15 Canvas Art Ideas To Bring Out Your Creative Side

canvas art ideas

Interested in trying your hand at wall art? This article gives you 15 unique DIY canvas art ideas to let your creative side shine. Painting can be a fantastic artistic outlet that can also be very relaxing and grounding. You don’t have to be Bob Ross or Monet to pick up a paintbrush.

These 15 canvas art ideas will give you enough ammunition to unleash your creativity!

15 Canvas Art Ideas

#1. Abstract Quote Canvas


Image source: Pinterest

One of the easiest canvas art ideas for beginners is to create an abstract quote painting. This project will give you the flexibility to create not just one but two designs on your canvas, efficiently utilizing the whole real state of your canvas, however large or small.

Pick a quote from your favorite book, movie, or song lyric and stencil it onto your canvas. Add a pretty background that you think will work well with the quote. Try a pattern, an ombre effect, and even a silhouette — go crazy with colors!

#2. Pixel Painting


Image source: Pinterest

Pixel art is usually done digitally and is drawn using the software. But with the correct method and technique, you can successfully create a stunning work of art that can adorn the wall of your living room as a centerpiece.

Start this project by penciling in equal-sized squares on the canvas. it is up to you how big you want the squares to be; smaller squares will mean more work but they will also add a lot of depth to the painting.

Get creative with different hues and colors for each square — the results will be mesmerizing!

#3. Geometric Canvas


Image source: Pinterest

Another easy way to utilize your empty, clean canvass, geometric designs can add an element of fun to any room or hallway you hang this canvas in.

Work up a clear and precise geometric shape. Opt for a combination of muted blues and pink for a contemporary design, or you can choose different earth colors for a more natural and wild vibe.

#4. Puffy Paint Lettering


Image source: Pinterest

This DIY 3D lettering idea is an excellent way to personalize any room in your house. Opt for thicker fonts to make a stronger impact as they will look bigger and are instantly noticeable.

If using in your kid’s room, you can just write out your kid’s name in a puffy balloon or elephant font against a cute backdrop of flowers, seahorses, or dragons.

Or you can choose a quote that’s close to your heart and use a puffy typeface to add a whimsical, psychedelic feel to your decor.

#5. Cut-It-Out Canvas


Image source: Pinterest

Here’s a fun idea straight out of a scrapbook page! The best part? You can use any scraps of paper you have in your home — pick a colorful magazine or even an old book with creased pages or accidental coffee spills!

Search the internet for a pretty pattern or a silhouette; it could be something as simple as a flower or a complex, layered design, or even a quote! Cut different shapes or prints and paste them on a white canvas or paint the canvas in a solid bold or pastel color to provide a strong background.

#6. Twinkling Canvas


Image source: Pinterest

Twinkling canvas projects are not just a great decoration for the holiday season but can also work as a great gift for friends and family. You can pick any design you want, but it’s elevated with this “twinkling” effect.

There are two ways to create this effect.

First, you can create the “twinkling” element by simply using glitter with acrylic paint and painting it over a dark background. The key is to make the backdrop really dark so the “lights” can pop.

Second, you can use fairy lights or twinkling lights and poke small holes or slits on your canvas for the lights to fit through! Easy enough?

#7. Simple Metallic Accent Art


Image source: Pinterest

A simple metallic painting can be whatever you want it to be; it just involves using metallic paints to make certain elements pop. Adding metallic features, when done correctly, can easily make anything look expensive and glamorous.

Whether you are painting a bird perched on a tree or a simple flower, avoid painting a full background and instead add polygons and different shapes using metallic paint for a more contemporary feel.

Another metallic painting idea is simply going for different shapes and patterns to add a modern touch.

#8. DIY Ocean Painting


Image source: Pinterest

Whether you love the contemplative coastline or the wild, stormy seas, seascapes can be a brilliant canvas idea. There are hundreds of tutorials available online for your perusal, and you don’t really need to be exceptionally skilled to paint this. Just like the ocean, you can be free on the canvas.

Besides, blue is a very serene color and can also have quite a calming effect on the environment.

#9. Pinwheel Painting


Image source: Pinterest

If you want a fun and easy activity to do with your kids on a quiet Sunday afternoon, buy a bunch of small canvases and spend the day with this easy pinwheel painting project. All you need for this is painter’s tape to create the stripes from one point in the middle extending to the sides of the canvas, a bunch of paint colors, and paintbrushes.

You can choose colors that complement the room and have their art framed!

#10. Kid-Friendly Love Art


Image source: Pinterest

Here’s another kid-friendly art and crafts project! Just gather some watercolor paints, paintbrushes, and masking tapes to create this simple “Love” art.

All you need to do is use the masking tape to spell out the word “love” (or any other word for that matter) on the canvas, and let the kids go crazy by using any color to create fun backgrounds. Once the paint dries, simply peel the tape off to reveal the word “Love” surrounded by a bright splash of color!

#11. Farmhouse Flower


Image source: Pinterest

This painting style is characterized by a distressed and worn-out look that is very reminiscent of our grandparent’s furniture in the country. It has the aged and eclectic quality of old and well-loved things.

To achieve this look, opt for barn designs like fruits and, in this case, flowers. Trade the canvas for an old wooden chopping board or any piece of worn wood around your home; this is not only a fun project to do but will also help you recycle by upcycling!

#12. Hand-Painted Monogram


Image source: Pinterest

An easy and cute way to furnish a nursery or any kids’ room is by painting their initials or monogram on a canvas. You can frame it or even create it as a gift for a loved one.

It’s a versatile idea where you can find different templates to print from the internet and yet make it incredibly personalized.

#13. Yarn Art


Image source: Pinterest

If you have a vast collection of yarns in your craft box, this is the canvas painting project for you. It’s simple and very colorful and involves using two mediums that are not typically used together!

Simply draw the pattern or any picture on the canvas, paint it over lightly with acrylic paint, wait to dry, then use glue and the same colored yarn to add dimension to your painting!

#14. DIY Herringbone Canvas


Image source: Pinterest

The Herringbone pattern is characterized by several arrangements of rectangles commonly used in tilling and pavement for parks and roads. The best part about this particular art project is that painting is unnecessary, and it can be done in various ways!

You can use thicker scrapbook paper that looks really cool once you cut and assemble it into the pattern. You can use any other scrap or specialty paper and even spray over metallic paint for a really modern herringbone “painting.”

#15. Love-Themed Watercolor


Image source: Pinterest

The most accessible painting medium to use is watercolor — all you need is watercolors, a paintbrush, and water. This idea depicts the theme of “love” in a splash of bright colors.

Use reds and pinks to explore the quintessential notion of “love” as we know it! These easy love-themed patterns can be made into beautiful watercolor paintings and can include hearts, quotes about love, cute ribbons, or even love letters.

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