Everything You Need to Know About the Chi Rho Symbol

Several symbols belonging to different religions are as old as the belief itself. These symbols are often created as combinations of strokes and characters that are indicative of a faith. One such famous symbol relates to Christianity — the Chi Rho symbol.

This symbol has its own unique and rich history that has allowed this pattern to survive over centuries. Here’s a brief history of the Chi Rho symbol and what it stands for.

Chi Rho Symbol Introduction


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An ancient Christian symbol, the Chi Rho symbol is created from two Greek letters being superimposed.

This symbol has a long history that can be traced back to the ancient Roman empire, the pre-Christian era, as well as the pagan Greeks. Over the years, the Chi Rho symbol gained a lot of popularity and can today be seen in various churches all over the world.

Chi Rho Symbol History


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The Chi Rho symbol was used by the early Christians to acknowledge Christianity and ultimately Jesus Christ.

The popularity of the Chi Rho symbol increased dramatically during the reign of Constantine I when he used the Christogram as the military standard or vexillum.

It was believed that the symbol manifested itself to the Roman emperor in a vision before the Battle of the Milvian Bridge with an exact date of October 28, 312. After he won the battle, the emperor had the symbol engraved on the soldiers’ shields.

Eventually, the Chi Rho symbol also appeared on the Constantine monetary coins. But even before the rise of Constantine I’s empire, this symbol was already being used and worshiped in ancient Greece by pagans.

Chi Rho Symbol Meaning


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A monogram for Christ and commonly denoted as the Chrismon, Christogram, or Labarum, the Chi Rho symbol means “Christ.”

Technically, the Chi Rho symbol is created from the Greek letters “Chi (X)” and “Rho (P)” from the Greek word ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ, meaning “Christos.”

How To Pronounce Chi Rho

The Chi Rho symbol is pronounced as “Kee-roe.”

How Was the Chi-Rho Symbol Created?


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The symbol was derived by combining two Greek letters. It resembles the English letter “P” overlaid with the English letter “X.”

These two letters represent “chi” and “rho” seen at the beginning of ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ or “Christos.” In English, it means “the one who is anointed.”

Where Did the Chi Rho Originate?

Predominantly a Christian symbol, the Chi Rho symbol has been around since pre-Christianity times.

One can see it inscribed in the Ptolemy III Euergetes coins, a Ptolemaic Dynastic leader who ruled Egypt between 246 and 222 BC.

However, this is not the only instance of the Chi Rho symbol being used for non-Christian purposes. The Greek scribes following the pagan faith also used the Chi Rho symbol to mark the text passages in papyri they deemed significant.

Hence, the Chi Rho symbol is also associated as an abbreviation for the Greek word “Chreston,” which means “good.”

When Was the Chi Rho Symbol First Used?


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The first use of the Chi Rho symbol can be traced back to 269. During these pre-Constantinian days, it is the “chi” and the “iota” that are combined as part of the inscription έν (or In Christ) or the symbol δο (or servant of Christ).

As mentioned, Greek pagans also use this symbol to mark essential passages and it was part of their vocabulary. Plenty of their words begin with “CR” like χρόνος which translates to time, and χρυσός which means gold.

Egyptians are also known to use the Chi Rho symbol in tau form. This is an alternate form of the symbol where a vertical axis is placed at a specific angle and the rho’s loop is reversed.

Is The Chi Rho Symbol Catholic or Protestant?

The Catholics and Protestants equally share the Chi Rho symbol, and it doesn’t exclusively belong to any of these churches.

The Christians started using the symbol back in the 4th century during the reign of the Roman Empire, but the Protestants still have the same character used in their buildings even today.

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