Guest Post Guidelines

Illustration Friday accepts guest posts for potential publication.

We are interested in receiving well-written, unique posts that are relevant and useful to illustrators, artists and doodlers of all skill levels. We do not accept posts from random companies who want to push an unrelated product or get a quick link. We want IF readers to be inspired by and encouraged to create art.

Please note:

– Submission of your post does not guarantee publication. Illustration Friday will review your submission and if it will benefit or inspire IF readers, it will likely be published.

– Guest posts should be relevant to artists and illustrators. We’re more likely to publish posts on art techniques, tips and practical advice for illustrators, etc. In other words: make it useful and inspiring for artists.

– Submissions with a prominent “check out my portfolio or product” element are a different animal and will not be accepted as guest posts. However, if you want to share your portfolio, we do accept them as editorial submissions. Send us an email: with “Sharing My Portfolio” in the subject line.

– Submissions that appear to be strictly PR- or SEO-related will not be accepted.

– Please be sure content does not infringe on any copyright law, and is able to be used exclusively on Illustration Friday. We want your original content.

– Illustration Friday does not offer monetary compensation for guest posts. However, apparently guest posting is one of the number-one ways to grow your own readership and boost your online reputation. Who knew?


Guest Post Guidelines:

Your Post Should Be Well-Written

– Please make an effort to use correct spelling (use spell check!), grammar and punctuation. Edit your post well! Submissions that require excessive editing or rewriting will not be accepted.

– Use of bullets, lists and short paragraphs are encouraged to make it easier to read.

– Have an interesting wrap-up. End with something that encourages conversation, comments and likes.


Content – Your Post Should Be Useful and/or Inspiring

– IF readers appreciate interesting, useful, practical, inspiring and helpful information that educates them, makes them smile and might help improve their art. A few examples:

• Teach readers an art technique.
• Give them tips on how to improve their portfolios or online presence.
• Notice a new trend in illustration? Show our readers.
• Share tips on how to boost creativity.
• Do you have methods that help you pull out of creative ruts? Tell us!


– Be creative! We want to hear your unique, thoughtful and interesting ideas!

– It’s always great to include something that readers can do or experiment with rather than just know or see.

– Your tone should be knowledgable and friendly.


Nuts and Bolts of your Guest Post

– Be sure to include all the information (links, text, photos) you want the published version of your post to include. (Affiliate links are not permitted.)

– IF is a visual blog, so images/photos are good. Be sure your photos are at least 650 pixels wide.

– Include a short bio at the end of your post. Make it fun! Promote yourself and include a link to your site. We want to highlight you!

– Credit all sources, please.

– Format your guest post as an HTML document, so that we can copy and paste it into the WordPress HTML editor – that makes our job fast and easy. Easy for us means more likely publication for you!


Submissions that closely adhere to these guidelines are much more likely to be published!

A note about editing: Most posts that appear on IF are edited. We might change a title or rework a paragraph here or there. If it’s extensive, we’ll let you review or ask you to reword it before we post. Please know that our editing is intended to help your post be successful and fun for our audience.

If you submit an idea for a guest post as opposed to a guest post submission in full, we will review it and contact you if we are interested in pursuing it. If you do not hear from us within 2-4 weeks after submitting your query, you may assume we do not think it is a good fit for IF readers.

If you would like to submit your guest post for review, please email it to with “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line.

Include the following:

1. Your full name.

2. Your website.

3. Your post title.

4. The body of your post.

5. Attach any images you’d like to include (images are always good).

6. A short bio.

We will contact you if we have scheduled your post to run. If you haven’t heard from us in 2-3 weeks, feel free to move on and post your content elsewhere.


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