTied Kingdom

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The UnTied Kingdom is a paranormal and romantic novel written by Kate Johnson. It tells the story of a woman who gets into an alternate reality in a dystopian England where she finds both love and danger. When she goes back to England, everyone thinks she is a spy.

6. XVI


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Written by Julia Karr, XVI talks about a teenage girl named Nina Oberon, who just wants to live a normal life. But one brutal strike leaves her completely shattered, and she realizes that everything she thought she knew about her life is a lie. So, she pegs her hope on a boy who looks like he holds the key to her happiness.

7. Pawn


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Written by Aimee Carter in 2013, Pawn is a fantasy, romantic book that tells the story of a woman named Kitty who finds herself between the rock and a hard place. She has to decide whether to spend her life as a miserable, inferior III or work hard to become a VII and a member of the most influential family in the country.

8. Chains of Gold

Chains of Gold

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Authored by Nancy Springer in 1986, Chains of Gold is a science-fiction, fantasy-fiction, romantic fantasy, and historical fantasy book that talks about a doomed king and his queen-to-be as they try to escape their fate. Once their marriage is consummated, the king must be sacrificed.

But his friend Arlen volunteers to die on his behalf, but the couple’s happiness suddenly becomes desperation because they’re constantly pursued by their people and supernatural powers.

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