Stand Out in the Crowd: 12 Hawaiian Party Outfit Ideas

hawaiian party outfit ideas

Lively music, poolside dancing, delicious snacks, and irresistible summer vibes. When it comes to parties, Hawaiian themes are truly unmatched. Besides being so exhilarating, these bashes also offer you the perfect opportunity to dress up and feel like you are on a tropical getaway.

But what do you wear to this type of gathering? From traditional summer looks to modern street style options, here are 12 Hawaiian party outfit ideas you can try out.

Hawaiian Party Outfit Ideas for Her

1. The Iconic Hawaiian Shirt


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Let’s face it — no luau party can go without the iconic Hawaiian shirt. Flowery and colorful, these shirts are perfect for the summer.

The best way to wear these shirts is to combine them with some cute denim shorts and a top. The brightness of the shirt will contrast well with the casual vibe of the rest of the outfit, making you feel good in your skin.

To spice things up, tie the ends of the shirt high up around your waist. It will make you look more stylish and make it easier to move around and dance. Throw in some cute jewelry and your favorite sandals, and you’ll be ready to go!

2. A Summer Dress


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As far as comfort and aesthetics go, no outfit can come close to the classic summer dress. This garment allows you to move around freely, and it is quite versatile when it comes to length and color. Thus, everyone can find something they like and feel comfortable in.

To add to the Hawaiian vibe, you can also go for a traditional Muumuu dress. It usually covers the shoulders and is extra vivid, adorned with images of palm branches and flowers. The most common colors are red, blue, and orange, but nowadays, you can find one in just about any hue under the sun.

3. A Romper


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Simple, trendy, and beautiful — rompers are always a good choice for a summer party. You can get one in virtually any color you want, and the design options are just as varied. Whether you want some summer motifs or just your favorite shade, you’ll be able to find it!

Another fantastic fact about rompers is their versatile length. If you prefer something longer that covers your legs, there are tons of options to choose from. Likewise, you can go for shorter models that will keep you cool at the party.

Whatever you end up choosing, it’s important to also pick the right shoes. To complete the look, pick some killer wedges, and no one will be able to take their eyes off of you the whole time.

If your romper is shorter, you can also wear an ankle bracelet. These jewelry pieces are pretty but subtle, making them a great choice for this type of party.

4. Floral Pants


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Not a fan of skirts and shorts? Worry not, because pants can make just as great of a choice for a Hawaiian-themed bash!

To pull off this look, you need a pair of flowy floral pants, the more vivid, the better. Combine them with your favorite neutral top to contrast the color, and your outfit is complete!

You can wear a bralette if it’s really hot and you’re feeling yourself, or go for a longer top that you can tuck into the pants. Remember to add a fancy necklace and some earrings, as they help show off your personality and unique style.

To finish off the look, you can also add a flower crown or a different headpiece. It can be anything from a headscarf to some cute hair clips adorned with flowers. As long as you make sure that they go well with the pants, you can’t go wrong!

5. Jeans


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Most people think that jeans have no business at a poolside summer party like this. However, it is exactly their versatility that makes these pants as popular as they are today. So, if you want to wear your favorite jeans because they make you feel confident, go for it!

Whether they’re black or traditionally light blue, jeans go well with all kinds of tops and shoes. For a luau party, it is best to go for a bright shirt or an off-the-shoulder top. It can be unicolored or with a fun summery design. Pair it up with some cute jewelry, and the look is complete.

6. A Crochet Halter Top


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Crochet clothing is taking the fashion world by storm, and it is not difficult to see why. It is eco-friendly, creative, and feels great against the skin in the scorching summer heat. Besides, it combines well with just about any garment, from skirts to pants.

So, if you want to stand out in the crowd, wearing a crochet halter top is definitely the way to do it. Mix it with a tight-fitting skirt or pair of shorts, and you’ll easily get the best out of comfort and aesthetics.

Crocheting can also be a fun hobby. It is good for finger dexterity, and it allows your creativity to shine through. Thus, you can even make your top yourself and wear it proudly for everyone to see.

7. A Maxi Skirt


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No matter how much time passes, maxi skirts never go out of style. If you pair them up with a great crop top, you’ll get a fantastic look for a Hawaiian party.

To fit the theme, you should opt for a flowery skirt, or at least get one that is in a bright color. The top can be neutral, and some dangly jewelry can make for a great accessory.

And the best thing about maxi skirts? They usually reach all the way to the floor, meaning that you can wear pretty much any shoes you want. If you want to dance all night long in flat sandals or your favorite pair of Converse, no one can judge you!

Hawaiian Party Outfit Ideas for Him

8. A Hawaiian Shirt


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A traditional Hawaiian shirt is just as good of a choice for guys as it is for ladies. Made of light materials, it is perfect for the humid weather and lots of dancing and frolicking around.

The great thing about these shirts is that they go well with anything, from jeans to shorts. So, pick what you like most, and get to partying!

If you’re not into button-ups in general, you can also opt for a T-shirt with a Hawaiian or tropical print. The vibe will be the same, but you’ll probably feel more comfortable.

9. Hawaiian Shorts


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Aside from shirts, Hawaiian shorts are also a great clothing item for a luau party. They are vivid, colorful, and fun to look at. As such, they will ensure that everyone notices you everywhere you go.

While you can combine these shorts with Hawaiian print shirts, the mix might prove to be a bit too much. Instead, it’s best to go with a neutral T-Shirt or just a white button-up. That way, the shorts will take center stage, while the top will offset them wonderfully.

10. Dress Pants


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As formal as they might seem, even dress pants can make an excellent choice for a Hawaiian party if you play your cards right. The key is to choose a pair in vivid color, be it yellow, blue, green, or purple. Don’t be scared to experiment, as that is the best way to get noticed!

For the rest of the outfit, you can do pretty much anything you want. From a tropical-themed T-shirt to a bright button-up, your options are endless!

11. Neon Clothes


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Not a big fan of floral and tropical prints but still want to stand out? Look no further than a neon outfit!

If you think about it, there is no better way to get everyone to see you than wearing neon green, yellow, orange, or pink. Simply pick a neon T-shirt and wear it with your favorite ripped jeans and sneakers. That way, you’ll stay true to your style while still looking flawless for the party.

12. Black & White


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When thinking about a Hawaiian party, most people think about brilliant colors and blinding lights. But truth be told, a great black & white outfit can work just as well if you know how to pick it.

All you need is a black shirt with some white flowers/palm branches/any other tropical imagery. And your pants can be either black or white based on your preference. Just like that, you have an outfit that is equally fun and classy. Let the partying begin!

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