10 Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Whose Mother Died

gifts for someone whose mother died

Losing one’s mother is arguably the most painful emotional experience of a person’s life. Your mother is your first and truest friend. Know anyone that has recently experienced a tragedy of this magnitude? If words are not your forte, a gift can be a great way to express your sympathy.

Condolence gifts should be heartfelt and not overthought. They’re not meant to help break up grief. They’re meant to provide comfort and show that you care. If you’re feeling lost, here is a list of 10 thoughtful gifts for someone whose mother died.

#1. Custom Engraved Memorial Tumbler


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A tumbler is a type of mug used to store hot beverages like tea or coffee. Tumblers are typically made from stainless steel and have a seal or lid to keep your drink safe. Now you might be wondering, how is a tumbler appropriate for someone who died?

As mentioned earlier, the idea behind a condolence gift is to help your friend or relative feel less lonely, not dissolve grief. It’s the personalized message that you’re trying to send to them, which is that you’re there for them.

You can customize tumblers with pictures, short quotes, or messages for healing.

#2. Floral Heart Personalized Memorial Plaque


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A plaque is an ornamental tablet usually made from wood, porcelain, or metal. They’re supposed to go up on the wall in commemoration of a person or a particular event. Plaques are available in many different sizes and designs, so you could take your time exploring the options.

If you’re trying to express your condolences to an acquaintance or person you don’t know too well, a simple floral heart personalized memorial plaque is the perfect gift. It’s a token of respect for the deceased and their loved ones, and it would look beautiful over a memorial grave or wall at home.

#3. Personalized Memorial Bird Feeder


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Getting a personalized memorial bird feeder may sound like an out-of-the-box idea, but it’s quite thoughtful when you think about it. A bird feeder is a meaningful gift for someone who has lost their mother.

The feeder will be used to unconditionally nourish birds for years, the way a mother does. Personalizing it with pictures of the mother and her son/daughter, or messages to commemorate the deceased can be beautifully symbolic.

Plus, bird sounds are great for healing. Watching them use the personalized feeder can be a reminder that there will always be many beautiful things in life, and that a mother’s will to nourish never dies.

#4. Bracelet with Handwritten Engraving


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A recurring theme you may have noticed in most of these gifts is the element of personalization. Get a wooden or metal bracelet and have some special words engraved on it.

You probably won’t get a lot of room on a bracelet, so try to keep the message as short as possible. If it’s for an acquaintance, you could have something like “stay strong” or “always my mother, forever my friend.”

But if you’re creating the bracelet for someone close to you, it would be better to get more personal in the message. Seeing as you know this person well, it’s safe to assume you’re capable of writing something that would hold special meaning to them.

#5. Willow Tree Figure


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Willow tree figurines are not trees as the name suggests. They’re figurines of faceless humans and angels created to represent certain feelings and events.

Artist Susan Lordi came up with the idea in 2000 when she created figurines that could invoke emotion without the need for facial expressions. She hoped that willow tree figures would help bring people closer together and feel connected. Ultimately, the purpose of the figurines was to express universal emotions and humanity through body language.

#6. Personalized Yankee Candle


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Candles are a staple home decor, but they also have healing abilities depending on the fragrance. They are a great way to get a zen vibe going, especially if you include a message about warmth, love, and eternity. They provide a comforting ambiance for people trying to process their emotions.

With Yankee being one of the best brands offering premium scented candles, getting a personalized Yankee candle will show a lot of thoughtfulness.

#7. Memory Journal


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The stages of grief after losing someone as important as one’s mother can last a long time. Writing feelings down on paper can be a great way to decompress and work through them on the journey of healing, and that’s what memory journals are for.

Memory journals would make an excellent gift for a person who loves to read and chooses writing to express themselves. They’re also a great gift for close friends and relatives.

People need their own space to heal but they also need someone to occasionally talk to. Writing in a memory journal can help someone work through their pain while they’re too struck by grief to see anyone, and need to be alone.

#8. Cardinal Wind Chime


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Wind chimes are known for the healing sounds and frequencies they produce that are conducive to relaxation and therapy.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can bring a lot of stress. At times like this, it’s important to be surrounded by good company and a pleasant environment.

#9. “In Loving Memory” Photo Blanket


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A photo blanket is a blanket customized with pictures and messages. If your friend is badly missing their mother, an “in loving memory” photo blanket would make a sympathetic gift.

It will help them keep their mother close and stay warm, both figuratively and literally.

#10. Memorial Garden Stone


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A memorial garden stone is something you should only give to close friends and relatives, but remember, don’t customize it yourself. The children of the deceased typically choose what to write on their parents’ memorial stone or how to customize it.

A garden stone is going to be something that’s very personal to them for the rest of their lives.

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