Do You Dream About Hair Falling Out? 4 Possible Interpretations

dream about hair falling out

Our dreams are often a mystery to us and interpreting them is not always easy. So when you get unusual dreams, it’s natural to feel worried. Skeptics would say that dreams don’t mean anything, that they’re simply a means for our brain to data dump while we sleep.

But many people have experienced otherwise and have found that even the most bizarre dreams do have some relevance to their lives. If you’ve had a dream about hair falling out, don’t worry. It’s a fairly common dream that many of us have had. Let’s take a closer look at what dreams about hair falling out can mean.

Does Hair Symbolize Anything in Your Dreams?


It is believed that, in dreams, hair is associated with your personality, specifically with self-confidence. Hair is also a representation of empowerment, strength, knowledge, and prosperity.

Here are some common dreams about hair and what they tend to mean:

#1. Seeing yourself with long hair in your dream means physical and spiritual power.
#2. Falling hair may be a sign of loss while growing hair means you need to make an important decision soon.
#3. Being hairy or covered in hair in your dream means you feel safe and protected.
#4. Going to the salon, barbershop, or hairdresser can be interpreted as a warning that your outlook has become negative lately and needs to be shifted.
#5. Getting a new hairstyle means a possible change in your life, routine, or attitude.
#6. Cutting your own hair in your dream indicates you are trying to recreate your current life while cutting somebody else’s hair indicates that you are anxious about not being in control.
#7. Seeing yourself bald in a dream indicates questioning your capabilities and knowledge and having a need to prove yourself.
#8. Curling your hair is a sign that you will soon overcome a challenge, and helping someone curl their hair means that this person plays a relevant role in your future success.
#9. Coloring or dyeing your hair indicates that you have uncertainties about your future.
#10. Wearing a wig or seeing someone wear a wig is a warning that you or someone else in your circle is not authentic in words or actions.

4 Possible Reasons for Your Hair Falling Out in A Dream


Dreaming about your hair falling can be a little frustrating and scary, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. There are various interpretations of this dream that can actually help you improve your life.

Here are the possible reasons why your crowning glory is falling out in your dream.

1. Aging

Aging is inevitable, but it is often something people dread.

Most people want to be in their prime forever and, although impossible, will go to great lengths to prolong aging. Aging happens to everyone, and it is just a matter of embracing the white hairs, age lines, and senior citizen privileges.

2. Stress

Another likely explanation of falling hair in dreams is stress.

It could work stress or something in your personal life that is stressing you out. You may be feeling overwhelmed with a pending presentation, a deadline, an upcoming deliberation, or a meeting, or are generally stressed with your current situation.

Falling hair can be taken as a reminder for you to step back, pause, and breathe.

You might need to re-allocate tasks and responsibilities or tap into additional resources to manage your tasks better.

3. Loss Of Control

Since hair is associated with power, dreaming of falling hair can mean that you feel you are losing control or influence in some aspects of your life.

You feel powerless and feel like other people have more influence over your life.

So, a dream about falling hair should serve as a wake-up call to re-assess your life and take control of your life.

4. Health Concerns

Falling hair in dreams can also indicate your fear of suffering from a serious medical condition or that you are currently going through health challenges.

This is primarily related to severe health issues like cancer where part of undergoing treatment involves losing your hair.

But, falling hair doesn’t automatically mean you are sick. It can be more of an indication that you are concerned about losing your vitality.

Are Dreams About Hair Loss and Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Connected?


Seeing your teeth or someone else’s teeth fall out is another common and troubling dream that many people have. It is also strongly associated with dreams related to hair falling out. The theme of losing something you are particularly fond of has similar interpretations.

Teeth falling out is also a direct representation of:

#1. Health concerns
#2. Concerns about getting old
#3. Insecurities about how aging can change your physical appearance
#4. Too much negativity in your life
#5. Stress and overthinking

How To Avoid Dreams About Your Hair Falling Out


Try as you might, you cannot control your dreams.

But if dreaming about your hair falling out has become a frequent occurrence and is impacting your overall mental and physical wellness, there are ways to avoid such dreams:

#1. Manage your stress with some light exercise. But make sure you don’t exercise too close to your bedtime.
#2. Try to identify the possible stressors that initiate these dreams so you can avoid them altogether or confront them when you are fully awake.
#3. Take a few minutes of solitude before sleeping. You can either meditate or be still while listening to some instrumental music or the comforting silence of your room.
#4. If you can, stick to a sleep routine.
#5. Your bedroom should be a place only for rest. Do not bring your work to your bed, and let your bedroom be a haven for relaxation and sleep.
#6. Keep all gadgets away before sleeping.
#7. Manage your eating habits before bedtime. Avoid consuming alcohol or caffeine for a few hours before going to bed.
#8. If you wake up after a nasty dream of falling hair, give yourself some time to calm down. If needed, get out of bed and wait until you are completely relaxed before going back to sleep.

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