What Is a Digital Perm Treatment? Everything You Need to Know

digital perm

If you have straight hair, you’re well aware of the struggle of spending way too much time and effort styling your hair with a hair curler, getting those waves and loose curls just right. But what if there was a better, easier alternative? Enter digital perming!

This temporary hair curling process will give you the bouncy hair of your dreams and give you back your mornings to appreciate your coffee! Here’s a brief overview of digital perming and how to maintain it.

What Is Digital Perm?

A digital perm, also known as digiperms, is a temporary fix to achieve waiver and curlier hair.

In this process, your hair undergoes a chemical as well as heat treatment. It involves breaking down the natural structure of your hair and restructuring it by using heating rods powered by a digital display.

This hair treatment is enhanced and “locked” by using certain chemicals that will make the perm last longer. After the treatment, you will have soft and bouncier locks that look effortlessly chic.

Pros And Cons Of Digital Perm


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Like every hair treatment, there are benefits and downsides to the digital perm too. Let’s take a look at some of the major ones.


#1. It will give you natural waves and bouncy hair that loos professionally styled.
#2. It will add volume to even the thinnest of hair, giving you the perfect blowout look.
#3. It’s an effortless hairstyle that will reduce the styling time needed for your hair.
#4. If properly cared for, a digital perm can last more than 3 months.


#1. It is an expensive and time-consuming treatment.
#2. You will need to invest a lot of time, money, and effort in maintaining your permed hair.
#3. If you already hay dry hair, getting a digital perm will make it drier and more frizzy.
#4. You will need to follow a strict new hair care routine.

How Long Does Digital Perm Last?

With proper upkeep, a digital perm hair treatment will last you for six months up to a year. But with regular trimming and using special products including deep conditioning, it could last you even more than a year.

How Much Does A Digital Perm Cost?

The cost of getting a digital perm depends on the length and volume of your hair. The longer and fuller your hair is, the more expensive it will be since it will take more time for a hairdresser to treat longer and thicker hair.

On average, a digital perm would cost $150 and can go up to $300 or more depending on the salon.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Digital Perm


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Before you make up your mind about getting a digital perm, there are a few things you need to weigh in.

#1. Cost

A digital perm is an expensive hair treatment. Not only will the initial treatment cost you a pretty penny, but the additional maintenance involved will also be expensive since you will need to use special products.

#2. Hair Health

A digital perm involves a lot of heat and chemical treatment. So you need to be sure that your hair is healthy before getting the perm. If you have dry, brittle, or damaged hair, a digital perm may not be a good choice for you.

#3. Hair Care Is Necessary

Digital perm is not a low-maintenance treatment. Since your hair has undergone an elaborate treatment that has changed the hair structure, you will need to follow a consistent hair care routine to keep your locks moisturized and healthy.

Is Digital Perm Less Damaging?

Any type of perming can do considerable damage to your hair because of the heat and the chemicals involved.

With digital perming, however, only 1/3 of your hair is treated so the heat and chemicals are kept away from your roots. So, digital perm may also damage your hair but not as much.

Tips On Taking Care Of Digital Perm Hair


Here are some tips to take care of your new digital permed hair:

#1. Use a sulfate-free shampoo.
#2. Follow a curly girl method with curly hair-friendly products.
#3. Avoid tying up your hair for too long.
#4. Avoid any heat styling tools, including a blowdryer as it can cause frizz and loosen your curls.
#5. Stay away from bleaching or coloring your hair for a while to avoid further damage.
#6. Get your hair trimmed regularly.
#7. Use satin or silk pillow covers.
#8. Ask your hairdresser for product recommendations.

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