Make Their Day: 48 Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything

gifts for parents who have everything

When you were a kid, receiving an abundance of gifts from your parents was the highlight of every holiday and birthday! Now that you’re older, it’s time to give back. But, how do you buy gifts for parents who have everything?

The answer is simple: you need to consider what would make your parents happy. Do they love a good laugh? Are they adventurous? Do they enjoy drinking delicious wine on special occasions? Do they love to cook? Once you come up with your answer, you can check out these amazing gift ideas for some inspiration.

48 Fun and Useful Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything

Health and Wellness Gifts

1. Neck and Back Massager


Image source: Amazon.com

No one can say no to a massage, but it seems impossible to book an appointment every time you need one. With that in mind, your parents will really appreciate receiving their very own neck and back massager.

This handy device has eight kneading massage nodes and three adjustable speed and strength levels for deep relief. Needless to say, every time they reach for it, they’ll be thanking you!

2. Therapeutic Pillow


Image source: Amazon.com

If your parents keep complaining about neck and shoulder pain, perhaps it’s time to get them a therapeutic pillow. This pillow is specifically designed for side-sleepers, and it has foam inserts in all the right places. Your loved ones will finally be able to get a good night’s rest without having to sleep in a position that leaves them stiff and uncomfortable.

3. Tension Reliever


Image source: Amazon.com

Unfortunately, the older people get, the more aches and pains they’ll experience. But on the bright side, you can purchase this tension reliever to help your parents alleviate their pain within seconds.

This contraption acts as a muscle stimulator, with a small copper tip that delivers tiny electric jolts to ease the pain. It’s easy to use, and since it’s so small, they can carry it along wherever they go.

4. Hand and Forearm Massager for Arthritis

Forearm Massager

Image source: Amazon.com

A hand and forearm massager is just what your mother and/or father need if they’re struggling with arthritis. The massager can help relieve chronic wrist pain, allowing your loved ones to complete their daily tasks with ease.

5. Head Massager

Head Massager

Image source: Amazon.com

As mentioned, with age come all types of aches and pains imaginable. Since your parents are (obviously) older than you, it’s only normal to expect that these problems hit them harder than they do you.

With that in mind, they’ll love receiving any type of gift that will help alleviate their discomfort. This mini head massager will provide them with some much-needed relaxation and is designed to comfortably fit in ones’ hands.

The massager replicates some of the traditional massage skills, including kneading, longitudinal gliding, and trigger point therapy. It’s also 100% waterproof so your parents can take it with them when they take a bath for some added meditation.

Fun Gifts

6. Life Hacks 2022 Calendar


Image source: Amazon.com

Everyone could benefit from learning a few life hacks here and there. If you want to make your parents’ lives a bit easier, this Life Hacks 2022 calendar will do the trick.

This gift will provide them with tips on how to complete various tasks, along with some time-saving suggestions, so your parents can start enjoying the important things in life.

7. Record Player in a Suitcase


Image source: Amazon.com

Regardless of how old your parents are, nothing beats a good ol’ record player when it comes to listening to some tunes. Best of all, these kinds of record players are great for listening to music while camping or road-tripping. You can even choose the color and design of the record player to match the style of music they like!

8. How to Speak Dog Cards


Image source: Amazon.com

How to Speak Dog Cards” can help your parents communicate with their dog and finally understand what it’s trying to tell them with each bark! Considering how much you all love your furry friends, this gift is perfect for all pet owners.

The cards include some fun facts about different breeds and their common behaviors. Ultimately, your parents will have a blast reading them, and honestly, you will too!

9. Storm Cloud Weather Predictor


Image source: Amazon.com

Have you heard of the Storm Cloud Weather Predictor? This contraption was popularized by meteorologist Robert Fitzroy, and it was meant to predict changes in barometric pressure. These changes would make the liquid inside the cloud crystallize in different patterns, all beautiful in their unique shapes and forms. They’re really quite extraordinary to look at!

Ultimately, the weather predictor is not only useful, but it’s also a gorgeous decoration you can purchase for your parents.

10. 100 Movies to Watch Scratch Poster


Image source: Amazon.com

Every movie buff needs this “100 Movies to Watch Scratch Poster” in their life. This gift will keep your parents occupied for months, and it will also give you a chance to pick out more movie-themed gifts (such as a popcorn machine) in the future.

11. The Hygge Game


Image source: Amazon.com

If you had enough money to retire tomorrow, what would you do for the rest of your life? If there were suddenly 28 hours in a day, how would you spend the extra hours? What do you think about before you fall asleep? These are just some of the thought-provoking questions you’ll encounter in Hygge.

Basically, Hygge is a game that’s all about bringing people together. It encourages friends and family to bond over some interesting questions that spark deep conversations. Buy this game for your parents and join in on the fun during the next game night.

Personalized Gifts

12. Family Tree


Image source: Amazon.com

This personalized family tree photo frame will make your parents smile every time they look at it. Best of all, this is a unique gift that’s great for basically any occasion.

13. Pillow Covers


Image source: Amazon.com

Does your mother have a huge collection of pillows displayed on her couch? If so, you need to get her some personalized pillow covers. The covers can be customized any way you like, and whenever your parents look at them, they’ll think of you.

14. “Important Dates” Picture


Image source: etsy.com

This heartwarming gift for your parents is bound to make them tear up. It thoughtfully features the “important dates” your family needs to remember, such as the days their children were born. You can also add a personalized quote to make the present even more special.

15. Reel Viewer


Image source: Amazon.com

Nothing beats a healthy dose of nostalgia! Get your parents a reel viewer packed with snapshots of their favorite memories. This “toy” used to be incredibly popular in the 60s, but what you may not know is that it was first introduced to the world back in 1939!

That’s why this is the perfect gift for parents who have everything regardless of their age. Just make sure to add a few baby pictures in there, as well as some present-day ones.

Travel Gifts

16. “50 States 5000 Ideas” Travel Guide


Image source: Amazon.com

Have your parents become couch potatoes over the years? Do they lack the wanderlust they once had when they were young? Then it’s time to get them out and about!

This “50 States 5000 Ideas” travel guide will provide them with the best vacation plans they could have ever imagined. It covers some of the most exciting sites on the map, such as gorgeous beaches, parks, museums, luxury hotels, etc.

Additionally, the guide is also jam-packed with in-depth travel information and some fun facts about the US states.

All in all, there are 5000 places for them to visit, so they’ll never run out of new sites to explore!

17. Travel Blanket/Pillow


Image source: Amazon.com

Everyone with a passion for traveling needs something as useful as a travel blanket or pillow in their life. Give your parents a matching set before their next road trip, so they can sleep comfortably wherever they go.

Food-Related Gifts 

18. Swivel Cheese Board with Knives


Image source: Amazon.com

Unless your parents are lactose intolerant, this multilevel cheese board is something they’re bound to use every day. The unique design starts out as a wedge and slowly transforms into a server packed with several tiers where you can place plenty of cheese and other appetizers.

You can choose between two design options: the first one includes a classic board with a cheese fork along with an all-purpose stainless-steel cheese knife. The second one includes a larger board and a flat cheese knife.

Additionally, the flatware can be stowed inside a small drawer located within the board. Needless to say, this cheese board will be the perfect addition to every party!

19. Kabob Grilling Baskets


Image source: Amazon.com

Give your parents a chance to enjoy some delicious grilled goodies by buying them these kabob baskets. They’re made from steel wire, so they’re highly durable and are topped with hardwood handles.

With these baskets, there’s no need for extra skewers, and flipping kabobs, while they’re on the grill, is a breeze. This gift is especially great if your parents love throwing weekend barbeques. You can even throw in a nice apron!

20. Homemade Ice Cream/Sorbet/Yogurt Maker

Yogurt Maker

Image source: Amazon.com

This is a great gift if your parents have a sweet tooth. It comes complete with a large ingredient spout, making it easy to add in some delicious flavors of their choosing. They can even use what’s leftover in their freezer/fridge. All it takes is 20 minutes to make a yummy frozen treat!

21. Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine

Image source: Amazon.com

As previously mentioned, a popcorn maker is a great follow-up to the movie scratch poster. What’s more, have you ever heard of a person not liking popcorn?

Ultimately, a popcorn machine is a foolproof gift idea for basically any occasion. What’s more, there are so many gorgeous designs available nowadays, you can easily choose one to match the design of your parent’s kitchen.

For example, this vintage popcorn maker is perfect for 70s-inspired decor, whereas this one has a more chic design for a modern home. But if you’re willing to go all-out for this present, feast your eyes on this amazing popcorn cart!

22. Spice Rack

Spice Rack

Image source: Amazon.com

If your parents enjoy cooking homemade meals, you can give their spice rack an upgrade. Everyone knows how important spices are, and some of these racks will do wonders to improve the overall look of their kitchen. For example, if they have a more modern design, this magnetic spice rack is not only chic, but it’s also a great space-saver!

Or for a more rustic look, check out this wooden rack. It has three shelves, with an adjustable middle shelf, a wire basket, and some hooks.

23. Automatic Stirrer


Image source: Amazon.com

For those of you looking for some unusual yet incredibly useful gifts for parents who have everything, this automatic stirrer is out of this world! As you’ve probably noticed by now, when your mom or dad make food that requires sauce, they have to stand next to the stove and stir “endlessly”. Unfortunately, that means they can’t prepare the rest of the food until the sauce is completely done.

But, if you buy them this automatic stirrer, they won’t have to worry about the sauce at all! By placing the stirrer in the sauce-filled pan and turning it on, your parents can easily go about preparing the rest of the meal. Actually, this gift is pretty amazing, so you may want to consider getting one for yourself as well!

24. Instant Pot


Image source: Amazon.com

There is a good reason why people are going crazy over instant pots — they make cooking delicious meals a breeze! One of the best presents you can give your parents is the gift of free time, and this pot will allow them to relax while their food is being prepared.

Thanks to the WiFi feature, they can program and control it from basically anywhere. What’s equally impressive is that the pot can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, rice maker, yogurt maker, and more!

Heartwarming Gifts

25. Long-Distance Touch Lamps


Image source: Amazon.com

Being away from your parents isn’t easy. You may have your ups and downs while living under the same roof, but, once you move out, you immediately start to miss them. And the same goes for your parents.

Ultimately, parents who live far away from their children will really appreciate this unique gift. These long-distance touch lamps come in pairs, so you can keep one in your home and give the other one to them. When you touch your lamp, it will light up and also cause the one in your parent’s home to glow. This will, without a doubt, make them feel connected to you no matter the distance.

26. Long-Distance Touch Bracelets


Image source: Amazon.com

If you like the idea of a long-distance touch lamp, but you’d like to feel close to your parents at all times, these long-distance touch bracelets will help you achieve just that.

All you have to do is download an app that will connect both of your sets. Then, tap your bracelet in order to send a “Bond Touch”. Once you do so, their bracelet will vibrate and light up letting them know you’re thinking about them.

But that’s not all. You can even make your own secret tap codes by incorporating unique rhythms. The bracelets are also waterproof, so you can wear them all day long.

Unique Gifts

27. Scratch-off Activity Poster

Activity Poster

Image source: Amazon.com

Do your parents need a bit of fun in their lives? This scratch-off activity poster will provide them with a plethora of fun ideas! They can even turn the activities into challenges if they’re looking to make things more competitive. But, either way, it’s bound to be exciting, especially considering the fact that some activities include bungee jumping and whale watching!

28. Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle


Image source: Amazon.com

For those parents who are into true crime documentaries and mysteries, this mystery jigsaw puzzle will be the star of every game night. First, they will need to read the story provided in the box (it describes a mystery/murder). Then, they can start assembling the puzzle. The final image will provide them with all the clues they need in order to find out who committed the murder.

There are several stories to choose from, so you can purchase a puzzle for every occasion.

29. Bluetooth Speaker Rocks


Image source: Amazon.com

If your parents love listening to music in their backyard, surprise them with these Bluetooth speaker rocks. These solar charging speakers are available in sets of two and can play music via Bluetooth.

It takes about 15 hours for them to fully charge in the sun, and they can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. That means they can leave them out in the rain and snow without worrying about them getting ruined.

And since they require minimal maintenance, they’re also perfect for taking along on a road trip!

Home and Living Gifts

30. Smart Mug With Temperature Control


Image source: Amazon.com

There are few things that are more refreshing than a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning. But, regular mugs can’t really keep the temperature of a beverage high for long. What’s more, if your parents like to take their time drinking their coffee, they’ll need something to keep it hot.

Luckily, these temperature-controlled mugs will do just that. Now your parents won’t have to suffer through drinking cold coffees ever again!

31. The Comfy


Image source: Amazon.com

For those parents who enjoy staying in on the weekends and snuggling up to a movie, there’s no better gift than a pair of Comfies. These wearable blankets have a one-size-fits-all design and are made with ultrasoft microfibers. What’s more, the inside of each Comfy is lined with sherpa fabric, so your parents will feel as if they’re lounging on a cloud.

32. Cozy Boots


Image source: Amazon.com

These incredibly fluffy boots are perfect for people with bad circulation. To be fair, this gift is probably more suited for mothers, but there’s a good chance your dad might want to give them a try. If you can, buy him a matching pair just in case. And the best part? These boots are microwavable, and they have a slight lavender scent!

Miscellaneous Gifts

33. Grabber Tool


Image source: Amazon.com

While this may seem like it belongs in the “gag gift” section, a grabber tool is actually quite useful. It doesn’t matter how old your parents are; the fact is that bending can sometimes put a lot of stress on the back. Furthermore, if something is high up, they can easily use this tool to reach whatever they might need instead of climbing onto a chair or ladder. Even better, the grabber is foldable so it’s easy to carry around.

34. Coasters with the Wrong Lyrics


Image source: Amazon.com

“I Wanna Hold Your Ham”, “Hit Me With Your Pet Shark.”, and “Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese” are just some of the hilarious lyrics that can be found on these wrong lyrics coasters. If your parents love a good laugh, you could get these coasters for their next anniversary or as a Christmas gift. There’s no doubt they’ll also be a great conversation starter whenever they have guests over.

35. Glass Plants


Image source: Neilneilorangepeeldesigns.com

Not everyone possesses a green thumb, and that’s perfectly alright. However, that doesn’t mean your parents can’t decorate their home with plants. Well, not real plants, obviously, but something that looks equally beautiful. A bird feeder is a perfect addition to every backyard. This one features a planter base that your parents can fill up with soil and plant some gorgeous flowers or shrubs. Speaking of flowers, you can conveniently purchase them online and enjoy the best flower delivery Sydney has to offer.

These handcrafted plants are made out of scored stained glass, and they don’t require special attention. Most importantly, they’ll bring a sense of nature to your parent’s home.

36. Bird Feeder and Planter


Image source: Amazon.com

A bird feeder is a perfect addition to every backyard. This one features a planter base that your parents can fill up with soil and plant some gorgeous flowers or shrubs. There are two hanging feeders in the middle of the planter (a clear one for seeds and a mesh one for nuts), and on top, there are a few baskets for more plants.

All in all, if your parents are always looking for ways to improve the ambiance in their backyard, this present will leave them speechless.

Alcohol-Inspired Gifts

37. YETI Cups


Image source: Yeti.com

Anyone who owns a YETI cup knows they’re perfect for keeping your beverages cold. You can purchase two cups for your parents, so they can enjoy a cold glass of wine or beer whenever they feel like it!

38. Collapsible Wine Table


Image source: Amazon.com

Sipping wine under the stars is, without a doubt, as romantic as it gets. But, what’s not romantic is worrying about whether the wine bottle will be able to stay upright on the uneven ground. Luckily, this collapsible wine table is specifically designed to hold two glasses, a wine bottle, and even a plate full of cheese (or any other snacks your parents wish to pair with their wine).

The table features a birch plywood design that folds flat. Also, it locks in open and closed positions and has two conveniently-placed handles. The fiberglass spike on the bottom part of the table is meant to be pushed into the ground and keep the table in place. Overall, the design is quite simple, and your parents will love the fact that they can easily take it with them wherever they go!

Membership and Subscription Gifts

39. Wine Subscription


Image source: Firstleaf.club

The great thing about buying your parents a collapsible wine table is that you’re set when it comes to your next gift — a wine subscription!

With each subscription, you can choose the amount of wine you’d like them to receive, and the service will provide them with a digital gift card. Once they get the card, your parents can customize their orders and the service will select which wine they’ll receive according to the provided information.

After your parents are done tasting each wine, they can rate it, and the service can refine its selections. This way, they will receive even more delicious wine with each order.

40. MasterClass Membership


Image source: Masterclass.com

Is there something your mother or father would like to learn or a skill they’d like to master? If so, then the best thing you can give them is a MasterClass membership. Depending on their interests, you can choose an individual, duo, or family masterclass.

Each option gives them unlimited access to over 150 classes and the ability to watch them from their TV, phone, laptop, or tablet. Furthermore, they can also download the class guides, and receive a guest pass that they can share with a family member. When it comes to gifts for parents who have everything, this one is truly thoughtful.

41. Hello Fresh Gift Card


Image source: Hellofresh.com

It doesn’t matter whether or not you or your parents are subscribed to Hello Fresh; this service has some incredibly useful gift cards available. Hello Fresh has plenty of meal options available, so your parents will be able to choose a box of meat and fish, a box of vegetarian meals, and even a box of mixed meals, depending on their preference.

Ultimately, this is a great gift idea for parents with a busy schedule, as it will allow them to take a night off (or more, depending on the gift card) from planning their meals.

42. Perfect Pair of the Day Subscription


Image source: Murrayscheese.com

If your parents love mixing and matching tasty bites, this Perfect Pair of the Month subscription box will be a great gift. It includes a selection of two kinds of cheese along with two accompaniments. But most importantly, there is a guide that can help them build their own perfect pairings.

You can purchase a subscription for one, three, six, or 12 months.

Tech-Related Gifts

43. Key, Phone, and Remote Finder Tile


Image source: Amazon.com

Apart from the automatic stirrer, this has to be one of the most useful contraptions on the list. Can you honestly say you’ve never lost your keys or phone before? What about the remote control? And, how many times have you wished there was a tool you could use to find whatever you misplaced?

Basically, this key, phone, and remote finder tile has a 200 ft range and can help your parents locate their lost belongings within seconds. So, no more arguing about who lost the remote control!

Equally impressive is the fact that it can even locate a phone that’s been set to silent. This makes it an ideal present for both older and younger parents.

44. Compact Photo Printer


Image source: Amazon.com

This compact photo printer is a dream come true for those parents who like to take pictures every chance they get. Just think, your mom will be able to immediately print out photos from birthdays, family vacations, holiday-themed photos, etc.

The HP Sprocket Studio will turn all their frame-worthy moments into stunning color prints they can cherish for years to come. What’s more, the HP Sprocket app is free to download, easy to use, and comes complete with photo templates. They can even customize the photos with emojis, frames, and stickers!

45. Roomba


Image source: Amazon.com

Roomba’s may be small in size, but there’s no denying how amazing they are when it comes to cleaning. If you want to give your parents some well-deserved rest, a Roomba is the perfect gift. Not only can it dust, pick up dirt and debris, but it also studies its owner’s cleaning habits and learns how to keep their home spick and span.

The Roomba is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, so it can start cleaning by voice command or the iRobot Home App. The vacuum will also suggest extra cleaning sessions when the pollen count increases. It’s kind of like having a robot maid!

46. Smart Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame

Image source: Amazon.com

A smart digital photo frame is yet another amazing gift idea if your parents live far away from you. And yes, your dear parents will be able to use it even if they’re not tech-savvy. This gadget allows you and your siblings to upload new photos from your phone into the frame in seconds! All you have to do is install the app, and you send new pics any time you want.

Anniversary Gifts

47. Wedding Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box

Image source: Amazon.com

If you’re looking for some amazing anniversary gifts for parents who have everything, then look no further! For starters, this wedding keepsake box is the perfect place for them to store their wedding invitation, photos, and other keepsakes they’d like to preserve.

The box is packed with illustrated labels, vertical files, acid-free drawers, small fabric bags, and stitched envelopes ready to be filled with your parent’s most cherished possessions.

48. Wooden Mixtape


Image source: dblzcreative.com

If your parent’s already own a keepsake box, then perhaps you can buy them something else they can cherish forever. For example, they may appreciate a blast from the past, such as this unique wooden mixtape decoration. Not only does it look stunning, but you can customize it to feature a Spotify code with your parent’s favorite song. This is, without a doubt, one of the sweetest presents on this list.

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