15 Memorable Graduation Car Decorating Ideas

graduation car decorating ideas

Graduation car parades have become the perfect way for high school graduates to celebrate their graduation. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to mark your transition from high school to college. You just need to find the right décor elements to decorate your graduation car for the ceremony.

In this article, you’ll find the 15 memorable graduation car decorating ideas for your inspiration.

15 Graduation Car Decorating Ideas

First, you need to understand that the task of decorating your graduation car doesn’t have to be complex and expensive. With simple, affordable décor elements and unique ideas, you can turn your car into a memorable gizmo for your graduation car parade. Here are unique graduation car decoration ideas for you.

1. All-In-One Graduation Car Decoration Kit


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This graduation car decoration kit includes balloons, banners, and streamers. Make sure the streamers you choose match the colors of your school or your favorite shades. Fortunately, streamers come in a wide range of colors, including fluorescent green, orange, yellow, rose red, etc.

2. Tricked Out Bumper Décor

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This décor idea leaves passersby trying to figure out what you are celebrating until they pass you. You can simply decorate your rear bumper by attaching strips to it using an adhesive backing. Alternatively, you can use guards that are designed to strap onto the bumper. These guards offer a great deal of coverage and are easy to remove.

3. Noisy Graduation Car Décor


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Apart from decorating your graduation car with strips and guards, you can also catch people’s attention with some music. The music will leave the heads turning in traffic and make your graduation ceremony feel great. You can also get everyone in your convoy to honk in traffic and decorate their cars with magnetic decals.

4. Twinkling Lights for Your Graduation Car


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A twinkling car magnetic light will brighten up your graduation car, making it stand out at the graduation car parade. You can also personalize it with your names and a congratulatory message.

5. Personalized Graduation Photo Finishes


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Even as you prepare your best graduation photos to send to your family and friends, you should use some of them to give your graduation car a personal touch by transposing them on your car. You can also accompany the photos with a congratulatory message.

6. Car Flag for Graduation


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It feels good to fly your graduation flag up high on your big day as you drive around town. Fortunately, there are different types of car flags that you can use to decorate your graduation car. These flags come in a wide range of colors, making it easy for you to find colors that match your school’s colors.

7. Magnetic Car Décor


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If you are attending your friend’s graduation, you can attach a congratulatory message to your car to make them feel special. Fortunately, there are magnetic letters and amusing caps that can help you paste a message on your car to congratulate the graduate.

8. Proud Mom’s Label


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As a mum celebrating your child’s graduation, the best way to show your happiness and gratification is to put a “Proud Mom’s” label on your graduation car. It’s a simple and effective way to let people know that your child made it through.

9. Drive-By Graduation Kit


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With the current COVID-19 pandemic, most schools are now doing drive-by graduation ceremonies. If your graduation will be a drive-by ceremony, you should decorate your graduation car with an over-the-top drive-by kit. This kit features balloons, streamers, banners, and decals.

10. Cutout Graduation Face


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Whether you want to be funny or show everyone at the graduation parade how adorable you are, a cutout graduation face is a perfect way to decorate your car. Get one of your graduation photos and create a face cutout.

11. Graduation Car Bow


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A graduation car bow is a simple and removable décor element that won’t leave a dent in your car. It will help you to make a big statement on your special day. You can also attach a graduation message to your giant car bow ribbon. Car bows come in a wide range of colors to match different decoration needs.

12. Graduation Pennant Flags


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Make your graduation car different from the rest in the parade by decorating it with glittery pennant flags. You simply attach the pennants to your car with a congratulatory message for the graduate.

13. Fiesta-Themed Graduation Car Décor


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A fiesta-themed graduation car decoration kit should have a fiesta fun congratulatory banner, fiesta dizzy danglers, a graduation adventure card box, and a fiesta yard sign. These items are brightly colored to help you grab the attention of everyone you meet on the road.

14. Cap and Tassel Banners


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Get a big graduation cap banner with a real tassel for your graduation car. This banner looks stunning when attached in front or back of your graduation car. It will add an element of sparkle as it blows in the wind.

15. Personalized Car Banners


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You can decorate your graduation car with a personalized banner to make the occasion feel even more personal. Pick a banner with a glossy, cursive font, and personalize it with your name and a little graduation cap over the first letter.

How to Attach Decorations to Graduation Parade Cars Without Damage


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Graduation parades are an exciting and festive spectacle during high school and college graduations, especially in this era of COVID-19 where social distancing has become necessary. Instead of hosting the traditional graduation parties, people are devising new and safe ways of celebrating their graduations in their vehicles.

As you prepare to decorate your car for the graduation parade, there are important steps you need to take to avoid damaging your car’s paint.

Step One

Hang the banners and other décor elements from the windows of your graduation car using masking tape. A masking tape has proved to be a safe option because it doesn’t damage the glass and it peels off easily. However, it’s not strong enough to hold your decorations for a long time.

Step Two

Use magnetic tape to stick décor elements directly to your car’s exterior. A magnetic tape is stronger than masking tape and doesn’t harm the paint. Just remove the adhesive support and stick the tape to your decoration and then stick it to your car.

Step Three

Attach your garlands and streamers to your car’s front bumper or grill using wire twist-ties. Use long metallic bounds to cover the sides and running boards of your car. You can do this by wiring the ends of your fringes beneath the car. Make sure the fringes don’t block the wheels.

Step Four

Use window markers and liquid chalk to draw on your windows. They won’t harm car windows because they are meant for glass. But don’t use them to write or draw on the body of your car because the ink might leave a stain.

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