Gaming and art collide in these visually stunning slot games 

Gaming and art collide in these visually stunning slot games

What is art? If you want three words that will provoke lively debate at a dinner party, those three will surely do the trick. A great follow up question is whether video games can be considered works of art. When you think about it, there can be no question that a game like Grand Theft Auto has just as much artistic merit as a movie or novel based on the criminal underworld, so the answer must be yes. 

But there is an argument that it is not just the multi-award winning open world epics that can be considered works of art. A painting doesn’t have to be displayed on the wall at the Louvre to be considered art. People spend hours working on even relatively simple games to give them a special look or vibe. To demonstrate the point, we have looked into the world of slot games.  

Using artwork to make memorable slots 

Now some argue that while there are hundreds of slot games on which you can gamble for real money, there is no real difference between them beneath the skin. We will leave that argument for the gamers to thrash out, but suppose for a moment that they are right.  

If that’s the case, then the “skin” is the really important part of the game. The music, the symbols and the way they are presented represent the real and important difference between one slot game and the next.  

We’ve selected a handful of slot games where the artwork is so visually stunning that you just can’t walk by them. 

Gonzo’s Quest 

Technology has advanced dramatically in the world of slots and today’s titles are far more advanced and complex than those of a decade ago. Yet artistic merit doesn’t rely on technological complexity. 

NetEnt released Gonzo’s Quest in 2011. That makes it almost an ancient artifact by slots standards, yet players are still drawn to its simple yet arresting imagery of the fabled land of El Dorado. The cascading reels, quite an innovation for the time, also add to the great look of this game, as well as making it terrific fun to play. 

Faerie Spells 

A more recent offering, this 2019 release from Betsoft takes us deep into the world of fantasy. The graphics have clearly been a lengthy labor of love for somebody, the attention to detail is just phenomenal. These are brought to life by thoughtfully crafted animations. 

A gorgeously relaxing soundtack completes the picture. As one user remarked, “even if you don’t hit the jackpot, at least you will be lulled peacefully to sleep.” 


Finally, we can’t ignore the most popular slot game ever. Starburst doesn’t have carefully crafted nymphs and faeries. Instead, it is an in-your-face design classic that should have a permanent place in the history of game art.  

The blurred background behind the stars gives an otherworldly, surreal atmosphere that no other slot game has quite managed to replicate.  

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