From Cute to Feisty: 11 Hairstyles for Black Girls

hairstyles for black girls

Nowadays, it is hard to keep up with all the latest trends and styling ideas for natural hair, especially for young females. If you need some inspiration for your girl’s hair, you are at the right place. These innovative hairstyles for black girls can work for relaxed play dates and special occasions alike.

From braided updos and adorned puffs to french braids and wash-and-go Afros, there are countless hairstyles for black girls that will make them feel confident and beautiful in their skin. Grab your combs, brushes, and conditioners, and let’s get to work!

Best Hairstyles for Black Girls: A Curated List

1. Braided Updos


Image source: Pinterest

If you want a classic option that always looks fresh and is appropriate for all occasions, a braided updo is the way to go. To achieve it, it is essential that you wash your baby girl’s hair, or at least take the time to cleanse the scalp beforehand. Doing so is the secret to achieving perfect sleekness every time.

Then, it is time for detangling! Use your fingers or a detangling brush to ensure putting the hair up in a ponytail is effortless. Tie the hair up with a pretty scrunchie or a hair tie, and get to styling!

While most people use hair gel right away, it is actually better to moisturize first. That way, you will keep the hair hydrated and ensure the gel doesn’t make it crusty and unflattering. Aside from the gel alone, there is another ingredient you can use for the same purpose: coconut oil. Simply mix a few drops of the oil with the hair gel, and then apply it. The hair will be extra sleek and remain flat and shiny, letting the ponytail take center stage.

And to finish everything off, you get to braid the ponytail however you want! Put it up in a fancy bun, keep it hanging low on your girl’s back, or use your blow dryer to make it look puffy and lustrous — your options are endless!

2. Adorned Puffs


Image source: Pinterest

For teens who want something feisty but easy to style, no hairdo can rival adorned puffs. Fitting for any occasion, these puffs are one of the easiest hairstyles to replicate.

As far as hair products go, you will only need some leave-in conditioner. Apply it before brushing the hair to keep it soft and healthy. Then, all you have to do is separate the hair into two sections and secure each side with a hair tie. Fluff and brush through the strands to make them look more defined and rich, and that’s all!

For an even cuter look, choose a floral barrette or a particularly pretty scrunchie instead of the regular hair tie. It will give the hairstyle even more depth and make it a lot more memorable.

3. Bantu Knots


Image source: Pinterest

These small coiled buns are perfect for girls who want their hair up and out of the way all the time. Aside from being extremely practical, these knots look great and are appropriate for all occasions, be it a picture day for the little ones or a girls’ night out for teens.

The first step to creating this hairstyle is washing, conditioning, and layering all the usual hair products you use. The products will keep the hair moisturized and ensure the knots last longer while still looking brand new.

Next, it’s time to section off the hair. You can do as many sections as you want, although four is the minimum. Simply look at how much hair you have to work with and figure out a number of sections that look the most appealing and natural to you.

Finally, it’s time for the knots! Twirl the hair into knots or do a two-strand twist. Then, wrap the hair into a tiny bun and use the tip of your fingernail to tuck in the end of the strand. For extra security, use some bobby pins that are the same color as the hair. Keep going until all sections are done, and your girl will be ready to wow everyone with her feisty but practical hairdo!

4. Braid-Out Style


Image source: Pinterest

If you want to get wavy hair without damage from excessive heat, look no further than the easy braid-out hairdo! Just put your girl’s hair up into little braids (French or box) and tell her to keep them on overnight. Remove them in the morning, detangle them with your fingers, and voila — your heatless waves are ready!

5. Cornrow Braids


Image source: Pinterest

If your girl needs a protective hairstyle that will keep the hair healthy and out of her face, the classic cornrow braids are the way to go! To get them, as always, start by washing, conditioning, and detangling.

Once you’re done, separate the hair into sessions from front to back. For this, you’ll need a rat-tail comb and a few small-tooth clips. The easiest way to start is to part the hair down the middle and then part each section into at least two more.

And all that’s left to do is braid away! Use edge control products along the hairline, as they will help you have more control over the strands and catch any flyaways as you work. French-braid each row, and your protective but visually appealing hairstyle will be all done!

6. Chunky Braids


Image source: Pinterest

Most teens and young women tend to go for box braids when they want something classy and easy to manage. However, chunky braids are slowly overtaking box raids as a more popular choice, mostly because they don’t take nearly as much of your time.

In essence, you make these braids the same way you would box braids. The only difference is, you take bigger chunks of hair and end up with two or three braids instead of a few dozen of them.

And the best thing is, you can style these braids however you want! Wrap them around the head for an elegant look, keep them down to emphasize your girl’s feistiness, or pull them up into a bun. With these beauties, you simply can’t go wrong!

7. Curly Pixie Cut


Image source: Pinterest

For most parents, caring for long hair is a hassle that simply isn’t worth it. Luckily, pixie cuts on natural hair are all the rage right now, and maintaining them is quite effortless.

To mix things up, cut your little girl’s bangs too. They will add definition to her face and make this hairdo look more fun and laid back. Remember to use a leave-in conditioner after every wash, and you’ll ensure the hair looks healthy and shiny every day.

8. Fluffy Wash and Go Afro


Image source: Pinterest

The Afro haircut is an option that will never go out of style. Perfect for all ages, it is an excellent way to show pride for natural hair and stand out in any crowd.

As the name of this variation of a classic hairstyle suggests, you only need to wash your girl’s hair. Use conditioners (both during and after washing), moisturizers, and any products you usually go for to get great hair definition.

Don’t be shy when it comes to using these products, as natural hair is quite porous and will soak up all the moisture every time. Once you’re done applying everything, simply dry the hair the way you normally would. For a great definition, air-drying is always the best choice.

When it comes to maintaining this hairstyle at night, you have two options. If the hair is longer, put it up into a loose ponytail at the top of the head. If it is shorter, wrapping it up in a bonnet will do the trick nicely.

9. French Braids


Image source: Pinterest

For girls who want a hairstyle that will keep hair out of their face while still emphasizing its length, French braids are the way to go! They are much easier to style than box braids, and you only need two to have a classy but fun look great for school and other everyday activities.

The best thing about French braids is that you can use them to get some great waves. Braid the hair for a day, let your girl rock the look, and then remove them the next morning. The resulting waves will require no heat or curling products, and they’ll look natural and be suitable for any occasion.

10. Half-Up Hairstyles


Image source: Pinterest

Half-up hairstyles are some of the most popular choices for black girls, no matter what their age is. As its name suggests, for this hairstyle, you put one section of the hair up, while keeping the other down.

What draws most girls to this look is its versatility, as there are countless options to go for. From braided half-up buns to half-up box braids, there is no hair length or type that this hairdo can’t accommodate.

11. Halo Twist


Image source: Pinterest

The halo twist is a perfect choice for special occasions, as it is fairly elegant but still casual enough to suit teens and even younger kids. After washing, moisturizing, and detangling, put the hair up into a low ponytail. Then, braid the ponytail hair into a tight bun and secure it at the back of the neck.

When you’re done with the bun, it is time to reach for a box of braided hair. Attach the braid to the bun, and twist it around the head. Pin it in place, and take the time to admire your girl’s sweet and elegant hairdo!

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