Dirty Talk Examples That Will Help You Step Up Your Game

dirty talk examples

Sex is possibly one of the most important aspects of human nature. And if it should ever get boring, it can have some pretty damaging effects for both partners. And one tried and true method of spicing up your sex life involves the art of talking dirty.

In this article, you will learn why this skill is so important for your relationship. In addition, you’ll get some interesting dirty talk examples that will help you step your game up a notch.

Pros of Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk

Of course, before we move on to the actual dirty talk examples, we need to learn why this skill is not only useful but necessary. In this day and age, nearly anything can be considered offensive or triggering, which can take all of the fun out of living. And while dirty talk might teeter close to being offensive, it’s something that we as a species simply need.

Listed below are some of the biggest benefits of dirty talk.

1. A Learning Experience

People are different, so it’s only natural that they would not be turned on by the same sex acts. That’s just as true for dirty talk; maybe you like using the terms slut, whore, or bitch while in the bedroom, but your next-door neighbor might not.

Therefore, in order to know what you’re comfortable with, you’ll have to test the waters, so to speak. When in the bedroom, use some dirty talk examples that we list later in the article and see what sticks. Also, notice what kind of dirty talk your partner uses. After a few instances, you will have a basic idea of which terms work and which ones don’t.

Naturally, this process will involve a lot of trial and error. And indeed, sometimes your partner might not appreciate certain terms, or you might not like the ones they use. But as sensitive as that area is, don’t let it discourage you. Simply approach the relations with understanding and soon enough, you and your partner will be enjoying your time together again.

2. A Teaching Experience

Continuing from the previous paragraph, you will want to let your partner know what works for you, and you’ll want to do it while you’re not having sex. Simply tell them what words and actions turn you on, where they can shift their focus, and which terms to avoid. This part is important, as it shows that you are being honest with them and that you’re willing to take your relationship to another level.

Of course, your partner deserves the same treatment. When they tell you about their own dirty talk preferences (and provide some dirty talk examples of their own), you need to listen. Pay close attention and, if needed, write down what works and what doesn’t. Sexual pleasure should be a two-way street and both of you deserve to be happy.

3. Surprising Yourself and Your Partner

Testing the waters is risky, but you have no idea how spectacular it can be. For example, a man having intercourse with a woman can scream something like “I’m gonna cum!” before his release. But then at one point, he can simply grab the woman’s hair and whisper an authoritative “cum for me” directly into her ear. That alone can be an adrenaline rush for both of them, one that you will want to replicate often.

4. The Fantasies Will Flow

Let’s take the previous example and build on top of it a little. Instead of ordering the woman to cum, the man can whisper, in a rough manner, where and how he will have her next time. He can tell her that they’ll end up naked at her place of work, or in a public area, or in a basement, with some rope, handcuffs, and a whip or two.

The brain is incredibly active during sex and there’s a common myth that people go stupid while mid-intercourse. And while some of the logical reasoning might go down during the act, that doesn’t make you stop thinking. In fact, since your brain is attuned to intercourse, erotic and sensual scenarios will constantly pop up in your brain.

5. The Perfect Foreplay

Foreplay is vital to both men and women, and if done right, it can lead to some mind-bending orgasms. So, instead of the usual routes that involve kissing, light touching, and teasing, a couple might want to try a few nasty words and phrases. As a matter of fact, make it a challenge; try to get your partner wet and ready using words alone.

There’s a reason why sexting and erotic voice messages are still popular, even among young generations. Plenty of people like to get themselves off using imagination alone, and nothing can have as much of an impact on your naughty thoughts as your intimate partner.

6. Overal Relationship Improvement

Dirty talk — examples in this article very much included — is more than just a tool to get sexual satisfaction. It’s also, interestingly enough, a great destresser and relaxer.

Think of using dirty talk as punching a bag in a gym, or having a consensual fistfight with some of your friends.

Doing something rough and physical allows your brain to let off some steam. And by helping your partner and yourself destress using some foul language, you actually connect to them in a deeper way. As such, you will gain an additional level of trust, plus you’ll have a new common interest that connects you further.

7. It’s Fun!

Have you ever read your old sexts aloud to yourself? Did they make you cringe? Well, that’s because, out of context, those texts are really not well thought through and they sound awkward. The same can be said of dirty talk, especially in moments when it’s the most passionate between you and your partner.

However, there’s a silver lining there. You two can actually find humor in past cringe-worthy examples of dirty talk. It can help you take some of the edge off and have an additional common topic to talk about and enjoy. After all, laughing at yourself is not only healthy but also a great character-building exercise.

How to Talk Dirty: A Couple of Tips

Talk Dirty

1. Games

There are plenty of different couples’ board games that contain one or two dirty talk examples for you to check out. More often than not, said games would either mimic existing ones (like Monopoly or Tic-Tac-Toe) or consist of different question and answer cards. Overall, the games are an excellent way to stimulate both you and your partner in new and exciting ways.

Some examples you might want to check out include:

• Humor U, Know U, Entice U
• Intimacy
• The Discovery Game
• Dare Duel
• Tic-Tac-To the Bedroom
• Box of Burning Desires
• Let’s Get Deep
• Bedroom Battle
• Why Don’t We Spice It Up?

2. Sexts

As stated earlier, sexting is huge nowadays. Telling your partner exactly what you want to do to them can be a bit daunting out loud, at least in the beginning. But a nice, short text will save you all that pressure. Furthermore, it will help you ease into the practice. And most importantly, it’s a fertile ground for testing and fun, as you can explore various dirty talk examples and options before even stepping one foot in the bedroom.

3. Roleplay

Roleplaying is another classic among couples. It’s one of those tactics that plenty of couples’ counselors suggest to people whose sex lives have been somewhat stagnant. Acting out different scenarios allows you to explore plenty of dirty talk options, the kind that you maybe wouldn’t feel comfortable saying as a regular couple. And just like sexting and sex games, it comes with lots of possibilities and the limit is your imagination.

4. Reading Erotica

Imagine having a small book club with just you and your partner as members. Reading some light or heavy erotica to each other definitely counts as a method of exploring dirty talk. After all, some people, including fictional characters, have their own methods of handling their partners. You might just end up learning a thing or two through reading.

5. The Totem Pole

Sometimes, applying dirty talk needs to happen slowly and adhere to a particular order. The basic gist of the dirty talk totem pole is simple, and it should progress as follows:

• Romantic terms (ex. ‘I want to make love to you.’)
• Neutral or clinical terms (ex. ‘Let’s go have sex, baby.’)
• Slang (ex. ‘We should totally knock boots.’)
• Raunchy and risky terms (ex. ‘Want to fuck you so damn badly.’)

45 Dirty Talk Examples

Now that we know a little bit more about the subject, it’s time to focus on the dirty talk examples themselves. But before we do, here’s a slight disclaimer. There are many types of relationships out there. For example, you might have a same-sex partner or a transgender partner with an entirely different set of genitalia.

Alternatively, maybe one of you is more dominant than the other, or vice versa. So, keep in mind that the examples we give mainly refer to either men or women, but you can adjust them according to your own relationship as you see fit.

Dirty Talk Examples for Men


1. I want you inside me, babe.
2. Love feeling your body enjoy everything I do to it.
3. You can’t cum unless I say so, sweety.
4. Can you get off work? I’m in our bed, naked, waiting for you.
5. I just love teasing you. It shows me just how much you want me.
6. I keep sucking on lollipops today, bae.
7. Keep thinking about you, maybe a bit more than I should.
8. Hope your day is as nice as my cute lil butt.
9. Mmmm I love it when you wake me up with your tongue in my mouth…
10. I’ve been running my mouth, babe. Shut me up with a big, nasty, firm kiss.
11. Wanna drain your balls tonight.
12. Tease me until I beg for it, babe!
13. Wanna make your dick hard in public so you can punish me later.
14. You can start a great roleplaying session by just kissing me, baby.
15. It’s not just the rain that’s making me wet…
16. I can’t concentrate today. Keep thinking about you grabbing me and taking me right here.
17. Fuck, I want you so bad…
18. Hey, get naked for a quick sec!
19. Grab my ass, babe. Slap it. Kiss me. Do it now.
20. Can’t wait to feel you deep inside me.
21. I need you, sweety. Need your big strong body pulling me closer. Need you to wrap your hands around me. Need your soft kisses on my neck, my shoulders, my collarbone, wherever you want. Need you badly, bae.
22. Yeah, I’m naughty. I’m a naughty girl, and you love it.
23. Don’t want to be a sweet angel. Make me feel like a woman, baby. Please.
24. Not wearing any panties on, hon.
25. My two favorite things in the world are making you smile and making you hard.

Dirty Talk Examples for Women


1. Oh, I don’t intend to let go of your hand, unless I grab that ass there.
2. Thinking about you a bit too much, babe.
3. Yes, I am horny all the time, because you’re so damn fine I can’t help it.
4. You have no idea how much I fucking want you right now…
5. Life’s too short not to get a bit dirty now and again.
6. Want you to be naked and happy.
7. I love how your body reacts to everything I do.
8. I always want to have some fun with you, babe.
9. That ass is perfect, but it’s missing my hand there.
10. Got a deep desire to test your limits, babe. To see how much you can take. To have you exposed, vulnerable, and at my mercy. To see just how much you can endure.
11. Wanna dick that tight little pussy there. I mean, hello.
12. Need you in my arms.
13. Crazy for you, all day, every day.
14. Being your friend is all I ever wanted, but being your lover is a dream come true.
15. Need you, girl. Your arms around my neck, your ass in my hands, your lips against my lips, feeling the warmth, feeling that heartbeat.
16. Want to taste you. Touch you. Feel you. Enter you and not let go.
17. Skin on skin is how I want you always.
18. You make me smile, baby. Oh, and horny. Really, really horny.
19. Love turning that soft kiss into something rough, more intimate, passionate. Then to just grab your arms and pin you against something, make you moan against every single kiss, unable to move, just being there, taking it all.
20. I fell for you a long time ago, because you are one of a kind, in the bedroom and really overall.

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